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Arcturus      January 30, 2011

Beloved Arcturus 
David C. Lewis
January 30, 2011   6:00-6:18 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Afra Group Vigil


Arcturus Delivers Spiritual Fire and a Plan for the Freedom of Africa

Gracious Hearts of Fire,
            I come this day to proclaim a new day of freedom for Africa and for your world! For, blessed ones, because of your weekly calls and sessions a new wave of freedom has descended upon the African continent! And you have seen the effects of this energy within a number of nations where the people are attempting to supplant governments that have not served them well or to the fullest realization of their intrinsic life plan to move into the realm of their soul freedom. Thus, I come and inaugurate a vigil at the behest of the Master Afra. And the messenger has led the first session this morning. And the first wave of light has gone forth through your joint efforts creating, as it were, within the earth a spiritual shock wave that will both result in the light of freedom manifesting as the ascended masters desire it and also the adjudication of that wave in such a way that there will be less loss of life and the proper realization in the affairs of men that will bring the highest outcome geopolitically, economically and spiritually.
            Dearest ones, you, as priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, understand the dynamic of this equation. And so, you add the momentum of your causal bodies with us in our joint efforts to bring about not a revolution of guns and violence and destruction but a true spiritual revolution of the heart wed to the mind toward the victory of the light in all realms. Dearest ones, I can assure you that because of your past efforts this new revolution of the Spirit has truly begun. Many of the youth are engaged using social media to tell the world what is at play, what is manifesting.
            And we are already encouraged that even within Egypt there is a reticence of the army to do violence to its own people. And therefore, you have even seen how those soldiers have been in discussion with and consultation with the protesters. This can be, blessed ones, a gentle revolution whereby the highest outcome manifests. And yet, beware; there are also forces of darkness that would attempt to use this situation to the detriment of the people. And therefore your calls can be focused with laser-light specificity to move into action into those arenas where it is essential that the Holy Spirit engages your energies toward peaceful resolution, non-violent compromise and victory.
            Dearest ones, each day a new wave will be sent forth with the specificity that beloved Afra and I will manifest from our realm in order to secure the proper foundation for what we see as the highest outcome to manifest in Egypt and in other nations. And the final result, if this vigil is victorious and we see that it will be so, is that thousands of lives will be saved and our own candidate for peace and [the] eventual prosperity of many more will be put in place at the proper time, elected in the proper way without interference, blackmail or other problems that could result through the efforts of the dark ones.
            Even this class on blessing,1 dearest hearts, sponsored by Jesus the Buddha whose retreat is over Arabia is having an effect upon the planetary body as the light-essences from that Sacred Heart flow forth in many ways to grace the evolutions of this Earth. So you see that opportunity is at hand for you as adepts and as masters in the making to focalize through your hearts and minds the greatest aspect of the light of freedom that can be nurtured and anchored within the continent of Africa to accelerate our plan for the freedom of every man, woman and child.
            Yes, dearest ones, even as this is occurring in certain nations, you are preparing for your trip to Accra, Ghana. And just as before the Egyptian trip four years ago, there was interference in the Middle East to the point where some considered not traveling on that trip. Yet, we secured in light your souls, your body temples. And each and every one was able to go with the protection of the archangels and many celestial spirits. It will also be so for your trip later this year. And thus, the plans have been made.
            Many of you have already given your word that you will support the Master Afra and the other sponsoring masters of this trip including Serapis Bey, Saint Germain and me. And we will offer new waves of cosmic frequencies unto your souls to be the arbiters of the great destiny of this people from that heartland of Africa where you will radiate forth by the power of your collective hearts a new frequency of God-love, co-mixed with God-freedom that will result in a stupendous and miraculous action of light having its effects for decades to come, dearest hearts.
            So, prepare in all ways for the great investiture of light that will manifest during this pilgrimage, even as you continue to pray week by week. And some of you may even desire to continue this vigil, for you have seen that it only takes approximately twenty minutes or less to engage me in this work of calling forth that light thirty-three times, even as you plan to call to Afra 144 times this night and physically anchor his great causal body in the earth. This too will support our efforts and the cosmic endeavors of many masters who are rooting for you, supporting you, backing you and enabling you in many ways to fulfill your personal and collective mission on this Earth to liberate every man, woman and child in the light of their own solar freedom. Therefore, I say,

Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire!
Burn through, O sacred fire, from the soul of Africa unto the third eye and the crown!
And liberate, liberate, liberate a people and a nation and a continent
by the power of the Word of these, your sons and daughters, O God!
Let their hearts sing! Let the Word go forth!
And let victory be proclaimed at every turn, in every moment
as they proclaim it and as they fulfill it in action in their lives!

            I am Arcturus. And from the star in the heavens named after me, I send forth a cosmic beam and pulse of light [which is] showered upon this Earth and solar system. And as the evolutions of Earth surrender to the Lord God and the great I AM THAT I AM, so their freedom will fully manifest.
            Now, blessed ones, the Lord Jesus himself walks through the streets of Cairo and other cities where there have been demonstrations. He calls to each heart to be at peace. And with the Master Afra at his side, as well as his Father Saint Germain, these three are calling to the souls of every Muslim, Christian, Jew and those of any and all religious persuasions to remember that all are brothers and sisters, that there is no need any longer upon Earth to have division, that all may live in security and freedom as one people under God, the same one God known by any name and yet worshipped as that one eternal Light of holy love and eternality.
            Let your lives reflect the same essence as that which Jesus, the Buddha, demonstrates so lovingly on behalf all. I thank you for your support and your love. And I bid you good night.

1. Meru University Class 1101:  The Conscious Science of Blessing and Consecration with Lord Jesus, the Buddha.

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