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Zadkiel      January 25, 2011

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
January 25, 2011   7:40
-8:02 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                                I Shine Forth the Light within Your Third Eye 
                                                      to Give You a New Vision of Selfhood

                                 I Come to Clear the Cobwebs of Your Old Visionary Processes

                               Allow the Violet Fire to Work Its Perfect Work within You Daily

            In the living reality of the morning air, I am here with you personally to commend you on your way, to enfire you with the Spirit and to involve you in the affairs of God this day, which may be clear within your heart and mind as you access through higher mindfulness the stream of divinity that descends from your own Presence and ascends from within your heart.
            Dearest ones, may the blessing of Christ and Buddhic peace be unto you as you ascertain that which the Spirit may fulfill within your life in this [present] moment of the cyclic rounds of your existence here upon Earth. Each of you has been invested with a great gift of starry light-fire within the center of your heart that you may utilize for the highest purpose in the blessing of life, in the offering of self and in the healing of all manner of past momentums, even annoyances, that have beset your soul in its sacred journey.
            When you attend to the Spirit through the specificity of your devotions, your praise and your allowance of God and God's light to flow through you, then you become within that one framework of light a focal point for the emanation of the pure stream of God beingness to all life in your domain. You know this. You feel the resonance with Spirit and the impelling light swelling within your soul, indwelling as that veritable presence of perfection that allows you to sing, to soar and to transcend the not-self.
            In this day and age, we the ascended masters come to invest the energies of our God beingness within your affairs, within your world to give you the boost required, the wherewithal of those essential divine truths and the holy instruction contained within them that will move you into your highest perspective and vista of light.
            I shine forth the light within your third eye this morning to give you a new vision of selfhood. For, blessed hearts, hour by hour as you see yourself fully as God has always recognized you, you may move into those higher domains and echelons of the Spirit, tiers of consciousness, whereby angels and devic beings and the very holy presences of vast spiritual planes of being may come unto you, may shine forth their light through your world and may offer you that higher vision that you require to continue in the ascension process moment by moment.
            The matrix of the All-Seeing Eye of God is essential to hold as a pyramid of light within your third eye in order to have this level of crystal clarity and perfect vision. And I come this day to clear the cobwebs of your old visionary processes in order to incite within you that new insight, blessed hearts, that is God's vision within you of himself manifesting through your own individuality as a God-conscious being.
            Yes, insight is a key gift of the Spirit that comes to those who are invested in God's framework of light and who desire to see with specificity and with a panoramic vision of the allness of the whole that which is essential to move forward our plan together. When you let go of paradigms and perspectives that give you only one angle of awareness, of the truth, of the totality of God's being, then your vision is increased. And [then,] through a laser light-field of higher vision, you may see from all angles, from all perspectives the same element of truth within the center of the situation of your life, [which] gives you new joy and a foundational understanding through that perspective, [thereby] allow[ing] harmony, wholeness and peace to manifest in your world.
            Within this movement of light we have offered a new perspective, [which] many of you are gaining ground in ascertaining and assimilating in order that you may move fully into your adeptship and God Self-mastery in light—God's light. So long as you continue to shed worn-out patterns of selfhood outside of the One, this process may be completed more swiftly than you know and your higher vision accessed directly in this realm, whereby you can see with greater laser clarity the goal and how you may reach that goal swiftly.
            At times it requires an infusion of our Presence to push out from within you those not-self essences that you have accepted as a part of your being [and] that no longer serve your highest pathway, blessed hearts. And so this purgation process may be ongoing for months, even years and decades within your incarnation such that the full transmutative effects of the violet fire may manifest in your world. For as you invoke that violet energy, which is itself transforming and intelligent, what is transformed is you, even as you pray for the world at large and direct the currents of that light frequency into all manner of outer situations.
            The important work is at hand deep within you for your assimilation of that light within your soul whereby your higher solar essences may be rebirthed within the experiential nature of your being in 3-D. And it is essential that you realize that if you are to engage in this higher framework of visionary experience with us that this letting go process must ensue quickly  [so] that the scales that cloud your higher vision may be erased and consumed and [so] that a new lens of light may replace that film, that dark, wily [energy and] film that has unfortunately formed itself over your third eye to cloud that higher perspectiving.
            Dearest ones, consider with your Holy Christ/Buddha Self each morning, and also each evening before you retire, what it is that has in some way kept you bound to this plane whereby you are not able to access the highest spiritual insight and vision that is rightfully yours as a son or daughter of God. Inspired by your Higher Self, you may instantaneously know and feel what it is that can be consumed and surrendered such that the true you may emerge more gloriously day by day upon your chosen pathway of light.
            In your final incarnation, which many of you are walking in this time, the greater the amount of the not-self frequencies that can be fully consumed, the greater your ascension process will be and the higher your light trajectory will also be in the climb of your soul to the highest heights of being. Therefore allow the violet fire, in its transmutative effects, in its joyous singing cadences and melodic attenuative vibrations, to work its perfect work within you daily. For in great joy, the Spirit will carve out of you the debris of the past, even while reinvesting within you those higher solar essences that are rightfully yours to employ because you always are attentive to the will, wisdom and love of God in balance in your conscious awareness as a spirit spark of the One.
            I am Zadkiel! And I come unannounced to stream through your awareness today the full fire of my divine aspiration to be, on behalf of the Lord God, an angel of freedom for the liberation of souls to know their true coursing, to know their true reality through each stage of their life and in the victory process that manifests through the activity of that freedom fire and violet energy.
            Burn through the auric fields now of these devotees in Mount Shasta and throughout this community of light who have invested their hearts in the givingness of their Presense through the invocation of the word.
            Burn through and release this day a higher governing spirit of their own Presence that may guide them to the shores of reality.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through now the dark cloud that has assailed some within this spiritual circle of light, this holy family and sangha of the Buddha [so] that each and every one may feel the impressions of angelic presences [and] [receive the] succor, support and comfort [they need] every moment in order to fulfill their sacred mission and purpose.
            Burn through by the power of the grace of God and the violet-laser light and release the[se] soul[s] from ancient shackles and binding elements that have kept them unfulfilled in their selfhood, in their realization of their oneness with God, O Lord.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through now by the power of my legions of light surrounding you. There is a new infusion of violet-fire joy such that every service that you engage in, every broadcast that comes forth from this day onward receives that energy of the Spirit that is required for this movement to fulfill its dharma.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through now, O Lord God. Let the God love-fires of the violet light resonate and accumulate within the auric fields, the homes, the communities, the cities and the nations of the lightbearers upon this planet that a new way of freedom may be known and that the liberation of an entire world may come forth because some have called upon the Lord, and the Lord has answered through his archangels to invest this planet with the perfectionment and purity of his allness.
            Burn through! Wrap the Earth in sacred fire! Seal the Earth in light! Blaze forth the glory of God day and night within the hearts and lives of these your precious ones, O Lord.
            Burn through, O violet fire! Sing within their souls! Spin new yarns of divinity to give them garments of fiery light that they may wear upon their journey home to your heart.
            O Lord, your love is everywhere. Your light shines forth in glory through every being whom you have created with intention and love. Let this Earth be raised by the power of the intent of mankind to be one with God. And let these your servant sons and daughters know the truth of their being and their own freedom in joy forevermore.
            I am Zadkiel! And by the power of the Z-ray and the action of divinity, the cosmic intelligence and energy of light is yours to use and to be fulfilled [in] always. Amen.


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