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David Lewis      March 10, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
March 10, 2011   8:26-8:44 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

El Morya's Birthday Dispensation To Multiply Abundance for the Lightbearers of the Earth

            I have an update right now from El Morya with a new dispensation, which is interesting. What he's sharing today is that on your birthday, for that one day, the same dispensation of the Karmic Board that we got on January 1st will apply for every heartfriend on your birthday, this year and next year, 2011 and 2012. Many, many people participated on January 1st with this great overflowing of abundance and givingness. Some people may not have heard about it until later, and so they wondered whether their offering would count. We heard that it was only for that forty-eight hour period.

            However the update from El Morya today is that this same matrix, this same dispensation applies on your natal birthday, twenty-four hours from the time that you were actually born. Part of the reason for this is because we know we are blessed on our birthday and that we have the grace of heaven as an open portal before us to bless others because we are given so much light and love and grace from heaven on the celebration of our birthday.

            El Morya is encouraging every heartfriend to use that opportunity and this dispensation again and again this year and next year to multiply the abundance of The Hearts Center movement. Remember he said in that dictation that he recommends that we tithe through this dispensation because it is the current open door for the masters to share their abundant teaching, and it is the most awesome one since the days of the previous messengers since they were alive, as you read with us earlier.

            El Morya is saying that if you gave on January 1st or 2nd as part of that dispensation, that's wonderful. If you've had your birthday between January 1st and now, you can give anytime if you would like to take advantage of this new dispensation and claim it. Claim the return for The Hearts Center. Claim the return for yourself and for all lightbearers. Remember that this dispensation is for lightbearers. And it is because our abundance has been stolen from us by excessive taxation and other things, which he kind of alluded to but didn't state specifically.

             So, every heartfriend can consider this year and next year—now this is only for two years. I don't know the details on it. It's possible that it can be renewed. We will have to see. But it's for 2011 and 2012. If you have not had your birthday yet, mark that date on your calendar and prepare for an investment, in heaven and in the earth, of light through a special givingness. And, of course I would just like to say this is not just some scheme that we dreamed up. This is a real spiritual dispensation. And if you don't have money to give, give in some way of service. Give in some way of your heart. Offer extra prayers that day. Pray more. Maybe you could be in prayer throughout the day on behalf of lightbearers everywhere on the earth. There are numerous ways that you can give rather than just the coin of the realm. You can give of your heart, you can volunteer service, you can give all manner of things to God and to the universe.

            So, this is awesome. I would like to thank El Morya for this new dispensation. And he's reminding those who listen regularly and who participate in The Hearts Center who may not have pledged, per se—you remember what you read to us, Jackie, of his dictation that dealt with a pledge. Many people give regularly but they haven't formally pledged. And he said, as I heard you read it, that he was encouraging every heartfriend within this movement to pledge. Some people give but they haven't filled out the pledge form. On behalf of El Morya, I am encouraging everyone, even if it's a minimal pledge—$5, $10 a month, whatever you can afford. If you pledge, then that will help us collectively to fulfill the dispensation and hopefully for El Morya receive other dispensations.

            Some people are skittish about things like this dealing with money. We have to collectively realize that we have an abundant life. It already exists within our hearts. We have the all-abundance and grace of heaven at our beck and call through the breath that we breathe, the life that we lead and that we live and the essence of God that burns within our hearts. And I'd like to remind us that every Meru class, every HeartStream is a dispensation from heaven that the masters go to bat for to secure for us.

            [For] every HeartStream that is delivered, the masters have to first secure a grant of light to release that energy, that teaching into the earth. Consider that. The masters are continually offering themselves on the altar to secure these dispensations, to release new teaching, new light, new love to their disciples on the earth. And this is amazing. We take it for granted. We have [had] over 2,500 HeartStreams in these six-plus years. That is over 400 a year, which is more than one per day because [during] many conferences we have two or three per day. Just think of that effulgence and that light as heaven's blessing and abundance toward us because heaven, as Above, so below, is also giving us and entering into this same dispensation. And the masters are also practicers of what they preach in all of this givingness of their hearts to us.

            When we receive a HeartStream, consider that it is a freewill gift of light from the heart of the master. Some masters have spoken only once. Others have spoken dozens of times. When we give them our energy through our prayers, when we meditate upon them, when we read about them, when we call upon them with fiats, all of this helps to provide them with the spiritual resource from our world that they require to then secure dispensations, such as what El Morya has shared, and to offer new energy and teaching and HeartStreams to us. The preponderance of the light energy released currently through this dispensation is through Meru University and the teachings that come through Meru University. It is a stupendous amount of light energy that is invested by the masters who sponsor these courses—such as Jesus recently and Omraam and Peter Deunov coming up this Sunday.

            They have gone to the Karmic Board. They have gone to cosmic councils and received these dispensations. And it behooves us to be grateful for them by doing our study, doing our work. Because when we engage in the reading of the texts and the studying of the material and the sharing during the courses and the sharing online through our Forum, all of this is our givingness that helps to stabilize that dispensation, make it real in our world. And as the masters see us making progress spiritually, they are emboldened to act again and again to secure new dispensations.

            So really, the whole cosmos is flow. The whole cosmos is governed by this law of flow, of giving and receiving, of the nurturing and the receiving, of the continuous interchange of light and energy and the abundance from the Great Central Sun vouchsafed to us through the beautiful hearts of the representatives of God for the Earth who are the ascended masters. And in this cosmic interchange as sons and daughters of God ourselves and those who are becoming more of God, we are entering into this equation, which is really a cosmic formula. And it is a cosmic balancing act of light and energy.

       When we have our home in order, our hearts in order, our banks and our accounting in order; when we have a budget and a plan and we really engage the universe in its divine design, we will see increase. We will see greater flow as many of you have expressed today. I have my own story, but I will save it for another time.

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