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David Lewis      March 21, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
March 21, 2011   7:50-7:59 am CDT
Young Hearts Together—Bringing Light to Our World
Chicago Spring Equinox Seminar
Barrington Hills, Illinois 

The True Work of the Ages
Investing Our Energies in the Sun's Affairs upon Earth

The Sacred Process of Givingness

            To overcome inertia and ennui, which is boredom, we have the opportunity every day to greet the sun and to involve ourselves in the sun's affairs. Think of this: the sun's affairs upon the Earth. Our investment of our energy in this sacred process requires us to give of our heart's love, our mind's divine thought processes and emanations, our third eye's cosmic imaginings, our throat's praise and thanksgiving through our voice, the beautiful feelings flowing through our solar plexus, our soulfulness through that beautiful chakra of the seat of the soul, and the purity of our entire being through that Mother Light of grace that flows from our base chakra.
            When we are engaged in this sacred givingness and the investment of the energy from within each of our chakras, then they begin to spin, sing and emanate greater light. And we are then engaged in the work of Helios and Vesta and the great ascended masters of light and love who guard, guide and direct the course of higher civilization upon Earth. The daily investment of our energies brings us to the point of, through a long and sacred adventure of life upon Earth, our adeptship [whereby we employ] the initiatic sciences in all of our service to life and [in] every talent and gift that we have to offer as a freewill gift to the universe, to life upon Earth. It is truly a blessing and an opportunity to serve God in one another, our holy brothers and sisters upon Earth, in this process.
            This is what we are about in the Hearts Center movement, in these daily broadcasts. We are investing the energies of our causal bodies into this sacred work and into the Earth as a tangible representation of who we are, what God invested within us in the beginning and what we have multiplied it to become through our evolutionary course in life in order to flower in that divine state of illumination, brilliance, beauty, God-glory that is our Buddha nature, our true Selfhood.
            Through this investment we build upon the work of all conscious ones of the past. And this building is the foundation of a great God age of glory, a golden-crystal age, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, the heaven world come upon Earth. Earth is transmuted into heaven. Heaven becomes fully assimilated within the Earth because the Earth has accommodated the greater light through our conscious work.
            This is our joy! This is our fun! This is the true Work of the ages—the Work, with a capital W, that many ascended master movements have spoken of. This is the greatest work in which we can engage, truly.
            Although we may have our individual life plan in which we serve through our heart, head and hands to support ourselves, our loved ones, our families, our communities, this freewill gift of our hearts in this level of cosmic service is what will engender the truth, the beingness of God within us. [This] brings about the stepping stones and stages of benevolence that bring us to the point of that crystal consciousness of our own Christ essence, our Buddha nature. And [as this is] multiplied devotee by devotee, initiate by initiate throughout the Earth, the tipping point is reached, and one day we simply notice that the golden age is fully here, first within our consciousness and [then] fully within the Earth.
            Thank you, every devotee, every heartfriend, every servitor, every partner of God in giving of yourself in this way and in this service daily, or whenever you can participate, because we feel the connectivity with your hearts. We feel the firing of the grid, the antahkarana, the mandala of light, by our collective awareness, the egregor of our community of fire and our circle of oneness worldwide.
            This weekend we've had the opportunity to share this with our youth, and they have modeled a very joyful aspect of their own ascended master consciousness, community spirit, joie de vivre. And we have seen it over and over in the smiles on their faces, in their sharing, in their fun. And as this has translated into their work and service through their lives, there is hope, there is meaning, there is opportunity for growth within this movement and within the collective work of the brotherhood and the sisterhood of light upon Earth.
            For those who were not able to participate with our weekend events physically, and even those who saw or listened, there is much you missed because of the fun of the children, the youth in our midst. And we hope to share some of that in coming days as we're able.

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