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Angel Deva of the Jade Temple      November 24, 2010

Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple
David C. Lewis
November 24, 2010   8:47-9:02 am  MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

So long as You have the Pneuma of the Holy Spirit
Pulsing through your Lungs, You have All

            I am the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple. And I come this day to anchor the light from the East to the West for the victory of your collective mission in this hour to garner greater light energies from heaven's octaves for your use and for their distribution as teaching, as light and as the holy energies and frequencies of the spirit vouchsafed to you to offer humanity for the victory of God-truth in this age.
            Dearest ones, as you engage heaven in your affairs, so the Lord God and his emissaries come and infuse the radiance of that spirit into your plane and dimension, whereby there is always left within the sphere of Earth traces of this cosmic light-energy within akasha and within your own body temples, if you choose to both accept them, assimilate them and then use them for the holy purposes of the One.
            These tracings of light may contain, as you focus upon the emerald ray, essences of jade and emerald light, deposited within the cellular structure of your higher bodies and even within your physical temple as you engage, through the inbreath and the outbreath, in nurturing your own Selfhood through these cosmic substances of light. Yes, I say that those who have engaged in solar gazing already feel an increase in the solar radiance of their energy field and within the channels of Selfhood, as they are able to ingest the golden particles from the sun through the alchemy of their gaze, their witness and [their] divine respiration.
            So blessed ones, as you engage in this thirty-three day alchemy, realize that greater and greater abundance may be yours for the asking simply through the daily affair of your attention upon presence and the yogic practices of pranic breathing. Do not forget that this is where the rubber meets the road, where God is present within you through that cosmic inbreath; [for] the very energies from the altar of the One may be yours when you feel the impressions of that spiritual fire within the very molecules of selfhood—breathing in and breathing out God and only God; breathing in and breathing out light and only light; breathing in and breathing out all of the divine virtues and quintessences from angelic and archangelic levels of perfection.
            Yes, dearest ones, this is true abundance, this is true grace. And it is always yours everywhere to ingest, to know and to use in your spiritual practices. On the morrow, you shall count your blessings and give thanks to God, to one another and to all sentient life for that which gives you life and all that you require to maintain that life upon earth. Dearest ones, life itself is the greatest gift that you have [as well as] the opportunity to vibrate in a frequency of freedom in your free-will experience. You may have all the possessions that some desire in the physical octave, and yet all of these are as naught compared to the gift of life and movement and opportunity itself. Therefore, no matter what your physical state of opulence or lack thereof, realize that, in truth, so long as your heart is beating, so long as you have the pneuma of the Holy Spirit pulsing through your lungs then, blessed ones, you have all, for you have access to the very beingness of God through your life and the energy field surrounding you.
            Yes, count your blessings day by day and realize that as you engage God in your affairs, so God engages you in his. And all spiritual graces, all that you require to fulfill the mandates of heaven are present within the ether that is all around you at all times, everywhere. Yes, dearest ones, just as any master of precipitation has honored this principle and drawn forth from universal substance the energy required to fulfill the work at hand, so you, as a conscious son or daughter, also have this opportunity and mastery, if you choose to engage in it with us.
            So in this hour I increase within their auric field the abundance of those who have honored God through great givingness and self sacrifice. A spiral of light precipitated from the very jade within my temple is yours, dearest hearts, as you call it forth, visualize it and accept it within your realm. When you wear jade, then there can be a crystallization of greater God-healing, energy and abundance drawn to you in a magnetic current of solar fire. This is the law of beingness and of the One.
            And for those who engage God in the disciplines of your own life through balancing your own ledgers, through living within your means and through giving God the glory for everything that you accomplish and that passes through your life, the All-abundance of the One will always be at your beck and call, at hand for you to use, dearest ones. Every master knows this. Every adept has fulfilled it in their life.
            And so, you too can choose to master yourself, to master your energies and the substance vouchsafed to you and even the talents that the Lord has embedded within your lifestream itself. Use them to magnify God, to magnify good, to magnify the abundance of everyone who comes within your purview, who comes within your life, such that when all is fulfilled and your last breath rises on wings of light, ascending to the heart of God, an honorable record may be left in your Book of Life of that which you have accomplished and have emanated through a consciousness wed to God. And as your new life in the heavens proceeds, you will smile the smile of gladness, for the Lord God will have affirmed your oneness with him, because you have given the greatest gift of all to him—your very life, your love and your hope for that eternal state of beingness.
            I deliver fire, spiritual fire, into the economy of this land as you have called it forth. May all come into alignment with the crystallization of the highest essences within the Holy City of heaven now descending to earth through the conscious ones who will manifest a new economy of the spirit, a new architecture of light, a new infrastructure of beingness throughout this culture and civilization because they have accepted the virtues of God within them, the truths of the living ones, who know who they are as God-beings.
            So I have come and delivered my message. And I am grateful for you who are grateful to me. And in this equation—not of duplicity, nor duality, but of our oneness in this tai-chi harmonic of perfect beingness in divine polarity— we will remain each other's divine lover. And so it is and I sing to your soul my love call for you now. Amen.

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