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Maitreya      December 06, 2010

Beloved Matreiya
David C. Lewis
December 6, 2010  7:40-7:55 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                          Maitreya's Inner Work with Meru University Students of
                                                   Course #1009, Cycles of Cosmic Confluence

                Beloved ones, in great gratitude to the heart of the master, the Great Divine Director, I come this morning to impress upon your minds, through your hearts, a radiance of joy, cosmic expectancy and holy élan that I pray will move you into an even higher field of conscious presence of blessedness and attunement with your God Presence such that every gift that you desire, every offering of virtue from the very bosom of God may be yours instantaneously because you are trued within your soul to the Oversoul of the great Beloved. 
            As you have been studying the inner science of cosmic astrology, I have been working with your Higher Selves to incorporate within the deepest recesses of your subconscious, seeds of light and elements of God-possibilities that, when watered through your devotion, your constancy and your attention upon divine things, will bring to bear within your world great new joy, gifts of the Spirit, and avenues of constructive living through your sacred labor that will bring great boon, great blessing to the world around you. 
            This process begins, dearest ones, first within your vision as an ideal that may be accomplished that you see as a present reality manifest within you that simply requires a birthing process to unleash its power, its flow, its love. Each time that you engage in any spiritual science such as you have most lovingly in a community spirit done this morning, a new light dawns upon Earth within the etheric plane, within the great subconscious of many hearts. And we, the ascended masters, use these frequencies to illumine, to awaken and to enliven thousands of your holy brothers and sisters across this planet who yet may remain at some level of samsaric sleep and yet require only a gentle touch through our wands of light to ennoble them unto a higher purpose, a spiritual life of great joy.
                Each time that you consciously offer self to the great God Self, there I am working through the Logos and the Word that captures the essences that you offer to the Divine One and distributes them in myriad ways with great God-glory as a holy blessing unto all life. The nature kingdom always feels these impressions and boons, and it is time that mankind en masse begin also to raise their hearts to the point of being sensitive enough to feel the nurturing and nourishing frequencies of God's heart.
                Yes, dearest hearts, each Monday you may enter into a love fest and a love quest with your Source, "O God, how will your love flow through me this day? Allow it, O holy One, to go forth untrammeled without the coloration of my own human consciousness to bless others. O Lord, let me live within your love-light even as I drink in the poetry of the cosmic harmony of diurnal worlds, the spinning of great galaxies of light that send forth unto many hearts and worlds the impressions of your solar joy. O Lord, let love be on my lips. Let love be spoken within every breath. Let love engage me in the highest work and service this day. For, O my Beloved, I feel the pulsation of your heart fire, and I would allow it to be felt by all whom I can touch with a kiss of peace, a caress of comfort, a smile of intimate understanding." 
            Dearest ones, my Buddhic Presence may be yours instantly when you utter these words or others that you compose from your heart as a tone poem of your own inner embellishment of the Spirit through the Word flowing through you as a creative spirit-spark of the One. The understanding of all cosmic cycles of confluence may be cognized through the heart which knows eternally God's graces and the workings of the Spirit in and through the science of love-wisdom in this age. 
            Gautama lovingly recreates the world each day. Have you entered his mind and heart to experience that New Earth that exists as you arise and awaken to the dawn, I ask? It is a simple spiritual practice that I suggest that you engage in with the great God-Buddha to allow the frequencies that are unique for today to abide in stillness within you for a few moments before you engage your minds, your bodies in the activities of the morning. This time of inner peace will allow cosmic quintessences of archangelic and seraphic light to feed your soul, to bathe you in soulfulness. It is the very stuff of heaven that when assimilated through conscious presence nurtures even the soul of humanity through one and one and one who are one with the Great One in that moment of silent contemplation and meditation upon the All.
                Every act of kindness we see and feel, every joyous extension of your heart through service creates a new world-consciousness through your presence, your co-creativity and the snowflake of purity of motive that flows from your heart as a free-will gift to all. Light, give birth this day to Gautama's new world spirit. Light, go forth this day to raise the Earth in sacred fire. Light, penetrate into the darkest caverns of human thought and feeling and the untoward emotions of the not-self, and let each soul be free, unshackled of darkness from delusion to know the presence of peace and the possibility of love manifest now.
                I am Maitreya. I steer the ship, and yet I require many to unfurl the sail, to keep the watch and to rise before the dawn to observe the great sun blazing across the waters with me. Be those sunbeams and sun-beings and know who you are always in Buddha light. I thank you.

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