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Peter Deunov      November 21, 2010

Beloved Peter Deunov
David Christopher Lewis
November 21, 2010   9:00-9:19 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Phoenix Heartfriends Group


The Blossoming of Your Soul Is Essential
Our Collective Purpose May Be Fulfilled as Each One Blossoms

I See Your Hearts Centers as Potential Sun Cities
Set Your Seal upon Fulfilling Your Own Part in the Mandala of the Spirit

Gracious Hearts,
            I am here and within your hearts to speak on the blossoming of the human soul as it relates to the divine Oversoul of God. Each and every one of you [is] experiencing in this time a gradual increase in your ability to retain and to emanate light—the light of your Solar Presence—and all of the qualities and virtues that that light manifests: love, wisdom, truth, justice and the very power of virtue itself.
            As you have studied the eternal truths of the Universal Brotherhood, as you have attempted to implement the strategies of divine light within your life and being, you have garnered greater essences of the Spirit such that you now feel day by day this enlightenment process, this blossoming of your soul with greater clarity and conscious awareness. As you continue with your studies, with your efforts to engage in self-mastery, the Master Omraam and I will suffuse our Presence through the crystal of your own Selfhood, just as the Christ consciousness that we bear in our higher spiritual bodies (and [which] I often spoke of to my disciples as essential to their spiritual path) is here for you always as you are able to meditate upon this Presence and benefit by the rays of glory emanating from it.
            Many of you have begun a new venture as you have engaged in the sciences of light that we have spoken of. And these have augmented that which you have previously learned through other dispensations, which are actually part of a greater whole of the collective of the Brotherhood's reach through many streams. That which I saw clearly coming upon the Earth is ensuing. And the great earthquake that I spoke of, descending from the north, that would change Europe permanently is, blessed ones, occurring—partly through [the work of] your dispensation and through the work done by the devotees in Scandinavia. [It is the result of] the work of the messenger and other disciples in Europe, the continuing spiritual practices of those of the many schools that have been begun by our efforts, and the [awareness] of those who are conscious of the plan at hand and of each one's part in securing a position of light where they abide [by embodying] the divine precepts and holy virtues through their lives.
            Each and every one of you has the capability of manifesting greater adeptship by your conscious choice to engage heaven in your affairs. Through self-development of the shining qualities of the rays of light from your own Sun-Source, your casual body manifesting through your awareness, the Christic prismatic frequencies of that Christ consciousness may ever be yours to shine forth as a blessing and boon to thousands and millions upon Earth.
            This activity in the West, in America, was long foreseen by my own disciple.¹ And so he set his feet, as I did, upon American soil to establish seeds of light wherever he walked. And together, with you, we are engaging in a new and current aspect of the Brotherhood's plan. We are pleased with your Meru University classes, with the opportunity for us to touch upon those cosmic ideals which are yet dear to us [and] that may be embraced by many of you in your work. And so this divine effulgence that we bear is increasing and is manifesting in many arenas of activity through the conscious ones who put aside the ego and any sense of ownership of the specificity of the plan, through any [particular] movement, to realize the universal approach to beingness and a spirit of holy camaraderie within community—the greater community of light in the etheric plane descending into matter.
            Yes, the blossoming of your soul is essential. For as each one opens up to the eternal verities of light, the great garden of the Lord is felt and known, and the virtues of each one's radiance are spread across the ethers. Imagine with me thousands enlightened, bringing forth rays of the Spirit, sending them forth to every hamlet and home in every community and how this will be the catalyst for a new golden age, [which] each and every one of you has envisioned and has set forth the seal of your intent upon through your life lived to the glory of God.
            The Christ consciousness is what allows you to bud as a Buddha-being, dearest ones. For when that Christ Presence is enabled and is ennobled within you, then the true nature of your Higher Self unfolds naturally in all of its beauty, and you truly become a human saint while yet living upon the Earth, feeling the Lord's love, wisdom, truth, justice and virtue at all times [and] emanating the fire and the frequencies of the sun through the battery of your own soul's experience in matter. Thus, our collective purpose may be fulfilled as each and every one realizes [his] true potential and blossoms in this holy way.
            As you read the words of the Master Omraam daily, I am there—emanating through those words inspired upon him—behind the scenes. And as you choose to go back further in time to read the translated messages that I gave in Europe, you may also receive certain particles of this Christ essence, [which] will complement all that my holy disciple conveyed to many upon Earth.
            Yes, I see your Hearts Centers as potential Sun-Cities. And yet there is much more work to be done in establishing libraries, meeting halls [and] places of worship and [in] providing the resources for hundreds in your environs to receive the benefit of both our teachings and your current revelations. All of this is a part of the plan. And when you set your seal, through your intent, upon fulfilling your own part in the mandala of the Spirit, then you will begin to see greater growth, activity, abundance and joy; [for it] is truly the responsibility of each one [to play his] part [in] bring[ing] this plan to fruition. Relegating any aspect of this responsibility to another without first pouring your heart and soul into what you see as essential can only mean a delay of this birth process and the blossoming of all souls in light.
            Therefore consider today, through a new view, through a higher lens of beingness, what you can offer the Solar Lords, the Christic ones as, a community of light, we attempt to anchor this plan tangibly in a number of cities and communities. Some of you have held back; others have given with overflowing joy and gratitude, having received so much and feeling the impulse, through that grateful heart, to engage heaven in givingness and love.
            In this season of thanksgiving, pause to consider the greater architecture of this plan of which I have spoken and see if you can sense and feel and cognize exactly what, through your life lived in holy purpose, you may offer as a great God-gift to the Universal One in securing a new heavenly station upon Earth through a humble heart, through a gentle spirit, through a compassionate mien and through the graces that will flow because you have surrendered to the highest and know that God blesses all in this process.
            I thank you for your listening ears, your respectful soul and the gentility and grace of your personhood as God- beings, men and women of virtue always. I thank you.

1.  The Master is referring here to Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, one of his principal disciples whom he sent to France to spread the teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood. While in physical embodiment, the Master Omraam taught for nearly 50 years in France and as he traveled throughout the world.

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