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Fortuna      January 01, 2011

Beloved Fortuna Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
January 1, 2011   11:43 am–12:10 pm MST
2011 New Year's Conference
A New Way of Light, Love and Joy with the Saints and Sages of East and West
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Replenishing Our Cosmic Abundance

                        Fortuna would like us to consider how we replenish our own and each others' cosmic abundance. How can we replenish the abundance of this movement, of our individual alchemies, and the abundance required for the greater plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood worldwide to bring about a Golden-Crystal Age? This is a time of sharing. You may desire to simply go within and meditate for a moment on this subject, and anything that comes to mind and heart would be beneficial for all of us to hear. Feel free to come to the microphone.

                        One thing I'd like to say is that obviously El Morya has considered this for quite some time. We were told that he was attempting to secure a dispensation, and we began our long vigil of thirty-three days. I believe it was the thirty-first or thirty-second day of that vigil he came with the fulfillment of the dispensation that he had sought, which was to basically double the return on the investment of the tithes of sons and daughters of God. This is huge, tremendous. What we heard later was that he, along with Melchizedek, had put on the altar the required energy as a grant from their own causal bodies in order to secure this higher grant of light. And it is for every lightbearer on the Earth who gives back to God through their tithes to charitable organizations or through any way that they give. This is one aspect of the replenishing of our cosmic abundance. If you have something to share on this, please come forward.

Participant:  I believe one of the keys to abundance is gratitude. You can have gratitude, give gratitude in advance for what you desire and feel that you already own it—and feel the joy of owning it and express gratitude. You can also have gratitude for the so-called bad things in your life, seeing them as valuable lessons on the path, and also have gratitude for the little things. Count your blessings, no matter how small they are; just have gratitude. And the more you express gratitude, the more you will receive from God because the attitude of gratitude brings you closer to God, so there's less of a distance that blessings have to travel. [laughter]

Participant:  I think this is something that all of you know about, but I've learned about it, and for me it was a great revelation. It's a very simple thing that is called flow. Obviously all our blessings, money and so forth, come from God. What happened with me was that when we first moved to Stelle, I was with my husband and my children and he had a job, but he wasn't getting paid. So we were living off credit cards for a while, which is not a good thing to do, but it's what we had, so that's what we did. I began to think that I had to do something, however small. So I went out and got a job at the local farm. It didn't pay very much, but as the money began to trickle in, I began to feel good. I felt like I was contributing, I was doing something, and it just made me feel good. I felt rich, even though I was making $8 an hour. It made me feel good and it really helped.

                        What that's taught me is that no matter what your situation... My situation has changed. I was a little worried at first because my husband is no longer there, so I'm on my own. Yet I've had everything I've required, by God's grace, and it's come from various sources. I still have my job, and the more I work, the more I make. The great thing about it is that when you have this flow—and it may start out just as a trickle—it increases. If you think about a stream, usually the bed gets wider and the waters come through more. The more we practice all the things that God has taught us, such as giving gratitude and all the other things that we know to do, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And it really, really works. I'm living proof—try it.

David:  And you're here.

Participant continues:  Yes, by God's grace.

Participant:  I have to laugh because I'm following Boyd's beautiful voice. I have this little song that I sing: “I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me. I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me.” What I realize in my abundance and prosperity is that it's a love vibration. I have this great romance with money that is just really, really fun. [laughter] Being in the Philippines was a beautiful experience because it was an even higher vibration of gold and a real purifying of my heart and drawing in of that frequency. A lot of my friends can't even figure it out, my prosperity. For years they have tried to put it down on paper. For years this has gone on, and all I can say is it's a great romance. [laughter]

David:  Can you teach us that again? We'd all like to learn it. And we desire to see that movement too.

Participant:  I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me?

David:  I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me?

Participant continues:  I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me. Gold and silver and all these precious jewels and all of you precious people, we are magnetizing this love, and money is us.

David:  The first night I was here, for dinner I had tuna, so Fortuna. [laughter]

Participant:  I am grateful for Mighty Victory. I get so inspired and in the flow of victory when Mighty Victory comes. And he gave each of us an angel of his band when we did our pledge. That is just so magnificent. How can you go wrong? I think the victory consciousness is really important.

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  Right now, what I'm working on—my assignment, you might say—as far as fulfilling prosperity for myself as well as for The Hearts Center and the financial stream for all of our projects is to not think of God as being out there and me being here asking for something. Sometimes we all succumb to doubts and think, “Well, it might be late” or “It might not be as much as I had asked for,” blah, blah, blah. Victory helps us overcome that. The strategy I'm taking right now is to instead, methodically and as often as possible, hold a field of Presence, as Eckhart Tolle talks about, where you can actually feel you are one with your Presence. Your I AM Presence isn't up there or out there or anything like that. It's right there, and you can feel it. You feel unity and you explode duality. I practice doing that and then I project myself as God, as that abundance. For instance, if I want to see, $40,000 show up at this time and this place, I'd be it; I am it. I am the light and electrons of God, and I am coalescing myself. What works best for me is when I am something, I am it. I'm still working on faith as well. It works better for me if I actually become the thing and then project it into the timeline that I desire and just feel it, feel it, feel it—see it and feel it, see it and feel it very methodically and rhythmically. That's what I'm working on.

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  This is probably sort of silly. I have prosperity with plants. They just flow through me. I create them. They are all over, and I have so many I just can't find enough good people to give them to. And they flourish and prosper.

David:  You have a green thumb and you have all ten fingers, digits, that are green.

Participant continues:  You know how there are some people that no matter what they do, it turns into gold, into cash, into prosperity. And they don't think about it; it's just something that sort of flows through them. And I realized at one point that my beingness with plants is like that. I don't think about it. I don't have to. It just flows through me without any thought. I have a feeling about that. So it occurred to me that I could transfer this feeling over to prosperity. I grew up with a certain consciousness based on what my parents thought, basically. So I am attempting to change that creation by something that I do have prosperity with.

David:  Wonderful. So money trees are all over your house now? [laughter]

Participant continues:  Yes.

David:  Alright! [applause]

Participant:  I desire to give a testimony to the law of the tithe. This is something that we all intellectually know about, but when we actually experience it in our life it comes in at a different level. This is something that Philip and I have practiced for a number of years. This past year of 2010 we've been kind of distracted because Philip had a lot of health issues and we held back out of fear for our financial situation, and things just snowballed. We just kept having more and more challenges and troubles at the financial level. When we had the courage to agree together that we were going to tithe first, no matter what, it was just like, bang! The doors of heaven opened up and it was almost too much to deal with. I mean, we hit the ground running and we could hardly keep up with it fast enough at the physical level. Then we had to laugh about that, because it's something that we know. When you're quiet and you sit and think, you realize, “I have everything I need. I have everything I need. It's right here.” And we need to go in and just listen and find out if we really believe what we say we do. We have to really walk that talk, and there's no limit if you don't put one on there. I always say, “This or something better. Lay it on me.”

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  I desired to share with you something fun that's happened. Last evening when we came in, this little angel had this wonderful wrap. She brought it with her for somebody who was small and would be able to wear it. And when I came in she said, “Oh, here, this is for you to wear.” I said, “Oh, what am I supposed to do with it?” And she said, “Just be royalty!” And I said, “Oh, alright, I'll be royalty.” Do you see what color it is? It's gold. Gold is royalty. So when you desire to feel like riches and gold, go get something gold to wear and wrap it around yourself, something that feels wonderful. Put on some jewelry. Get the feeling of wealth. Go find it somewhere and put it on. Oh, I have just been so joyous wearing this royalty this weekend, and it's kept me so warm. [applause] I would have froze last night, but this little angel had the wrap for me. So it's about having joy and gratitude for all the little things. I mean, this was a big gift for me last night because I would have froze. [laughter, applause]

Participant:  Well, I'm going take off this jacket so I can show you my glitter, my gold. There's really something to this. Sometimes you look at what you're going to wear and you think, “Well, maybe this is too much, maybe it's too gaudy,” and you go with the being more humble kind of thing. Exactly what Mary said is what came to me as I picked out certain items to wear here that had glitter to them. When you think of how the ascended masters dress, it's pretty razzmatazz. [laughter] So I do believe that this is another way of manifesting. I inherited a belt—I'll wear it tomorrow—that has what look like gold coins all around it. And when I play the tambourine, I at times envision the sound of money coming down. It's such a joyful sound. However, we can add to that this visualization of the money, the gold just pouring down as you hear that sound.

                        I desired to share with you what happened to Roy, my husband, who's here. And I thank you so much for all the love you share with him every time he comes. It means so much to me, and I'm so grateful he's here, even if he's not here here. [laughter] He has a really good heart; however, he does have fear of not having enough, and we've been working a lot with the law of the tithe. I've tithed all my life, and I've tithed even since we've been married. What happened just recently was so phenomenal. During the end of the year, he will give some of our funds to charity. He did that before I even talked to him about it. I just noticed that he did it, and I was impelled to pray about something that I desired to do as an offering to some friends who really required a bit of help. When it comes to things like that it's a joint effort. It's our funds, and we talk about it.

                        So I prayed and I prayed regarding how to address Roy with this. I felt Mother Mary was saying to me, or my own inner being, whatever, “Roy has to make this choice.” And I thought, “Oh, my Lord, I don't know if I can…” One morning I was just so overwhelmed with a desire to present this to him. I really felt it was okay to share. I believe Mother Mary was working with him during the days when I was praying about this, because what happened when we talked was I saw a shift in Roy from fear to love. And when he decided to give this gift, the very next day he had two appraisals. He hasn't had appraisals, any work, for a year and a half, and what he's been doing is selling books on eBay. He buys them for a couple of bucks at an estate sale and then he goes online and sells them. Some of these books you can sell for $50 or $100—they're classics or signed by the author—and he sold a book for $200 that day. So I looked at him and kind of smiled, and he said, “Okay, okay.” [laughter]

                        For me, this was such a great gift to Roy. It was also a gift to me because I know God will manifest. This may even be something for us to work with, thinking that it will happen in the future. This year I'm working on seeing instantaneous manifestations of our givingness. And I also call to Faith, Archeia Faith—that's her name—every time I feel less than full faith that God is providing now everything we need in abundance, as we've never known before, because of the dispensation we've just been given. So wear your gold and your glitter. [laughter, applause]

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  I believe abundance is automatic. It's an automatic thing, just like breathing. So the thing that we get ourselves into is we stop it somehow. That's what we have to look at. It's fear. I see a lot of people comparing themselves to somebody else. Or they say, “Oh, it says in the financial planner that I should have saved X number of dollars by now for my retirement.” That's a biggie. It's always good to do those things, yes. What I'm realizing is, you're living in the Now, and most of us have everything. It's this idea that we don't that throws us off and gets us fearful. What are we going to do tomorrow? What are we going to do five years from now when we retire? That's what you have to give to God. I know that when you do that, it will all work out.

                        I've seen amazing things happen. Both my father and mother didn't have any retirement plans, and they were good people. My dad ended up buying a piece of property for $90,000 and selling it for $1.1 million. It was totally unexpected, and he had his retirement. Things can come from any direction, so I would really like to see all of us manifest prosperity. That's a big reason I've done this prosperity pledge, and everyone has joined with me in The Hearts Center to do it, because it's really walking the talk and being the master. And that's very important. So I'm very grateful to El Morya for his help, and Fortuna. Thank you. [applause]

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  I have to give a testimony on faith. This last year, one of the things that we were looking at is how we were going to pay our bills. Every time I'd turn around and talk to Barbara about it, she'd say, “We don't have the money.” I'd say, “The money will be there; have faith.” And then, lo and behold, the money was there. Every time I go out I say, “What bills need to be paid?” Then I go out in the truck and I start doing my little routine services and, lo and behold, the money is there. Through whatever work or whatever comes up, it seems like the money always magically appears for us to pay our bills. To me, that's a strong representation of what faith is all about. Turn it over to God. Have the faith, and the money will be there for you to survive. [applause]

David:  Great, thank you. Before Wayne begins, I'd like to say, on behalf of Fortuna, that there is a fountain of cosmic abundance that is ever flowing and rightfully yours, each and every one of you. To tap into this fountain, you simply can accept it, love it, cherish it, have a romance with it, expect it and even demand it, if required, with love—not as a forceful crying out in fear; simply as an acceptance that goes to cosmic heights as a fohat or a fiat of light. When you have God in the center of your desire for anything to manifest, that Godness, brought to bear through your love, light and joy, will allow the acceptance and the manifestation of it.

                        So we just have to be better acceptors. Better manifestors are better acceptors. And the key is joy. Fortuna is one of the most joyous masters in the cosmos. She has a perpetual smile on her face, which is the givingness of God—like my wife. It's almost painted on her face, yet it's not contrived; it is real. It is beautiful. It is the Mona Lisa of heaven smiling [“The Mona Mona.”] The Mona Mona. [laughter] So believe in Fortuna's gift of givingness and accept it and it is there—not will be there; it is there. Will we do this? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Will we really do this? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Do you accept it? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Are you it? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

                        [Audience affirms with David:] I AM, I AM, I AM my abundance now. I AM, I AM, I AM my abundance now. I AM, I AM, I AM my abundance now. Amen.

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