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Peace      February 18, 2011

Beloved Elohim Peace
David Christopher Lewis
February 18, 2011   9:00-9:19 am HST
Kauai Pilgrimage
Kauai, Hawaii

We Emanate Waves of Cosmic Christ Peace
Abide in the Patterns of Peace

The Blending of the Sixth Age of Peace with the Seventh Age of Freedom

I am in the peace-commanding presence of God-power whereby all that assails the living light of peace is washed away by that virya of the Word that speaks with the authority of Cosmic Christ peace.
            Blessed hearts, you have come to these shores to lend the momentum of your causal bodies to the work of peace, whereby a new dispensation of light manifesting throughout this world can come to fruition in a glorious solar civilization that, hour by hour, we together are creating in the eternal Now of the flame of peace.
            From these shores we emanate now waves, waves, waves of Cosmic Christ peace, whereby mankind may feel the impulse of the Spirit that will move them beyond the banality of unbelief in the One unto a new eternality of acceptance of that oneness within all that is. The Lord Jesus the Christ demonstrated the full power of the flame of Cosmic Christ peace as he was able to still the storm, to walk upon the water and to calm and cast out the devilish imps that abided within the four lower bodies of individuals and even of nations.
            As you accept the flame of Cosmic Christ Peace within your solar plexus and manifesting through the balance of love, wisdom and power within your heart, you are a vessel for the light of Peace and Aloha where you abide, where you stand, where you sit in meditation. And these same Buddhic waves and patterns of perfection may issue from your auric field, blessing life, caressing life and manifesting a new beingness in Spirit.
            You have this ability. And now we the Elohim say, use it! For this world requires in this hour a shift into a new understanding of the blending of the sixth age with the seventh, whereby peace and freedom work together toward a new day, a new experience in light, a new perfectionment in divine glory.
            Thus our angels come now, fanning the fire and the waves of Cosmic Christ peace, [which] go forth almost in a spiritual tsunami-like effect, carrying upon their carrier waves this light-energy that you have invoked of the sixth ray. And every sentient being will feel this impulse washing upon the shores of their own identity and bringing them new possibilities to live in a fortuitous and God-gracious attitude that is a cosmic beatitude of belief in the One and acceptance of that light.
            You have heard a number of spiritual teachers say that you must be that change that you would see in the world. Well, blessed ones, I am here, and Aloha is with me, to share with you that you must radiate forth this beingness with all manner of new possibilities of the Spirit emanating through this light wave of sacred fire. The experiment that you engaged in last night—whereby, with the co-creative energy, you visualized, you accepted, you saw, you felt and you believed in miracles manifesting within this world—is truly a science of the Spirit and of utilizing the All-Seeing Eye of God and the power of eye magic in action that actually recreates your world, blessed hearts, in this new visionary awareness.
            Once you have, through the power of cosmic alchemy, accepted within your third eye and your mind's eternal all-seeing eye that this is so, then you release it and allow the cosmic elements, the beings of ether to bring it into the highest forms of formlessness and the subtlest manifestations of vibration, whereby the particles of Selfhood within the most microcosmic level of energy resonance are implanted firmly with this essence of your visionary beingness.
            You see, blessed ones, in order to precipitate in the physical, you must rise to the highest heights of your I AM God Presence to feel the cosmic impulse of that light! And you must also, in a flash of self-realization, allow this energy to be anchored within the tiniest particle of your selfhood and fan out through your feeling world into all arenas of light and life as an active presence that brings that light, through your focus, into complete realization.
            You begin with a dream and a vision. And then that dream—colored, magnified by your higher thought and feeling processes and through the most subtle and spiritual radiation and vibrations—simply is, because you have accepted it in the Now of your world. Let no doubt nor fear—let nothing, as a disguise that would cover over what you have co-created with the Eternal One, come to play upon that which you imagine as perfect in reality.
            As one or more of the masters have even adjured the council of this movement to spend five minutes or ten in their working sessions to accept, in full realization, the vision, the plan for this year and beyond, so this would recreate your world, blessed ones, in the twinkling of an eye. You would know even greater God-glory manifesting through your world by this activity and spiritual practice. Therefore each and every one of you, especially those who have yoked yourself with another in the bonds of marriage, may perform sacred alchemy through your union and through the blending of your visionary focus, one with another, toward the single-pointed perfectionment of your joint life plan, your joint mission and the greater mission of all light waves, lightbearers upon this Earth.
            The co-creative acts entered into lovingly, with great intention and with the pause of presence that brings the eternal into the sacred flux of light within the center of the cube, within the sphere, within your heart allows the full glory of God to be given birth to again and again within the sacred selfhood of your union, dearest ones. Whether you are abiding with your twin flame, your soul mate or not, you can engage in this level of creation on the soul level with your Oversoul anytime you choose—in silent meditation, in a moment of concentrated, pure, essential beingness as you are still and allow the universe to create through you in great beauty and harmony.
            Yes, dearest ones, we the Elohim are the creators of worlds. We studied the science of co-creation eons ago. And we are recreating worlds within worlds within worlds, even within you at the subtlest levels of your being as you engage in your solar living experience, as you breathe in and out the prana of the Great Central Sun, stepped down through many worlds and solar systems.
            I engender within you now, if you will accept it, [your own sense of] the greatest possibility that you may engage God in the affairs of creation if you will accept this “can-do I AM spirit” fully within your heart, mind and soul. In one sense it begins within the solar plexus, whereby the sun of your selfhood emanates within your feeling and desiring to be God in manifestation. And once your feelings are perfected with joy and harmony, then nothing can stand in the way of your co-creation with the One as a beautiful spirit, a sun in your own right, a living lord of light.
            Yes, be living lords and ladies of light, O hearts of fire. Abide in the patterns of peace and the all-knowing, all-solution of Aloha. For within the six-pointed star, the purple and the gold blended within the radiance of your royal nature will truly bond you permanently to the King of heaven, the Queen of all that is.
            We are Peace and Aloha, and we bless you. And we seal you in our light forevermore.
            [Peace and Aloha breathe a sacred fire breath.]
            May the sands upon these shores that you walk upon carry your signature of perfect peace and presence, dearest ones. We thank you.

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