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Cuzco      February 22, 2011

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
February 22, 2011    9:19-9:48 am HST
Poipu, Kauai

                           Your Resources Are Required in the Fire Ring to Allow for the Saving of Life,
                         for Ascended Master Love to Flow Forth to Islands and Peoples and Continents

In the land of light there is only joy. And within your hearts, when joy sings through your soul, your spirit, then the way out of every situation that may beset you, where darkness has temporarily surrounded your being, will be made clear by that holy pathway of cosmic joy. Those who come to these shores and experience the beauty and splendor of nature here are naturally joyous to know the currents of elemental love. And when their appreciation flows forth unimpeded, the work of mankind with the nature kingdom and angelic presences may ensue in a sacred bond of the three that allows for self-transformation and God-glory to occur.
            How many different birds have you heard singing in the morning—even the ubiquitous rooster who awakens you before the dawn? What is he truly saying? And what are the plants who tenderly incorporate the rays of the sun within the fine essences of their structure and their offering speaking to the hearts of humanity? Peace, peace, peace. Yes, there are many voices within nature that you may begin to understand as you meditate deeply on the signatures of their sowings, of the specificity of the essences that they emanate. And blessed ones, all of this is for your nourishment, for your joy in the spirit such that you may be refreshed during your reprieve here. And once having returned to your homes, your offices, your work, you will carry something of this peaceful state of inner joy into your life with a new radiance of hope, with a new bounty of blessings, with a new attitude of God-gratitude, knowing that God is present everywhere where you are and that you may also discern the secrets within nature at a new level within your own environs, communing deeply with the elemental kingdom and forces, the gentle devas, the precious gnomes and salamanders, sylphs and undines.
            If you could with your inner vision truly see just how much elemental life is employed on a daily basis in preparing the banquet table of the earth itself for your festive experience as sons and daughters of God, you would be amazed and with a new and higher sense of appreciation continue to give glory to God for their work and service.; and in the best and highest way possible, in your own domain, give of yourself to all that is with the simplicity of a heart wed to God, of a life dedicated to [so] noble a purpose as to bring about heaven upon earth, the kingdom of God within your domain.
            We have at Viti Levu been involved in the scientific application of light to the extent that we have—through understanding the cycles of the Earth, the movement of the Earth and all sacred processes involved in the Earth's evolution itself—allowed God's frequencies to be adjusted here and there. And even though there may still be earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tidal tsunamis, massive grass fires and other seeming calamities, all of this, blessed ones, is to bring balance and harmony, transmuting the karma of mankind in the way in which it is directed by us, allowing mankind to receive their lessons in the most practical and yet compassionate way toward the ends that when the sons and daughters of God apply the scientific truths of the highest teachings in their lives, there will no longer be a requirement for these massive earth changes. All will be serene. All will be at peace with self. And a higher template of God-light will emerge as a golden-crystal age consciousness permeates the Earth in all dimensions and planes of being for all to experience.
            You have had a taste of this here in what could be a garden paradise throughout the Earth if many put their hand to the plow, so to speak, sowing seeds of light, planting trees of beingness and beauty and participating with nature in the grand design of co-creation. How many thousands of years did it take for this garden island to become a paradise such as you have seen? Did it require so much of the thoughts and actions of mankind? Or were the elementals, with their native intelligence and the God-design embedded within their awareness, able to make it so because of who they are? Think for a moment and visualize every land upon this Earth as lush and beautiful as this—where you may walk in nature by stepping out your door in the morn, welcoming the sun, the aromas of the offerings of the plants and flowers and experiencing a new Edenic state of beingness, because it is God's great intention within the original creation for you to know this and experience it.
            Mankind has disenfranchised itself in many ways from the natural world, disengaged from being involved in its sacred processes, allowed all manner of annoyances and technologies that do not serve him well, to take up the hours of the day, feeling that he must make a living, rather than living within the natural world as a part of its ongoing co-creative processes. Do you make your life, O mankind? Or has God created you in the sublimity of the image divine? And your natural responsibility is simply to emanate that beingness and to participate lovingly in the natural evolution of life upon this Earth. In the hallowedness of the sacred circle, the lei of light that bonds heart-flower to heart-flower of devotees across the Earth, we are, in this hour, recreating the world anew in light, in harmony and love.
            Stop, at times, and be still and feel the impulses of the sacredness of all that is and especially when you are so involved in your daily affairs that you may not feel that connection with Spirit, with Source. Even a few moments with great intention of being still to listen to what God within nature is speaking to you will bring you the peace, the resources, the understanding that you require to move forward, to ascend and to love all life free.
            Because of your spiritual work here, a certain mitigation has occurred of potential cataclysm within the Fire Ring. And we again let the leadership of this movement know that this investment of your resources is required every third year somewhere within the Fire Ring to allow this action to manifest for the saving of life, for the impressions of ascended- master love to flow forth to a number of islands and peoples and continents. And lest some see this as outside of the responsibility of this movement to engage in, let me state for the record that this messenger would not have borne what he has borne these last few days if the pilgrimage here had been engaged in three years ago. We put upon him the full intensity of that which was destined to be handled three years ago to see just how much he could bear within his body of these energies. And remaining in embodiment and fulfilling what could be done within the cycles here in the time allotted, we are happy to announce that you have now accomplished 85% of what we had hoped would be fulfilled during your time on Kauai.
            There are cycles, blessed ones, of time and space and humanity does not always know or cognize the specifics of the relationships of the energies at play and the cosmic forces at work within the earth and the shifting of those cycles, the meshing of gears toward the new day of the golden-crystal age. When you are obedient to the inner call and to our requests and fulfill them with great intention and joy, then we may move forward in all manner of new arenas, contacting souls, anchoring light, bringing blessings of peace and bestowals of virtues and harmony to thousands.
            Although this teaching of The Hearts Center movement is primarily for those who have decided to be adepts and to ascend in this life, a blanket of heartcenteredness and love-wisdom-joy is being fanned out to tens of thousands of others who will pick up on your offerings. And though not feeling qualified quite yet to engage heaven in this level of spiritual dynamism, eventually, blessed hearts, they will follow your lead and abide within their own pathway of light to the point of making great progress because of your example, the holiness of your offerings, the blessedness of your emanations and the cosmic light rays that beam forth from your Solar Presence when you are fully engaged in this God-activity.
            You may not resonate with every word that is uttered through this messenger because of your paradigms and your pathway. And that is, of course, acceptable to the ancient Brotherhood of Light. What is at the core of this teaching and this offering, however, is the very truth of the ages which you feel deep within your spirit and soul, knowing that through your own integrative processes, you will make progress so long as you continue to place one foot carefully in front of the next and walk the earth as a conscious spiritual scientist and artisan of light.
            Blessed ones, the grace of God is here. The Prince of Peace, Jesus has walked with you, with Magda. The sacred luau, as a type of Holy Communion, with the offerings of native peoples, of the movement of their dances, of the color of their costumes, of their smile and their aloha spirit has brought you a new sense of peace. Even the fish that you observe as you snorkel in the clear blue waters are conscious of your love for them. And many come close to the shores, both to feed and to observe humanity. There is great God-consciousness within every particle of this universe, great presence of peace and beingness within all life. And when you inhabit your world with love and joy, you are buoyed up in the sense of stillness that is the Presence of God in all her glory and light.
            After fulfilling your obligation to the Elohim of the seventh ray this day in engaging the Holy Spirit in a new song of light within your soul, as you wrap up cycles and in some way participate with the elementals upon these shores, send your song of peace across the Pacific. Utter a prayer for harmony among the nations and peoples to be maintained. And in the stillness, upon the return current of your conscious love, you may hear an echo from our retreat, the sounding of the cosmic conch that will wrap you in a new light essence of hallowed presence and peace through all your days.
            Mahalo, we say, and aloha to each one. I Am Cuzco. I am at peace ever in the One Light.

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