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Padre Pio      October 11, 2010

Beloved Padre Pio
David C. Lewis
October 11, 2010   12:10-12:23 pm local time
2010 Chile Pilgrimage
The Blessing of the Seventh Age of Freedom:
Saint Germain Speaks on Behalf of the Holy Family
Santiago, Chile

Maintain the Sense of Your Own Holiness Even When
You Do Not Feel Holy or Worthy to Be a Saint
I Give You an Essence of Concentrated Ruby Love

Precious Hearts,
            I extend a ray, a ruby ray, from my heart and from my sanctuary of light over San Giovanni, Italy to you here and to the focus of light of Saint Teresa de los Andes. When you travel to this shrine of light, you may feel an action of divine love that is the selfsame love that saints such as Saint Teresa have demonstrated in their heart's union with God's heart. You may know the story that she was a very young girl when she felt the calling to dedicate her life and heart to Jesus, to the Lord, and was only nineteen when she passed from this world.
            I can tell you that each and every one who has entered into the mystical union with the sacred heart of Jesus, as we have, with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as we have, and with the purple fiery heart of Saint Joseph, your Saint Germain, as we have, [has] received many, many graces, blessings and the bestowal of such great a fiery love that transcends this world, that transforms every moment of our lives to be one of sanctity, one of holiness, one of continually yearning only for God within us.
            I see within your hearts, dear ones, this same yearning for your own inner union with God. And I urge you to keep on keeping on in the science of divine love, learning of ruby love and the intensification of this love within your hearts such that you sublimate all human desires that are untoward and unworthy of your highest Self toward the supreme sacrifice that manifests as a new level of givingness whereby the living light of your own inner saintliness may emerge as your heart is wed to God, as your life has new meaning in living at this level of saintly love.
            Each of you may have a story of how in your youth a particular saint or person represented for you the ideal of godliness. And you then strove to fulfill some aspect of the virtues embodied within that one that you saw clearly. You felt the energy of the presence of that one when you prayed or called to him. And you felt the upsurge of light within your heart of a new way of love because this one had gone forth before you and shown such great light and love as to light the way for you to follow.
            I am here to tell you, blessed ones, that many souls look to you to do the same that we have done. They are depending on you and their resolution will come into greater outer manifestation because they will see the light of your aura, of your example, of your beingness. In a sense, my light and the light of every saint is extended through your heart to all whom you will touch in your life. And so it is that this same ongoingness of the Spirit manifests generation to generation through those who follow the lead of the Lord, the example of God-good and who then, walking up the spiral staircase of light of the initiatic path, reach the summit of being and then can extend light-rays of holiness to many.
            Your ascension may be fulfilled at the close of this or the next life. And yet, the ongoingness of the rays of light from your highest Self will continue to flow in many realms far beyond your wildest imagination into the future and even into the past when you are fulfilled in God, when you realize your oneness, blessed ones.
            There is great joy in heaven that many of you are merging more and more with your Higher Self each day through your study, through your spiritual practice, through the gentleness and kindnesses that flow through your heart in many ways. Keep on keeping on in this way, for thereby you are leaving footprints in the sands of time for many who are following you, depending on you, looking to you as a shining light, as a true example of God-love, of divine love, of virtuous love.
            Even as you have received the blessing of the oil from the heart of Mother Mary and the Maha Chohan, so I extend an inner oil unto each and every one of you that is infused deep within the secret chamber of your heart that you may know, feel and even smell the aroma of in your times of inner communion, meditation, contemplation. When you contact the highest point of God-love within your heart, then this oil will flow outward through all of your senses to embellish, through the graces of the Holy Spirit, all that you do in your life. It is an essence of concentrated ruby love that I give you this day because of your past and your present devotion to God.
            This transfer is now complete to each one. Maintain the sense of your own holiness, blessed hearts, even when at times you do not feel holy or worthy to be a saint. I tell you that you are all worthy sons and daughters of God. The not-self is never worthy, and yet, the Real Self of you is always worthy to be acclaimed, to be believed and to be fully accepted as the true you, as the real Son or Daughter of God who you are. Look to this. Feel this integrity, this special essence of your own virtue and godliness and then nothing will ever take away that inner sense of joy and beauty that is the Real you, dear ones.
            This is my blessing, this is my bestowal, this is the essence of my ruby love provided for each one of you today. I thank you.

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