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Archangels of the Five Secret Rays      November 29, 2010

Beloved Archangels and Archeiai of the Five Crystal (Secret) Rays  
David Christopher Lewis
November 29, 2010   8:56-9:53 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Change Is the Order of the Day

Allow the Archangels and the Archeiai to Move through You
and You Will See a New Transformation Dawning

            We the Archangels and Archeiai of the Five Secret Rays stand forth now within Saint Louis and we arc light north, south, east and west and in every direction to fulfill the mandate of heaven that this Earth shall manifest the kingdom of God where we are and where you are, O spirits divine.
            From this point, near the heart chakra of America, we choose this day to focus the light and create a flowfield whereby that which God has seen as the divine destiny of this nation will be fulfilled, [heart, head and hand,] through those who understand the sacred processes [by which] the eternal light may abide within the realms of mankind.
            You have afforded us entrée into your dimension by your prayers this day. And so through a crystal stream of holy beingness, we deliver this energy into every aspect of the economy of this nation. And divine solutions will arise through many hearts, and in certain arenas there will be the dissolution of age-old patterns that are not of the Christ.
            So you will see a continuing manifestation of this dynamic, blessed ones. And lest it bring turmoil within your own world, understand that at the cusp of an age, change is the order of the day. And in the self-transformation process, a new metamorphosis of the spirit is occurring as the old gives way to the new.
            Call to the Great Divine Director and his beloved to envelop the Earth in sacred fire each day. For we lend the resources of our Christic beings, our crystal fires through this great holy being so that the eternal plan of God may manifest. Yes, dearest ones, as you keep the vision for a new world of hope and glory, so it is!
            Our work will continue throughout this day, even working with the subconscious of many of you who know not that there yet dwells and lurks within you anomalies that have allowed your consciousness to accept lesser manifestations than the light of God that we know. This will be, as it were, a type of cosmic surgery. And if you allow the archangels and the archeiai, whom we are, to move through you, to caress you and to envelop you in light, so you will see a new transformation dawning this day that will eventually result in the [manifestation of the] new you that you seek and desire within your Solar essence. The process must begin somewhere, and therefore this day it begins here.
            Purusha. The Holy Spirit is with you. Purusha. The crystal spirit of light abides within those who breathe in God and breathe out all that is less than God. So we have come and focused our rays within the Earth. And in this wise, the Earth is raised in sacred fire. We thank you.


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