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Victory      December 03, 2010

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
December 3, 2010   8:40-8:51 am  MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Mighty Victory Seals The Hearts Center's 33-day Vigil for the Economy

Hail! Sons and Daughters of God!
             I am here in Livingston, Montana to affirm the reality of your victory in God-love this day! For we have fulfilled the mandate of the Lord in this 33-day vigil, and even this morning by the grace of God one heartfriend has donated $10,000 to your cause! [Audience applauses.] Dearest ones, this is a manifestation of victory for your movement and for the word which will go forth in coming days and years.
            Now in this hour I create a ring of angelic victory around every heartfriend who has participated in this alchemy of the spirit. Each and every one of you is assigned an angel of victory to assist you in fulfilling your pledge, blessed ones. And those of you who have not yet signed that document will receive your angel when you have done so.
            My angels now also circumambulate these United States of America in this hour. And a ring of victory is established such that a new divine economy may be given birth. And so it is in this very moment that each and every one of my angels open a crystal egg of light. And within it is a seed that is embedded with a manifestation of divine light from the octaves of heaven. And the angels now plant these seeds within the earth itself. And though this is not springtime upon your earth [in the northern hemisphere], yet, dearest ones, in the etheric octaves there is a perpetual spring. And within this crystal environment this seed now takes root. And when all is fulfilled as the flowering of this seed many gardens of light established within the earth will bring forth abundance and grace. And you will see a new co-creativity, a new view of life, a new way dawning within the consciousness of the people of this nation that is indicative of the fire of victory manifest through those wakened spirits.
            Turn to the sun, [and see] each one [of your brothers and sisters of light as] almost a human sunflower, giving deference to their Source seeking in all ways that which they may fulfill each day in manifesting greater God-consciousness, presence and love. So, you, blessed ones, as sunflowers of the Lord, may stand firm in your resolve to anchor this light through your ongoing contribution of Selfhood to the cause of the Brotherhood of Light. For it requires a daily manifestation of givingness in some way for this new economy to fully be fulfilled within the earth.
             Some of you have read the Ringing Cedars books.¹  And I, Mighty Victory, recommend that those who have not secure them immediately and read from cover to cover—from the first to the ninth—each and every one of these volumes. For you will see within them the spirit of victory working through the mystic, Anastasia. And when her vision and her message goes forth, is received by, assimilated by, and revered by many more within this nation, dearest ones, you will see these seeds fulfilled in these gardens of light manifest everywhere which will themselves create the sense of abundance within the consciousness of this people. This will manifest as a new economy of the age dawning of Aquarius!
            Therefore, dearest hearts, consider your purpose this day, what you have been called by God to bring forth as that abundance from your own Causal Body. Make it real and final in the world in which you live and not in some way deferring it to some future existence in another plane of being outside this realm. Anchor here, here, here the love, the wisdom and the power of God through your work and service. This, through your conscious application, will allow many more to take up this cause and to see to it that the new architecture of the age, the new economy of America, the new way of holiness will be the norm amongst the lives of every man, woman and child who will then assist in fulfilling the destiny of America as a land of light and freedom.
            I am grateful to those of you who have caught that vision and who in some way each day are attempting to make it a reality. Keep on keeping on, blessed hearts, for we, the angels of Victory, will be with you in your work and service. 
And now that one of my angels is assigned to you, you will have no excuse to any longer embody anything less than the victory consciousness. We have heard the musings of some who have been concerned [about] the economy of this movement itself, within the leadership. Blessed ones, if you spent one minute of time standing and affirming the victory of the divine economy of this movement it would wipe clean any doubt or fear that you will not have the abundance that you require, do you see?
             And therefore, when in some sense you are tempted to bemoan or think of the current state of affairs as less than perfect or beautiful or effulgent, stand and affirm in the I Am Name:

             “Victory is here. For I have his angel at my side and by the grace of God, Victory will fulfill
             the divine economy of both this movement and my personal economy and of these United
             States and every nation of God upon earth.”

            Will you do this, blessed ones? [Audience replies, “Yes!”] I thank you for your holy resolve. And now I depart back to Venus, for there are other devotees who require my assistance there and on other worlds which we touch, moment by moment, with God's light of victory, victory, victory! I thank you.

1. The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre, published by Ringing Cedars Press. All nine volumes are available for sale in our Hearts Center's on-line store.

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