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Nada      February 05, 2011

Beloved Lady Master Nada  
David C. Lewis
February 5, 2011   5:40-6:00 pm  local time
An Intimate Weekend with the Masters
Bergvik, Sweden 

 Lady Master Nada Shares Her Concentrated Love Fires
to Give Us All a Sense of Our God Worth

Dearest Hearts,

            I enfold you in light. I wrap you in wings of divine virtue and I bring to your soul a memory of your pure estate within the bosom of the Divine Mother before you were released into the cosmos as a spirit-spark of light. Knowing who you are is the essential work of your soul. Gaining entreé into heaven is not simply an exercise in fulfilling the rights and wrongs of a certain religion or belief system. It involves entering into the Presence of who you are as a God-created being whereby you see yourself in that same image and likeness in which you were created. You feel God's energy fully within your soul and spirit. And you simply know that God is where you are and that you have every right to manifest your divinity, your truth, your essence to a world.

            Watch out, world! For these lightbearers who having caught a glimpse of their Solar Selfhood have decided to be who they truly are as these spirit-sparks of light. Watch out, world! for these whose eyes are shining bright, whose auras are glimmering with light, whose hearts are afire with love for thee and for humanity. Watch out, world! For these are movers and shakers of spiritual energies. And all of humanity will feel the impressions of their beingness, the star-fire light of their resolve to fulfill their mission to be God in whatever way they choose within the humility of true Selfhood through service, surrender, sacrifice and divine selflessness.

            Though I often come and speak in a soft tone, sharing from my heart something of an aspect of the sixth ray of service, I, Nada, come to speak to you of the integrity of your soul and how you may ascend by your great God-desire to be effulgent ones, to love and cherish and magnify the light within one another and within society as a whole, to give birth to a new aspect of Spirit within your world, your creation, your holy domain of light.

            Dearest ones, you are valued by heaven. And this day you are validated by the light who you are, that you carry, that you wield, that you emanate. And lest any of you think that somehow you are less than what you truly are, I show your soul the shining aspects of your true beingness in the mirror that I place before you, where you will see clearly the Solar essence of your Buddha Nature, your Christic Presence, if you would, your Krishna Consciousness.

            When you feel God welling up within you, nothing can stop you, nothing that assails your soul will have any inroad into your life. And thus, you can say with Nada, “Thus far and no farther, O unreal selfhood! Thus far and no farther, O energies of darkness! Thus far and no farther, Neptunian delusion and illusion that comes to ensnare me in a mayic mist of unreality. You have no power over my soul, my spirit! For God lives where I am and has invested his Selfhood within me. I claim it! I know it! I am it! And I will prove to you, O dark ones, who I am in God now!

            Some of you feel that you require the giving of certain decrees certain numbers of times in order to fulfill a mandate given by one or another master or World Teacher. This may be all well and good. But at times, dear ones, you must stand in the face of adversity, stretch forth your hand and speak to the universe from deep within you your truth. And in a moment, in a flash of fire, the darkness recedes and you are firm and firmly rooted in your cosmic essence as a Solar being of light. For some, there is no time, nor space to be other than God. And this is the key. Reaching beyond time and space, you rise to fulfill the mandate of your own soul to express, to deliver the goods of your Godhood. And it is thusly so, because you have affirmed it and become it!

            Yes, I am a maiden of heaven. And yet, I compressed love into such a concentrated essence within my heart in my meditation upon the rose of the heart of God that this essence has permeated my entire selfhood. And this same conceptualization and concentration of spiritual fire may be yours any time that you choose. It is the bending back of the bow before the arrow is released; and through that tension, in a split second, there is the punch, and the drive and the virya to be the highest and most that you can be.

            This takes the exercise of your will and your mind wed to your heart in balance, whereby your threefold flame begins to spin and glow and give birth to the resurrection flame and the ascension light within your core. Yes, dearest ones, I serve on the Karmic Board and I often lovingly speak to souls in a way that honors the integrity of who they are and yet questions them as to why they have made certain decisions whereby they have left off their path of divinity and their true essence. And I have attempted to persuade them to move forward, step by step, through the process of Solar evolution to come to the full point of Self-realization of their Godhood. And I have delivered to each one a rose from my heart that has incorporated the concentrated essence of fiery ruby love, whereby they may have the energy and the resolve to work on, to strive forward, to move with persistence and constancy to be victorious in their work and service.

            I honor the young ones in your midst, preparing your sacred meal. Bless them for their entire future life to be examples to all whom they contact and touch [as] ones who know who they are and are resolved to fulfill their reason for being because of the inner energy that abides within their spirit. Even as you age through life and your body begins to wane in the full intensity of the energy that you feel is available to you, you may still pick yourself up each morning and rush forward to fulfill something great and noble through your day, thanking God for new opportunity, making use of your time and resources to energize the cosmos and perfume it with the distillation of Spirit that resides within you.

            O, holy ones, you are noble, true, divine beings. I say, act the part, fulfill your role. And once you have become that which you seek, all of heaven will be opened unto you, the all-glory of the divine world will be at your beck and call to command in the holy name of God. And your victory will be within your reach.

            I bless you, each one, with the sign of the heart, the head and the hand—the true sign of the Brotherhood of the Spirit, the Sisterhood of Light whereby we are of one accord, one body, one mind, one Oversoul of Spirit. My love is ever-present within you when you whisper a prayer or when you command the cosmos to be still and listen to the Word who you are. I thank you.

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