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Zarathustra      December 27, 2010

Beloved Zarathrustra
David Christopher Lewis
December 27, 2010   8:50-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

You Must Become the Fire!
In Your True Essence You Are God's Light Manifest unto a World

Fiery Spirits of the One,
            I come to impress within your heart a new fire whereby you may aspire to God through the virtue of his love contained within that light.
            I breathe in the sacred fire from the throne of the Divine One, the Maxin light, [which] is effused throughout the cosmos as the manifestation of his fiery nature. And I breathe out that fire through my being into you, each one, so that you may be impelled higher in fire this day.
            Any and all who require a new level of transmutation within their lives can breathe in this fire. For, blessed ones, though you may mouth words and give those prayers to the violet fire, in order for the highest level of transmutation to occur you must become that fire, you see. It is one thing to call upon the light and the fire to do its perfect work, and yet it is another to enter into that fire like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, whereby they became one with that fire and the perfect work of transmutation occurred.
            Yes, allow the burning bush to be where you are, whereby you enter into a new level of holiness unto the Lord. Some of you have simply forgotten your true nature as fiery beings, and so I come this day to remind you that in your true essence you are God's light manifest unto a world. And through the fire that God embedded within your threefold flame you have access to his allness, to his essence, to his true beingness. For God is a consuming fire!
            And what is consumed within God's fire? you may ask. Isn't God the All in all? What is left to be consumed? Well, blessed ones, it is you! Yes, it is you that must be consumed—your lower nature, your ego self, the you [that] is not you, which you have accommodated time and time again, which does nothing, nothing, I say, for you in the ultimate destiny of your soul as spirit-fire, for your attainment of your highest desire.
            Why, even desire is an aspect of God's fire. For when you truly desire with a pure God-ideal what is virtuous and best for your soul, you enter into the fire of God, because God is pure fire, is pure desire. And God's siring of you, God's birthing of you in the beginning was for the purpose of your enfiring as a God-conscious one through a reality born of your experience into the perfectionment of his will, wisdom and love.
            Any of you who have studied the science of metallurgy and the science of the kiln understand the very nature of this enfiring process whereby the dross is dissolved and what is true and real is perfected in eternality. Unless that chaff is consumed, the weeds may grow within you, stifling the true seed of light, the plant who you are, and you may not give birth to the fruit of your highest potential. And yet when the tares are consumed, then, blessed ones, you may be more fruitful and you may seed the Earth with your essence of God beingness. You may cast and sow many seeds far and wide because each of these will be of the highest DNA from your God Self. And that which you plant consciously will give root and then give fruit and abide forever in the highest regions of cosmic space as your Solar essence, your fiery nature. 
            In ancient Persia I abided. And there is a record in that region, which now is called Iran, extending into Iraq, of my teaching and the fire that I deposited deep within the Earth for disciples of the future to ingest and to become. As I entered into the sun of even pressure within the Earth, as the Buddha of the Ruby Ray has, to discern the very fiery nature of this planet at its core, I became that fire.
            And therefore I am Zarathustra. And I thrust forth that fire into your soul as a new seed ideation of God beingness whereby as you breathe it in day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, you may discover the fiery nature of the Divine and merge fully with that God essence.
            I purge you this day! I brand you this day! I seize that from your electronic belt that you offer the angels of transmutation. And in return I give you my fire, my love for your victory in this life.
            [Master chants:]

            OW OW [chanted repetitively]
            The branding is complete, if you accept it. Now know your God Reality and be fire in embodiment. I thank you.

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