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Zadkiel      October 10, 2010

Beloved Zadkiel
David C. Lewis
October 10, 2010   12:04-12:16 pm  local time
The Blessing of the Seventh Age of Freedom:
Saint Germain Speaks on Behalf of the Holy Family
Santiago, Chile

                                                 I Send Violet Waves of Freedom to South America
   The Seven Archangels Implant Electrodes of Light for the Seventh Age of Freedom upon South America

            I, Zadkiel, stand within my retreat at the central altar of the violet flame and simultaneously above the messenger here in Santiago with you, dear hearts. And in a 360 degree array of light in a circumference of fire I radiate rays of violet fire to clean now this earth beneath your feet and the atmosphere above you in violet fire! And there is the transfer of a cosmic energy of the light of freedom here such that every man, woman and child may know of what he or she is made! For within the gift of free will is that light of freedom to be God in manifestation!
            You have witnessed the earthquake earlier this year¹ and seen the devastation and the results of the shifting of the earth beneath you. In this hour, blessed ones, I deliver violet light, waves of energy deep within the earth to seal various fissures and cracks going down many miles such that there may be a mitigation of any future earth movements that could cause a greater destruction in the Andes Mountains to the peoples of this nation and other nations in South America.
            And simultaneously with this action, there is through the gift of light, because of your invocations and rosaries, the transmutation of certain ancient records of darkness that have resulted in these quakes. Therefore, this is a cosmic action allowed by the Lord God and the Lords of Karma and outpictured by the archangels as an intercessory activation of light that you may also, blessed hearts, allow to occur again and again as you replay this heartstream, preferably once a week, in your Hearts Center or in your homes after it is made available to you. For it is a dispensation, it is a grace from heaven because of the work that you have done, the preparation for the coming of the messenger and all of the love that you have shared and the joy that you have felt in one another's presence here that is the beginning of a new dispensation here in South America that ultimately will result in future months and years in a great conflagration of sacred fire, in teaching going forth in the Spanish language and also eventually in Brazil in Portuguese.
            And you will see, blessed hearts, a new energy, a new light, a new life-frequency that will be transferred heart to heart. And new joy will come because I have come this day to be with you. Michael has come and Gabriel has come. And both have cleared the way for this action of light. And we, the seven archangels, stand now around this nation from top to bottom, along the Andes Mountains. And point by point, mile by mile, we extend cosmic radiance and implant within the earth electrodes of light for the seventh age of freedom upon this continent.
            It is a cosmic activity reserved for the archangels and authorized by the Lord God this day. Now there is a great tide of light coming both from the East and the West that culminates here in a washing clean of this entire nation before you, blessed hearts. And my angels will continue this action throughout the duration of this conference and also until every one of those miners are lifted out of the earth and set free upon the crust of the earth once more.
            It is no coincidence that this messenger and the entourage from North America and from Europe have come during this time, for you see this action of freedom could only fully manifest by the light of freedom that we bear. And so all of the prayers that have gone forth even before this event have resulted in the safeguarding of these individuals for whom many have prayed. You have even seen on your television sets the placing of images of the Blessed Mother and of Jesus in and around the mine and the devotional prayers of many going forth to secure them in light and to safeguard them. This is indicative of the devotion of this entire people and of how miracles may manifest when you are concentrated and focused in your spiritual work.
            This is just one example, blessed hearts, but many more may come forth that you can dream of, that you can imagine. So begin to imagine miracles in many arenas of activity. Begin to use your third eye and all of your higher chakras to envision this new golden age dawning here. Dream big, I say, for the archangels dream great dreams of light for humanity. And it is time that many of you also begin to dream greater dreams of a golden age come, crystal cities of light everywhere upon this soil, people joyous, happy and flowing in light, nature free to be who she is without dominance by dark forces.
            All of this can be, blessed ones, as a part of the seventh age as each and every one of you take responsibility to envision this age and to manifest it in your own world and consciousness first and then to allow it to come forth in form by action and by the Word from your hearts.
            [Archangel Zadkiel chants in an angelic tongue for 71 seconds.] In the tongue of angels, I have sent forth fire unto the hearts of all who are destined to rise unto their divinity. Awaken souls of light in Chile and South America and know the divine you that has always been present for you to discover and become in completeness.
            I am Zadkiel! I stand to deliver waves of violet joy to refresh this land in spiritual light and to quicken all to be God this day and every day. Amen.

1.  An 8.8 earthquake struck Chile on February 27, 2010 and caused massive destruction in Chile and damage to Japan's fishing industry ($66.7 million) as a result of a tsunami that ensued. Over 500 people died from the effects of the earthquake. Reconstuction is still occurring as of the editing of this HeartStream in January 2011.

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