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Hercules      January 13, 2011

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
January 13, 2011   8:52-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

                                   I Support You in the Move to Your New Livingston Sanctuary 
      The Drawing up of the Energies from One Sanctuary and the Rekindling of the Flowfield in the New           

            By the power of the living Word, I descend and anchor my fire within this city and within the siddhis within you which I amplify for your victory in the light of the Holy Spirit! I am Hercules! You have called to me this day and therefore I answer to support the repositioning of the light within a sanctuary within this city. For, blessed hearts, there are cycles within time and space that must be fulfilled at certain coordinates within your world. And when these cycles are fulfilled, new higher spirals are afforded unto you within other coordinates whereby an increase in potential may be realized as that fire rises higher as you aspire to be the One with Morya El and us.
            Therefore, I have assigned 144 elementals unto the bodies of those who will support the move from this sanctuary to the new one this weekend, or as soon as arrangements can be made, blessed ones. And these elementals will serve you for a two-week period to provide you the impetus that you require to re-establish the flowfield within that Masonic Temple building, which as you know has been a haven for inductees into certain rituals through an ancient order that we will use as a new point of reference to deliver our teachings, our fire and the Word of God through you.
            After this service, all those ascended masters who have sponsored the delivery of various messages here, or who have in some way blended the energies of their Causal Bodies in delivering their fire through all of you, will enter into the engagement of a sacred ritual for the drawing up of these frequencies, sealing them within a cosmic white fire/blue fire light. And at the appropriate hour, these will again be released to rekindle that flowfield in your new sanctuary, dearest ones.
            I, Hercules, will also enter into, through the messenger, a clearance action of the environs of that building soon in order to provide that which is essential for us, the Brotherhood of the Spirit, to sanctify it in order to make it a habitable place and altar of light for the ongoing work at hand through this dispensation. Yes, dearest ones, even as you engage with us in spiritual work, so at times it requires that we, the Elohim, ourselves engage with you in order to provide that which is required for this New Year's essential work to move forward, forward, forward! Therefore, I ask each and every heartfriend who lives within a fifty mile radius to consider assisting the messenger and the Director of Operations within this week in this endeavor to lighten their load and to harmonize all into the new space provided.
            This, blessed ones, will bring forth a greater boon than you can even imagine in coming days, weeks and months, whereby the spiritual light will go forth north, south, east and west, for this sanctuary is within a few blocks of the very spiritual center of this city. And therefore, we will utilize it for cosmic change in many dimensions and planes, even here in Livingston, Montana. The Elohim, the sponsoring masters and the Darjeeling Council now thank each and every heartfriend, servitor of light who has participated in these services since this sanctuary was established. We bless you, each one, with the cosmic cross of white fire and blue lightning and seal your greater mission on behalf of the Brotherhood in days and years to come, in cycles aborning and in cycles being fulfilled within you even now.
            By the power of that living Word, I AM here and I support you, each one unto your victory in the light. I thank you.

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