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David Lewis      January 11, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
January 11, 2011   7:40-7:57 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Mount Shasta, California

If You Desire Adeptship, Develop a Strong Relationship with El Morya

This Year Make It a Weekly Spiritual Practice to Attune
to the Sponsoring Masters of This Movement

            Thank you for being there in Mount Shasta, and thank you, everyone, for participating this morning. There is an interesting configuration with our dates and the Gregorian calendar, which we follow here in the West, for today, as we all know: 1-11-11.
            I feel El Morya very tangibly with me today, and I hope that each and every one of you can commune with him in your heart throughout this day—the master of the first ray, the first ray of the dawn, a sublime master who brings great God-consciousness to the Earth through every activity that he is engaged in.
            I consider Morya one of the most awesome beings in the universe who we have access to. His mind is transcendent; his heart, magnanimous beyond human words. The magnanimity of his heart is expressed through his devotion to the will of God to the point where I believe he gets it. And what I mean by that is that he understands the will of God, that thrust from the very altar of heaven that invests light, holiness, intention into everything. When we work with El Morya, our work is suffused with presence, power, principle and portents of our divine incarnation and the sublimity of the light of God that always prevails.
            When we invest our hearts in Morya's work and the words that he expresses nobly through all of his work, and the beauty of the teaching through his words—because one of Morya's major focuses is delivering teaching—we are raised up in light. For those of you who have read the Agni Yoga teachings as promulgated by the Agni Yoga Society through Nicholas and Helena Roerich, you know that there is a concentration through the fire within the words within those teachings that is awesome. And whenever I have read those books, and I've read many of them, especially the beginning ones, Leaves of Morya's Garden I and II, you feel the fire of El Morya; you feel the very principled aspects of his being, which are indicative of his attunement, his at-one-ment, with God. To be so invested in God as one such as El Morya is takes focus, concentration, determination and the lens of the mind, the heart, the entire being attuned to that specific ray that is that will.
            So Morya has the lens of his being aligned in such a way that he receives directly from the altar of the Source that first ray of the dawn, which is the complete investment of God's Selfhood within our domain and our being, and in this case in El Morya's being. The teachings of El Morya given through this activity and through many activities are so carefully crafted that when we ingest them, when we assimilate them, when we become them we are, like him, raised up as adepts and attuned, or tuned, to the frequencies of God's beingness.
            If you desire your adeptship, which is what we are about in this movement, I suggest that you develop a strong, a firm connection with and relationship with beloved El Morya. In doing so you will feel his fire. You will feel the placing around you of a grid of light and a matrix of holiness and love that when you go through your day, when you go through your week, your months, your years, you will have the boon of that firmament of heaven that is flowing through his consciousness that impels you higher, that drives you almost relentlessly toward union with that holy will. And what this does for us is it dissolves a lot of the little irritations and inconsistencies, inaccuracies and the petty things that keep us from that focus on our goal, on our mission, on our divinity.
            As I gaze into the eyes of beloved El Morya with the beautiful new image with the blue eyes, I feel my spirit rising through his vision of me into who I truly am: my essence, my Godhood, my Real Self. And when you have an image of El Morya before you, you can, through the talismanic magic of that image, simply take a moment to gaze into those eyes to feel the directed currents of his beingness flowing into you, ennobling you, giving you hope, giving you faith, giving you courage, giving you all that you require each day to strive to do your best, to TRY with Saint Germain, using the grand triad of the Theos Ruling You matrix. This is not done from human striving and the feeling that, no, you can't fulfill something, and therefore you say “I will try” when someone asks you to do something. It is rather to feel the virya within the triad of the heart, mind and will of God in balance to move you into your highest givingness.
            Those of you within this movement who get this, and I believe that many of you do, have felt the determination, the resolve within your being to fulfill your purpose, your dharma, the consecrated work that you have been sent to this Earth to manifest. And El Morya trues you, aligns you, rebirths you in this process throughout the day and the night. He is our strong defense as well as our guide. He is our advocate and coach as well as our comforter. He is a man for all seasons, and yet he is always in the moment, in the Now, offering his Selfhood to those who seek God. Because El Morya is aligned with God, when we are seeking God, he may be there in an instant to offer his mind and his mindfulness to us.
            One whom I love, one of my gurus, said, “I loved him before I met him.” And in that statement I understand that in the first meeting, in the first gaze within the eyes of the Master or upon the visage of the Master, there is the instantaneous realization that this one, this being of God, has given all of himself to God and therefore gives all of himself to us in the process of this divine relationship that is now beginning and which can take a strong new course to bring us higher.
            When El Morya asked us early on in this activity to spend ten minutes in the morning meditating with him, focusing on his awareness, it was not because he desired for us to give him adulation.  It was because in that focus upon who and what he represents, he would impel us directly to our Source, our own God Presence, From his own vessel of kindness and awesomeness he could help us to extract from our own Godhood blessing, boon, benevolence and what we require as instruction and direction for our day.
            So when you commune with El Morya and you begin to attune to his mind and his being and his vibration and his voice, what you are really accessing is what he directs you—through your own God-power and your own Source of all light, love, joy and wisdom—to receive from heaven of that which you require that day for your sacred journey. This is the beauty of a man of God such as El Morya, who always, because of his great worthiness in God, is there to help us supplant our lesser self with our higher reality, is always there to ease us into a new groove of beingness even when the carnal-mindedness that we at some times manifest or the stubbornness that manifests through our habit patterns, our predilections and our human frailties keeps us bound to the not-self. He has thought of every possible way and sees clearly how we can divest ourselves of our unreality and move into our highest outcome, our highest gleaming light essence and what we can offer to the universe of our own beingness and the star-fire light of our divine reality.
            On every Tuesday we can refocus anew with El Morya on our purpose, our plan and what is essential as the steps along our journey to fulfill today to realize that plan, that blueprint of light. As we do this and we engage and reengage, we will reach more rarefied heights of God Self-awareness. We will naturally move into higher spiritual echelons of attainment, not of our own self but because it is the grace of God, the self-offeringness of God, that continues to effuse itself to those who love him.
            Through El Morya's manifest reality, through the virtue that he embodies even from a higher realm, through the attitude that he holds, which is a cosmic beatitude of intense love and fire for our souls, we are lifted up, our load is lightened, our birthright is restored, our direction in oneness is assured.
            I suggest that this year we make it a spiritual practice to attune to each and every one of the sponsoring masters of this movement during our week—Mother Mary, the Great Divine Director, now the Master Omraam, Lanello and Clare de Lis—that we see these spiritual beings for who they are, what they represent, both collectively for our movement, for the Earth and also for us personally, individually.
            What El Morya can give you is awesome. What Mother Mary can help you with in overcoming, through a scientific application of the spiritual lessons of heaven, is simply without peer. The spiritual gifts that can be accessed through his cosmic consciousness that Lanello offers to us that we can move into and master are also simply miraculous. 
What the Master Omraam has shared of the keys for Solar living are indicative of an entire cultural shift and way of life that is the precursor to the golden-crystal age. These teachings simply must be engendered and realized by every man, woman and child within this new Solar civilization that we are together giving birth to.
            What the Great Divine Director holds as a perfect vision for the race and for all of humanity and the seventh root race is cosmic in the intercourse, in the interconnectedness of all the lines of divine force that flow through all of the relationships that are being formed between souls and their Oversouls in various cultures and peoples. He has all this within his cosmic mind to bear and to breathe life into. And so when we commune with this great master we are ennobled as never before.
            These relationships with our holy brothers and sisters, the elder ones who have graduated from this schoolroom of Earth, are what will bring us our divinity when we are true to these friendships of the Spirit. Again, our website says right there on the home page “Experience the ascended masters daily.” What is experience? It is communion. It is a blending of our minds and hearts. It is a listening ear as a two-way form of communication where we both listen intently and we share what is on our heart, what is within our mind, even questions, concerns and things that we can offer to the universe and to the Brotherhood to fulfill our role, our purpose in life.
            This word experience is indicative of the Holy Spirit because within every true experience the Spirit flows. There is nurturing, nourishment and through waves of divine energy and effulgence the washing upon the shores of our being of the essential components of light and love—for us to feel first and then to know by a direct personal experience.
            We are all initiates, adepts in the becoming because we have taken the reigns of authority for our course in life away from the disempowering ones who tell us that we're not good enough, we do not have the stuff of God within us, we are sinners, et cetera. And we have realized with the Brotherhood that, of course, of our human selves we can do nothing, but with our God Self, with God, all things are possible, doable, fulfillable, realizable.¹
            El Morya, as a man for all seasons, has realized God in every season of life: winter, spring, summer, fall. He knows the seasons of our soul, and he knows what will season our soul, as the salt of the Spirit, through the virtuous fires of the Holy Spirit, which bring us peace, presence and polish our auras with fire, with light, with illumined love.
            So, blessed hearts, as I feel the swelling of the Spirit within my heart in adoration to the God-essence that flows through El Morya today, so I share this with you to inspire you to love God more than ever before, to love virtue, to espouse truth, to enter a new givingness that will bring you great joy, great presence, great peace this day and throughout the remainder of this week.
            May God bless you; may God keep you; may God enfold you, surround you and be present through every act, word, thought and holy deed. Thank you.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 1:37; 18:27.

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