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David Lewis      March 15, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
March 15, 2011   7:59-8:05 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Neutralizing the Effects of Nuclear Radiation from the Meltdown in Japan

            Now, if you would allow me to go just a little bit over today, I would like to shift gears, because some people are very concerned about radiation coming east from Japan and its potential effects on us, including people in Hawaii or Maui and elsewhere along the West Coast of the United States because of the drifting of this radiation cloud.
            First of all, make sure you have iodine, natural iodine pills, or take kelp or some seaweed if you are able to, to have the protection within your system to meet the potential increase in radiation that could be drifting through the atmosphere. For a time and a season you may decide to spend a little bit more time indoors rather than outdoors during this period of the passing of this potential cloud over us. Until that point, enter into deep levels of pranic breathing and feel the solar light energizing your cells to the point where you are so strong and virile and energetic that even with the potential radiation that may be coming, you have the wherewithal through a strong immune system to weather the tide of this. 
            Now, it may or may not have [an] effect immediately upon you and the environment in which you live. Through the power of the ruby ray we can mitigate and transmute much of this radiation. So for the short term, in addition to our 33 calls to Arcturus, engaging in the power of the ruby ray to meet, by the energy of accelerated love, this radiation and to neutralize it is one thing that we can do. And I recommend the decrees to beloved Zarathustra within the eighties section of our prayer book to accelerate light to do this. And we have at least one recording of me leading some of those at a pretty intense rate.
            Visualize the ruby ray and the power of love accelerated completely neutralizing that radiation and actually taking the light-energy that's been released as this potentially detrimental energy and making it into and transmuting it into divine light and a beautiful type of radiation rather than a caustic or poisonous type of radiation to our system. As alchemists we can engage in this.
            The Master would like me to make an invocation now before we close:

            In the name of the mighty I AM God Presence of every son and daughter of God across cosmos, I call to the heart of the Great Central Sun and I ask now for a dispensation of light from the ruby ray masters and all solar and divine beings of heaven for the neutralization now of all radiation released from the meltdowns of these nuclear power plants in Japan as a result of the earthquake on the eleventh of March 2011.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire and release the light of God into the cause and core of this situation such that all of this radiation and contamination is neutralized by the power of divine love and the ruby ray.
            O Zarathustra, by our call and focus on you and by the intent of our hearts, we call for miracles of light to burn through and consume the elements of darkness within this radiation. And we ask that they be transformed and transmuted into a powerful light-radiation of joy and divine radiance and beauty to grace those who may feel the effects of it.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Wash, wash, wash that radiation now with light.
            We accept it, O God. We accept it, O God. We accept it, O God, by the power of love multiplied. In the name of the mighty I AM God Presence of each one, we are free in the light. Amen.
            Thank you, beloved friends of light. I appreciate each and every one of you. And thank you, those in Mt. Shasta, for your constancy and your love. God bless you.

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