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Victory      January 18, 2011

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
Janurary 18, 2011   8:40-8:58 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Mt. Shasta, California


If You Invest Yourself Fully in the Work of the Brotherhood,
We Will Add the Momentum of Victory

The Victory Consciousness Allows You to Accept
the Full Radiance of Your Abundant Life

            I am Victory! And I come again, broadcast through Mount Shasta [to] our heartfriends there, to invest the light of Victory within your world, your specific world, blessed hearts, whereby you may receive both the light of Victory and the light of your own abundant life today in the here and now.
            The victory consciousness is what allows you to accept the full radiance of your own abundant life within your realm, your domain, your life. For unless you have this glowing light-radiance of the star of your own divine destiny blazing through your consciousness from your Solar Presence, through your Holy Christ/Buddha Self and into the spherical awareness of your own soul, blessed hearts, you cannot fully allow the light of Victory and the abundance of God to flow through and manifest through your being. It is when you accept the light of victory commingled with the light of abundance from the heart of heaven and the divine coffers of the Spirit, [which] remain as treasures in heaven for you to access through your own consciousness of victory, [that] you can sustain all that you require in your world to live the abundant life as we the ascended masters and divine spirits do.
            You have read the formulas of Saint Germain for alchemy. You have read all manner of discourses and tomes of light of how your elder brothers and sisters have precipitated in the physical what they required to sustain their life and even to manifest miracles on behalf of their work for mankind. And yet for some of you the coin of the divine realms has eluded you, and you have wondered why, though you have prayed, though you have meditated, you have not been able to manifest in this realm the effulgent life, even a life of opulence, such as Saint Germain and others have done.
            Well, I say, blessed hearts, that it takes work! It takes the light of Victory manifest through your own abundant consciousness, then outplayed through specific activity in the world of form, such as that which Hercules has himself demonstrated, to bring that light into manifestation in the physical octave! If you only dream and you only visualize, but the work stops there in those domains of the etheric and the mental plane, then how do you expect the light of Victory to manifest through that coin of the realm in your domain?
            Therefore, blessed hearts, I give you a key this day. For some students of the light remain untethered to the reality of this plane and dimension and they think that somehow the universe owes them a debt, when truly each and every son and daughter of God owes the universal Spirit of the one God a true debt to life. And it is incumbent upon all to understand this dynamic [so] that they may do what is essential, they may outplay their talents, as the Lord Jesus offered in his illustrative parable of those who used their talents for the highest purpose.¹ If you bury your talents, blessed hearts, in the earth rather than utilize them in the fullest manifestation possible unto you through your service to humanity, then those talents will not grow. Yet if you invest yourself fully in the work at hand of the Brotherhood, then we add the momentum of victory and the effulgence of our Higher Selves and our own Solar Presence into the equation, whereby the true and full cornucopia of light descends into the arena of activity in your world and all true alchemy is then fulfilled in you where you live.
            If you study the lives of the adepts, you will see, blessed hearts, that each and every one engaged in the holy work of the Lord to the highest level that they were capable. And so each and every one of you can discern by the power of the Holy Spirit how that work can manifest through your life. And even as you are aging and entering into the fifth and sixth and seventh and eighth decades of your life, this is the time for the full fruition of all of your talents. And it should not be a time when you think that you are not able or capable of manifesting work with heaven to anchor in your domain the highest ampoules of light from the tables of the ascended hosts.
            Blessed ones, the true adepts never stop in their resolve and in their work to bring to this domain heaven's light. And so consider fulfilling all of your inner and outer vows through the work of the ages manifest in very specific detailed energy work in your domain. The more specific you are, the more Victory and Fortuna, the God of Gold and all the masters of precipitation may work with you to anchor your vision of victory here. If you have some sort of quasi-dream of what could be without the very detailed explanation and dissertation of that which you are realizing within you even now as fully manifest, as possible, as realizable, then blessed ones, you cannot fully anchor that which is true and real.
            Therefore take to heart, receive within your heart our light, our love, our joy in your domain and realize that Victory is here and now always available as that golden light of illumination and wisdom, as a precipitate of the golden light of the sun for you to accept in your domain to anchor that gold consciousness where you are.
            Dearest hearts:

            I AM the light of victory in my own effulgent life manifest through the abundance of God and the graces of the Spirit of the One here!

            I AM a living temple of Victory through the three hundred sixty degrees of my Solar awareness whereby the light of God is distributed equally to all life through the impersonal impersonality of the Spirit and through the personal personality of the Mother Light where I am!

            I AM the effulgence of the One because I know my Source. And through a cosmic resourcefulness I distribute lovingly the graces of the Spirit in all domains through my heart fires offered on the altar of humanity!

            I am the effulgent life 
realized within every sacred work that I offer unto humanity through my life consecrated [to], and therefore blessed by, the one God-power, -wisdom and -love of the Almighty!

            I AM that three-in-one blazing through my heart in perfect balance whereby love, wisdom and power are restored in this domain as God would see them realized within every heart, within every soul, within every spirit through a childlike attitude of divine gratitude, grace and beingness!

            I AM offering myself in a continuous stream of love-wisdom-power fires whereby the Venusian qualities of holiness and cosmic presence are anchored within the Earth. And our sister stars resonate with a new frequency in a holy communion through cosmic cycles whereby the New Age and a New-Age consciousness—as the right of every son [and] daughter of God upon Earth—is realized within as an anchor point of light for the Lord where I live and move and have my being!

            I AM fanning forth cosmic frequencies of the abundance and opulence of God whereby everyone feels the flow of light and is tethered to the reality of their true selfhood. And by the grace of God, the firing of the
antahkaranathe great grid of light across this world, is maintained moment by moment through my own abundant victory consciousness here and now!

            I AM setting forth upon the table of the Lord my highest gifts, that which God has vouchsafed to me as my talents, multiplied, multiplied, multiplied millions of times over through all of my lifetimes—gifts and work whereby the highest potential is now manifest for my Lord!

            I see before me the full manifestation and realization of my highest Selfhood as a Solar being proffered to the universe. And thereby I am my full mastery here and now, given again and again, surrendered to the Lord and seen as that which God sees clearly, as who I am—beheld perfectly, joyously, deliciously and manifesting through all of my senses of the Spirit!

            Dearest hearts, through these I AM statements and those which you also compose with great God-composure, you can effectively, scientifically realize everything that you require to sustain your life in this domain. And there is nothing that can take from you, through your own abundant victory consciousness, the fullness of your life so long as you do not fritter it away in all manner of timeless wastings of your energies and your time in frivolous activities.
            Therefore consider every moment of your life as sacred. Consider the sanctity of the Spirit within the Now of your being and realize your full victorious potential, blessed hearts! For who else will do it but you? Who else would you divest your own responsibility to? It is you! It is here! It is now where the rubber meets the road and where your God Self-mastery, your attainment, your adeptship becomes clear because you are determined to be that one with us in victory.
            I have come, and I will continue to love you free moment by moment through this Venusian victory consciousness. And I thank you.

1. Matthew 25:14-30.

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