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Nada      March 24, 2011

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
March 24, 2011   8:48-9:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Bring a Rose of Comfort to Your Heart

The Greatest Love You Can Seek and Find Is within the Flower of Your Own Heart

Love as the Integrative Power of Selfhood in God

Beloved Hearts,
            Many seek love from outside of self, in some way desiring to receive appreciation, attention and the devotion of another to bring them to a point of valuing their selfhood. What I would like to share with you this day is that the greatest love that you can seek and find is always within the flower of your own heart of divinity, where God abides, where the light is, where your true Selfhood is already Self-realized in love, and where every virtue is available to you to experience.
            You know this intellectually; you have heard it through many sources. And yet at times there is still the dynamic whereby if you do not feel humanly appreciated, loved, valued or cherished by another in the way that you feel you require, there is pain, there is sorrow, there is a deflation of your spirit. And somehow this sinking feeling within you collapses your joy and you then in some way seek that love again outside of yourself through another, through some experience, through the outer senses rather than through the inner senses of the Spirit.
            I bring a rose of comfort to your heart so that you will always know and feel that your God Light is the highest treasure within you, that here love abounds, that your Selfhood is complete and whole. And no matter what another outwardly does to you, even through all manner of intimidation, lack of conscious awareness, disrespect for who you are and who you represent, you will know there is that integrity of your beingness within true love—the love of God, for God and in God—that remains inviolate and which you may draw upon always for your true joy, happiness and benevolence. This love blesses you from within in a constant stream of perfection and the co-creative process whereby your joy may be full, your song may be sung, your essence may be shared with all.
            Yes, it is true that if some do not fully respect the integrity of the integer who you are within your integrated self, then you must reclaim it, manifest it, declare it and shine it forth. For the power of love flowing through your heart is the essence that allows you to be God in manifestation, love in reality, joy through the compassionate emanations and works that you send forth and engage in such that your life may be full and self-realized within your spherical beingness in God.
            There are many teachings in this hour about the inner child, the inner family and the elements of selfhood that require resolution and integration. With the magnet of love, of God within you, all of these can be recompressed into the wholeness of your being through focus upon your reality in the heart of God. And when you understand this process, it does not require decades of inner study and psychological analysis or psychiatric care to bring you to that point of understanding your true nature and of the sacred beingness of your Real Self.
            Love is the active force and flowering power that brings every element of your soul that you have cast away from self back to the core of your identity, whereby you may know yourself as God knows you; whereby you may be yourself as God is within you; whereby you may understand yourself through higher mindfulness that emanates a frequency of holy gnosis, that cognizes because it sees, feels, experiences in many dimensions of beingness simultaneously.
            Dearest ones, when you realize your Selfhood in God as a loved one—truly as a beloved—of God, then all lesser loves and yesterdays and the nonsense of the not-self pale away into insignificance and the vitality of your core nature of love-light shines forth. I bring this, blessed ones, again unto you so that you may realize that even as initiates on the path, at times many reexperience the temporary lapses of a sense of self-identity in God that require healing and the integrative process of restoration in love to occur.
            So let love sing within you. Let love flow throughout your entire being. And let the light who you are shine brightly this day, O my beloved ones. I thank you.

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