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Lanello      February 27, 2011

David C. Lewis
Beloved Lanello
February 26, 2011   7:00-7:18 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Hearts Center of Chicago

   Lanello's Ascension Day Address
An Analysis of the Middle East Crisis

Precious Heartfriends,
            I come this evening and anchor the light of my Causal Body within the heart of all those who have been constant in their spiritual endeavors, attentive to the inner voice of God that speaks as that still small voice within the heart and who have also endeavored with the will and the thrust of their personal resolve to be servitors of light, to enter into that kingdom consciousness that brings them to the very footstool of the heavenworld.
            I am your Lanello. And in my ever-present awareness of being with those who are resolved day by day to participate in the cosmic drama of working directly with the Universal Great White Brotherhood, I come to lend a new momentum and a new mantle of light! And, therefore, blessed hearts, year-by-year, as you celebrate my ascension, I trust that you are moving ever closer to your ascension in the light. You know that this is a process. You know that this takes a mighty cosmic thrust for a purpose to stay true to that holy will of God that is ever burning as a template of light in the etheric plane for you to attune to and to be obedient unto, through your life.
            Therefore, again and again I have directed you over the decades to be attentive to the Master Morya El who has been my teacher, the principle one that I have looked to in a number of embodiments to show me and to guide me on my own pathway of light. And, blessed ones, for those of you who are fully resolved to fulfill your complete mission in this lifetime, I suggest that you again hitch your star to the Master M. And even as you are engaging in various vigils here and there throughout the year, that you enter into a personal vigil of beingness with the blue-ray master from Mercury, for his mind melded with yours will give you all that you require as you attempt to fulfill that holy will.
            Now, I would address the current situation in the Middle East and across the Earth in this hour. Beloved Serapis Bey and beloved Arcturus have already spoken unto you and given you directive in engaging the spiritual world and the Elohim in the invocation of the violet transmuting flame to secure the highest level of freedom for souls of light who are endeavoring within their nations to secure a platform for their own higher evolution. You have seen the intransigence of one such as Gaddafi in Libya and the result that over a thousand individuals have been murdered as a result of their stand for freedom and the fleeing from that nation of thousands from other nations who had come there to engage in business, in education and in other endeavors.
            Blessed ones, what this may demonstrate to you again and again as you see these uprisings is just how important this flame of freedom is within in America and how you must hold fast to that inner truth and the principles of light that are at the foundation of the establishment of this nation under God. And therefore, blessed ones, it is as if a very replica of that freedom flame, that eternal flame, that Maxin light must be anchored within these nations in order for the same level of freedom to be delivered to the people within these nations. Therefore, as you engage in your ongoing vigil this year, I ask that you visualize the anchoring of a permanent focus of light within the capitals of these nations and within the hearts of those whom we have sent to embody within these nations that are the shoots of freedom, that are the seeds of light that will bear fruit on behalf of the plan of the Great White Brotherhood.
            And that nation by nation, that which Saint Germain envisions for a golden-crystal age will emerge, will come forth because some have taken a stand, a stand of light, a stand for freedom and liberty and are fully resolved, come what may, to bring it forth if necessary by revolution. Now the masters, seeing all forces at play, of course realize that at some level there is also the interference of those who would use these uprisings for their own dark ends. And therefore there must be the key individuals who rise into the positions of God-power within these governments to bring about a just end to all that is currently occurring. 
            The model set by America can be replicated nation by nation, with the balance of the threefold flame within the three branches of government, whereby there is not invested within only an executive branch too much power.  You see, blessed ones, this vision carried out through your own Congress, the executive branch and the legislative, as it was originally intended, has been that which has allowed this nation for these several hundred years to exist as a beacon of light to the world at large.
            Therefore, those of you who understand divine law as well as human law, see a permanent anchoring of a threefold flame within the flame of freedom such that this model may emerge, may be given birth to within these nations. It must be real, blessed ones. It must not be simply for show and the power reins still wielded by an autocrat who would strip away the very life essence of the people of these nations, the economy itself and especially in those nations that have various resources that can be strangled through a socialistic system that does not allow the people to benefit from those tangible elements that come from within the earth itself. 
            Dearest ones, if these revolutions of the spirit occur as the Elohim of the seventh ray with the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain envision, with beloved Afra, you will see a miraculous manifestation of this wave of light descending from the North throughout the entire continent and creating a cosmic shift that the entire planet will feel. The Brothers and Sisters of Afra, having given their vigil week after week on Sunday nights, have actually been the instruments for the precipitation of this wave. 
            And I again encourage others of you who would like to take up the science of the Word and blend the resources of your heart fires with these blessed brethren and sisters of the light to do so, to encourage this wave to continue to affect the most powerful action of light as we see it manifesting from our realm. Yes, dearest ones, from the beginning we were winning and we are continuing to win new ground for the Lord day by day. And the light essences from the octaves of the divine world are continuing to flow into your domain day by day as you engage the Spirit in this matrix of opportunity and victory.
            Dearest ones, each and every one of you is required at some level in this world transmutation alchemy. You vowed before you came into incarnation to be a part of it. And though I am in some way speaking to the choir, I again remind you of these vows such that the fullest manifestation of your God essence may flow forth through your sacred work.

[This HeartStream was interrupted and not completed because of broadcast issues. The following is the conclusion of Lanello's message, dictated the following day.]

David C. Lewis
Beloved Lanello
February 27, 2011   9:01-9:19 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Maintaining the Thread of Contact with Selfhood
Through the Flame of Purity and Humility  

Beloved Ones,
            The victory of the light within your heart is key to the victory of the flame of freedom within every nation. And therefore, as you continue to invoke the light as you set the seal by the authority of the Word and the I AM THAT I AM who you are in matter through the invocation of the sacred fire, then all that you see manifesting in the world of form through these uprisings of the people will be resolved according to God's timetable and within the circumference of the will of God.
            As I have continued to contemplate from the ascended master realms of light what the disciples upon Earth require to have their victory, I have been reminded of my own path and of how I was constantly in a state of listening grace to hear the Word of God, the promptings of the Master Morya and of my own God Presence to fulfill each and every nuance of the Law as it was presented, each and every step of the plan as it unfolded naturally before me. And I must say, blessed hearts, that the garment of purity and humility was the key to my victory as Mark Prophet. And I believe and can assure you that so long as you maintain the thread of contact through the flame of purity and humility in your own life, that your victory also is assured. The continuous purification of consciousness of beingness through a life lived to the glory of God is essential for every disciple.
            Some of you have been challenged, either from within or through this messenger by us to come up higher. And that chastisement, blessed ones, is never to demean or debase you as an individual as a sovereign being within your own godhood. It is simply that from the pure vision that we stream forth through this one, that those elements that do not fare thee well within your life, that must be transmuted and consumed, those impurities within your electronic belt, often that you are unaware of, come out. And when you are cautious through a holy resolve to attend to the voice of the Spirit, to listen intently and to be obedient in all things to the promptings of your own Higher Self or those that are given by us through our discourses, darshans and dictations or through direct interactions with us through this messenger, you will come out the victor! You will come out of the wash clean! Yes, certain elements of your human nature may be reproved, but I can assure you the proving of your true Self and the refining of your nature will be complete so long as you maintain that integrity of humility and that stance within the light of your godhood.
            It is always better, methinks, that the inner discipline of your selfhood comes from your own communion with your Source. And yet, for those who at some level have been detached from the fullness of that radiance flowing through them twenty four-seven, it requires the nudging of one upon Earth to give you that which you require to move forward toward your victory. The gentler way of the Spirit through grace, through kindness and through the benevolence of the holy breezes of the Holy Spirit is what is always preferred. And at times, blessed ones, elements of pride, human stubbornness or even a deep abiding rebellion come to the surface and must be shaved away from our best servants in order for them to get over the hump of the balancing of their karma. And therefore, the way of the adepts is always the way of a steely determination and resolve to be in God that one light of the Source.
            When greater numbers of heartfriends attain to their true adeptship, then you will see greater growth within this movement. If there is compromise at any level within the greater circle of the holy community of light, then we cannot invest the required light energies within the lives and beings of our devotees to allow for greater numbers to come to your circle and to interact with you. For it would be dangerous for many of you to bear the onslaught of the added weight of the electronic belt patterns of greater numbers of souls. This dynamic and the truing of the scales of the balance of this equation is essential to understand, to feel and to realize within your being, each one. Some have, at times, bitten off more than they can chew and have offered themselves to God without realizing the consequences of their offering, fully. And even this messenger recently, again baring his soul unto the Lord God to be an instrument for a greater work and for an expansion within this movement, has received the intensity of the light to such an extent that he could not bear within the physicality of his lifestream all.
            This is why early on in this movement I asked for the Holy Order of the Knights and Ladies to support the Office of the Messenger, as well as the Office of every other Knight and Lady of the Flame in order to support the common mission, the unified goals of the One within the circle of community. Why is it that at times some seem to bear the full brunt of the weight of the energies of the world and others gleefully glide along, are happy, without any worry in the world? Well, dearest ones, to those who have been given much, much is required. And therefore they must stand firm, be true to their first cause, their first love and to continue to be the One with El Morya to stand guard for the nations for the peoples of this Earth.
            Yes, we are constantly adjusting and re-adjusting the energies that are delivered unto our disciples to bear. You never receive more than you can handle or that you have vowed and offered of self to balance for the planet. And yet, when you see uprisings, such as you have seen recently, there is a greater mass of emotional turmoil as a composite of astral substance that must be transmuted in some way to move forward the plan of the Brotherhood. And therefore, these onslaughts are what you see often and feel coming upon your being.
            The key is both invocation in a greater concentrated electronic laser-stream, while also being fully within the center of your God-identity, not living on the periphery whatsoever, but completely identified with the central point of your godhood always . You have heard many times over the years the admonition to focus upon your Presence, to call to your Presence, to live in the light of your Presence. And so, blessed ones, this is the key to your identity and to your victory in all things and to your ability to bear the greater work and the greater energies that are delivered to you.
            There is a precious lifestream dear to me, a friend of old, whose last breaths upon this Earth are emanating from her lungs. Soon, according to the cycles of light and life, she will be received unto our octaves. And her victory will be your victory if you make it so by receiving the mantle that she will offer, the light essences, even of my own greater causal body that she will assist in delivering to this Earth from the ascended state.
            On a cosmic melody from the Love Star, many angels from Venus are already attending with the ascension angels to receive this heart of fire unto the land of the free. Pray for her, dearest ones, Dorothy Lee, such that her victory may be complete and a new Earth arise as she leaves trails and essences of the music of the spheres throughout the atmosphere of this Earth.
            My love is with you always. My magnanimous heart graces your life as you invoke it and live within its eternal love fires. I thank you.

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