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Hercules      October 11, 2010

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
October 11, 2010   11:41-11:55 am  MDT
Chile Pilgrimage 2010
The Blessing of the Seventh Age of Freedom:
Saint Germain Speaks on Behalf of the Holy Family
Santiago, Chile 

  A Clearance of Ancient Lemurian Records
Play the Music of the Elohim and Master the Seven Rainbow Rays in Your World!

            Yes, I descend and I am here! And I anchor the light of God-power here in the South! And I anchor the light from our retreat in California to the light of Amazonia within the Amazon basin. And through this arc of light there is created a rainbow fire, not only of the first ray, but of all seven, blessed ones. And this for the purpose of a cosmic conflagration that will result in the transmutation of records of Lemuria going back eighty-thousand years in time. This is awesome to consider, that the work that you have done and the harmony that you have shown and the prayers that have been given during this class, as well as during previous conferences, has resulted in a dispensation of light whereby these records antedating known history through your textbooks is being consumed by the power of the Elohim!
            Blessed hearts, therefore, the mighty gnomes gather. The salamanders gather. The sylphs gather and the undines gather in a perfect formation of light at our command. And they weave their way deep within the earth, both in the Fire Ring and upon the shores of South America and in the interior of the Amazon basin and where civilizations have perverted the light and debased that light, there is now the burning through, the burning through, the burning through of those records! And by the action of light and the permission of the Karmic Board and by the power of the Word anchored through me there is the consuming of these records now and a lifting of a great weight that is deep within the earth within that Fire Ring and upon this continent.
            And you will feel within your own four lower bodies a certain lifting of personal karmas that have been imbedded within your electronic belt for these eighty-thousand years, those of you who lived upon that continent and who may have in any way misused the light of God. For you see, concurrent with this action there is the transmutation of these personal records within you, blessed hearts. And this is the miracle of God! This is the miracle of the joy of self-mastery of the Elohim!
            For we have permission, because we are the creators of worlds, to uncreate those elements of these worlds that are no longer required or needed upon this sphere, for mankind has become more enlightened and through that enlightened self-awareness has risen beyond the states of ignorance to now embrace a state of enlightenment and freedom. And therefore, we free you, blessed ones, from this dark domain of the past of your own ignorance. And we liberate you to a new world of immortal victory in the light! [Applause.]
            The seven songs composed by our son, Robert Resetar, who has within his causal body and within his ancestry elements of the native peoples, performs a cosmic action of light whenever they are played. And so, you may never have heard this music before today. And yet you felt the stirring within your being of a cosmic activity at the Elohimic level of consciousness that indicates the very power of God anchored in form through this music. And so it is, with each and every one of the seven compositions of this son of God. When the CD is released of all seven, there will be an amazing action of light wherever all seven are played, one after the other, blessed hearts.
            And so, I urge each and every one of you when this CD is released, to purchase it and to play it often in your homes, in your vehicles, in your offices and out in nature itself, for the very action of the light of each of the seven of us, the creators of worlds, will again manifest through both the music and the voices of the singers, through the rhythm and through the melody, through the harmony and through every portal of light that is opened through the self-mastery exhibited within these compositions. For there are certain cosmic patterns, crystallizations of light energy embedded within the music itself, inspired upon the composer that are indicative of the vibration of creation itself, blessed hearts.
            And one day, when all seven of these compositions are ready in their instrumental form, we will inspire this messenger to lead a meditation on the seven days of creation. And we will anchor through his voice and through the words of that meditation a cosmic action of light that is both the creation of worlds and the uncreation of the not-world that you have allowed to manifest upon this earth since the first seven days, the long epochs, as those days of the Creation itself. 
            For you see, blessed ones, also woven within these harmonies are the transmutative effects of the light that uncreate that which is not of God and then recreate the world again and again in a new and higher image of light through the transcendence of your own self-realization of that light within your worlds. Within the giving of each prayer to the Elohim, you can commune with us and realize something of our selfhood in God as crystalline beings of starfire light. And when, through great intention and love, you say the words of these prayers with great harmony, appreciation of God and devotion to the one light, there arises within you a sacred-fire energy from the base to the crown of your being. And you weave a colorful auric field throughout your being that itself is indicative of your own Christ-essence.
            For you know that Jesus, embodied as Joseph, wore that coat of many colors. This was a symbol of his self-mastery of the seven rays, even in that embodiment. And he carried this forth through his embodiments as Joshua and Yeshua or your own Issa or Jesus. And you, blessed ones, may take his cue, his example and become these Christed ones yourself, wearing the plumage of the self-mastery of the seven rays within your auric field and manifesting that perfect alignment of your chakras, the color of the frequencies of these rays in harmony and balance within you.
            And when you have completed this sacred work, you, like Jesus, will simply be lifted off of the earth in your own ascension. And you will glorify God, give praise to God for the sacred work of the Lord within you. It is the natural progression of life to move from the first to the seventh rays without any disparity, without any inharmony, without any interference. It is simply the natural cycle of nature itself to move from the beginning to the end in harmony.
            And when you live in harmony, blessed ones, then the harmony of that white ray refracted into all seven rays naturally manifests through your conscious awareness and you live in great joy, knowing that God is present within you and that the light of God is reflected and refracted through all of your elements, through all of your being, through all of your higher bodies and your lower bodies.
            The message of the Elohim today, mankind, is to move forward and create good karma such that we will not have to come again and erase these old records of negative karma! And in the joy of self-mastery, the only karma that will ensue from this day forward will be gifts and blessings, boons and benevolence to all life through a joyful life lived fully in light! Will you do this, blessed hearts, for us? [Audience responds, "Yes!", "Si!"] Then let the sacred work of the New Age begin in earnest through each and every one of you who in this hour of great joy, spontaneity and effervescent love praise God as you stand upon your feet, lift your hands up to the sun of your own Presence and say with me:

I am whole! (I am whole!)
I am victorious! (I am victorious!)
I am the sun! (I am the sun!)
I am the One! (I am the One!)
And I live in light! (And I live in light!)
And I live in joy! (And I live in joy!)
And I live in love, (And I live in love,)
Forevermore! (forevermore!)
O my God! (O my God!)
For, I love you, (For I love you!)
I love you, (I love you,)
I love you! (I love you!)
And we are one!  (And we are one!)

            So be it by your words. The records are erased and a new record of cosmic joy is created. Play it, sing it and be it. Amen.

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