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Paul the Venetian      February 14, 2011

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David C. Lewis
February 14, 2011   7:57-8:11 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Paul the Venetian Escorts Us on an Angelic Journey
To His Garden of Light on Venus

Most Beloved Hearts of Love,

            I come this day, infilled and dripping with the love fires of heaven to escort you on a sacred journey to the Love Star of Venus unto my garden of light. For therein I have planted many seeds of compassionate love [that] are in this hour bearing fruit for each of you to partake of upon your journey of light this day. Therefore, rise, escorted by my angels on wings of light as we swiftly fly through the cosmos and now alight gently within this garden of grace, with all manner of delicious delights of heaven's cornucopia of the Spirit. There is something precious for each of you to behold, to partake of. For you see, I have been in communion with your Holy Christ-Buddha Self. I know your most intimate secrets, what moves you into higher spiritual realities and the blessedness of your own Solar beingness within God's heart.

            Each of you is presented with a special cherished seat upon which you may sit within my garden to meditate upon the effulgence of God-love and all of its myriad manifestations and divine essences. You may drink in fully through all of your spiritual senses these holy quintessences of virtue and blessedness. You may imbibe the delicacies of heaven, wafting through the holy atmosphere, created and sustained by many angelic and devic presences, whose holy emanations grace my garden with the greatness of God in its purity.

            Take time, blessed ones, through stillness of body, mind and emotion, to fully engage in receiving the currents of life and light inherent within this elemental experience. For it is not often that you are invited in this way unto the heaven world at the behest of a chohan to experience a new reality. God's grace, God's love is sufficient unto thee when you put your trust and faith in the Lord.

            And though you may have in this world few possessions or attachments to that which others see as essential to their soul experience, yet, having this awareness of what awaits you in your ascended state brings you to the point of realization that much of this world is a chimera, and that the fantasies drummed up within people's minds and hearts will not suffice in the eternality of the Spirit that is the real world; that even within the Earth's atmosphere, within the Edenic state of higher beingness [there] exists interpenetrating and multi-dimensions [of] your world with great opportunity for you to experience godliness and light.

            This is my Valentine gift to the hearts of humanity who understand that God is great, that there is a place prepared for each of you within the heaven world in all manner of sacred gardens of the Spirit. And when you have overcome all sense of limitation, all attachments to the not-self, you may instantaneously rise, as we have today, to know again and again the great gardens of the Lord and the spiritual graces co-created therein by many celestial hands and hearts of fire.

            Something of these quintessences now abides within your spiritual circulatory system and the energetic bloodstream of your higher electronic bodies. You may breathe these in as you engage in your pranic practices of solar breathing. You may ingest and assimilate at any time these essential components—yes, vitamins of the Spirit—that will grace you with longevity of years, a buoyancy of step, a keen mind, and a pliant and radiant heart.

            O, holy ones, you are so loved of God that at times, in your painful experiences upon Earth, you do not realize just how much this cherishment and the experience of your inner wedding to your Godhood may be yours to know and to revel in. It may be yours for the asking by a simple request to be at peace with yourself, to be centered in the spirit of holy grace and to simply know that God is near and dear to you within the very core of your being.

            This is the love-experience that every immortal being knows and that is sustained within their awareness of presence always. As you merge and blend with these benevolent winds of the Spirit, fanned by the Maha Chohan and his emissaries, you will be sustained always in this Venusian love-experience, both on Valentine's Day and any day that you consecrate and so choose to make a love-day with God.

            I am Paul. I bear the Power of the All within my name, though I continue to deliver it in many missives and valentines of blessedness to my many beloveds upon Earth. I thank you.

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