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Lady Kristine      February 04, 2011

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
February 4, 2011   5:20-5:50 pm  local time
An Intimate Weekend with the Masters
Bergvik, Sweden

I Radiate into Your Soul the Light of Holy Grace
This Grace of Who You Are Must Come into Beingness within Your World

Act as if You Are Already Self-Realized Adepts and Masters

Dearest Hearts,
            By the grace of God, I am here with you. And I radiate into your soul the light of holy grace to move you into a new realm of being whereby you may more easily access the light of your Presence, your source of all inspiration, peace and divine tranquility.
            From celestial heights, many angels now surround this home, even as those who abide in the retreat of the Queen of Light interpenetrate and send rays of all manner of crystalline frequencies into the earth here and into the sacred space of your hearts and beings such that wherever you walk from this day forward, by the grace of God you may be the instrument for the release of these crystalline frequencies of light, of purity and of grace into the environs where you abide.
            This is truly, blessed hearts, a dispensation that you have earned because you have cast your pearls unto the Lord, you have offered yourself unto divine service and you have assured heaven that that which you offer will be given from the depths of your heart with joy and with an understanding that God is the doer and you are simply the instrument for the release of his sacred work.
            As the angels now anoint you with light and blessings, [which] are bestowed on your inner bodies within the temple sublime deep within your heart, you will be emboldened, in one sense, to act in the world of form to somehow release these blessings conveyed to you unto others as you embrace both saint and sinner alike, those who understand the path of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and those who yet remain somewhat in the shadows of the not-self, who have not yet penetrated the veil to see the availability of heaven's nurturing spirit. Therefore you may be my handmaidens and handmen to distribute these graces consciously through your efforts from this day forward in some way, dearest ones.
            I have taught a class within the Queen of Light's retreat about the subject of grace. And within the sacred classroom, [which] many of you in your higher bodies have attended, I have augmented the work of the Queen of Light, at her request, to bring these spiritual quintessences into play within your being such that you may have a greater pool, [a greater] resource [from which you may] offer [light to] humanity through your service in your life.
            You see, blessed ones, grace is composed of pure light. And when you enter into the saving work of grace, you as a lightbearer invest the fullness of yourself within that service whereby light emanates through that which you give. Light is invested in that which you graciously offer. Light is embedded within the words that you speak, the feelings that you emote, the very thought processes that flow through your mind, one with God, whenever you are composed within your true Selfhood [such that] God composes through you sublime music, beautiful thoughtforms, images of beauty and splendor that may grace this planet through your heart fires, through your holy intentions, through that which even ascended master sponsors may inspire upon you as they frequent your auric field with their essences of pure light. All of these graces, which are the virtues of God in crystalline matrices of snow-fire light, may then be sent forth by your spirit consciously into the world as holy emanations and divine ideations of glory to work their perfect work within any nation as you seal [these engrams of celestial fire] with the authority of your word with the signature of your Oversoul, the emblem of who you are in God.
            Yes, dearest ones, you are more than you think within the eyes of God. You are divine beings, solar beings, shining with a brilliance [in your core reality] beyond the comprehension of most of mankind. And when you rise in spirit to fulfill your reason for being, then your true Selfhood, as a starry essence of God Reality, shines forth and you bless this world with the holiness of your presence of joy and happiness.
            I come this night to encourage you to act as if you are already self-realized adepts and masters, whereby every miracle of heaven is available to you to express and to share. For, blessed ones, sometime, someplace you will come to the realization that you have always been God in manifestation, [that] you were made in that beautiful image and likeness, formed of the one essence of the cosmos. And this grace of who you are simply must come into a glorious estate of beingness within your world ere you will be able to ascend back to the heart of God. You simply must shine forth your essence in greater God-glory, dearest ones. And therefore, this investment of grace within you provides a new resource of spirit whereby it may be so by your conscious choice day by day to in some way inspire others through your life lived to the glory of God.
            As you envision perfection, as you see with crystal clarity what may be upon earth as all of heaven's greater possibilities, we the ascended hosts and ladies of heaven, abiding so near you in spirit, will energize those realities and quintessences that you nurture with your hearts. Yes, we will feed them as a mother bird feeds her chicks. And if you trust in who we are and in our ability to continue to inspire you and work through you, the greater works that Jesus spoke of may be yours to fulfill in your way—the way of your Divine Self, one with the eternal progenitor of all life.¹
            As some of you know, in my final incarnation as Florence Miller I was born in South Africa. And so I come also, by the grace of God and through the polarity of purity vibrating at Luxor from the heart of Serapis, [to] send forth a current of sacred Mother energy from the base of Africa to the crown to feed the entire continent with light and grace, to nurture a new civilization of beingness within every nation and especially within that crown nation of Egypt in this hour. O Lord, let the Mother Light flow through the sacred Nile now, upon which many of these have sailed in this or past embodiments. And let their spirits sing through the word that they will invoke and cast upon the cosmic seas, whereby the highest truths will be shared within a new nation born of spiritual fire. [These] shall emerge as the conscious ones, the holy ones, [who] pray and fast and give their obeisance unto the one God and call forth the resolution of all conflict and the highest possible manifestation of light.
            I have decreed it. Serapis has called it forth. And the Elohim and the seraphim and many angel spirits now invest their frequencies of cosmic consciousness into this equation in this hour, blessed ones, whereby the holiness of the One may be known and the principles of light and the virtues of heaven may be upon earth a reality in this hour and this age.
            [Lady Kristine sings for nearly 70 seconds.]
            In an ancient tongue that once resounded through the land of Egypt, I have sung to the Mother Light within you to rise, to ascend such that you may fulfill your purpose in this life and join us in spirit, as one day from Luxor you may take flight with seraphim unto the throne of God and know the Source of all that is.
            I am Lady Kristine, and I seal you in the fire of purity's grace forevermore, my beloved friends.

1.  John 14:12

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