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Surya      October 10, 2010

Beloved Surya
David C. Lewis
October 10, 2010   12:18-12:31 pm  local time
2010 Chile Pilgrimage
The Blessing of the Seventh Age of Freedom:
Saint Germain Speaks on Behalf of the Holy Family
Santiago, Chile

A Recalibration of the Auric Field of Chile
The Gift of a Blue Fire-White Fire Sun Over the Crown Chakras of Those Physically Present

Dearest Hearts,
            Now that Zadkiel has laid a foundation of light, I, Surya come with Cuzco with me for a recalibration of the entire flowfield of this continent in sacred fire. Scientists of the spirit from our retreat over Viti Levu have very accurately designated that which by cosmic law we are able to adjust through cosmic cycles, through divine energies and by dispensation of grace. And therefore there is this adjustment of flowfields and energies deep within the Earth, high into the atmosphere and also within the souls evolving here that is accomplished by many cosmic beings who have come in answer to our call. And therefore, look up and see the work of the Lord in the atmosphere of this land, upon every shore, within every city and village and home.
            In certain areas, blessed ones, great darkness is now stripped away and consumed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye! And that which has assailed the children and youth is consumed at the etheric and mental levels! And it will be up to you through your ongoing prayers and calls, decrees, songs and rosaries to bring this dispensation into the emotional and the physical quadrants. As Zadkiel has said, you must dream big dreams. And therefore, through this dispensation and the adjustment of cosmic cycles and energies you have the opportunity to ratify that which we have drawn forth from the Source, from the Great Central Sun, verily from Sirius itself of that Solar light to reinvest it into the Earth through the anchoring light of the Word flowing through your mouths, your sacred throat chakras and all of the crystals of selfhood within.
            Dearest ones, it is only once in ten thousand years that we are allowed to come to recalibrate lands of this magnitude in the Earth through a dispensation given from the Lords of Karma. And therefore, you should applaud them in this hour for granting this opportunity to us to come and [anchor] this in your midst, blessed hearts! [Applause] The science of light is infinite, and there is much more that you will begin to [understand] as you learn the science of the aura and the science of the adepts that will continue to be conveyed through this messenger and dispensation in coming months and years.
            We encourage you who are daring enough to move into your own Christhood and Buddhahood to take those teachings that have already been presented through Meru University, translate them and bring them to this people. This is the sacred work, blessed hearts, that you can accomplish! Much has already been revealed that you know not of, but which when you read it, study it and assimilate it will help you greatly in accomplishing the ends of your victory in this life and the victory of your children and your children's children!
            This is a great foundation of light! There are over 2400 heartstreams already released in the English language! Think of what this can mean as a library of light for you when these are translated into your native tongue and studied week by week in seminars and regular study sessions! Truly, blessed ones, it is already a miracle what has been released in six years in this dispensation. And yet, there is much more to come. As you begin to broadcast in your own native tongue, many of these teachings can be released. And you should make arrangements as soon as possible with the central Hearts Center to see how you may even consider broadcasting over the Internet, daily, these teachings.
            There is no limit to what you together can accomplish when, as one heart focused, you are determined to bring forth the truth, to liberate humanity, to teach them, to enlighten them and to bring them the highest teachings that we in this hour present through this dispensation. Yes, there are other teachings. And there are other masters living upon Earth who are bringing forth great truths, dearest hearts, but this is the one that we place before you in this hour that you may study, that is present and available and simply requires your assent, your okay, your affirmation to bring it into practical application in your nation and unto your people.
            The Lords of Karma now witness the final adjustment and recalibration of all that is taking place in South America in this hour on this great sun-day of light. And the new matrix is locked in place in this hour. Note the time, the space and the place. And even some of your more advanced cosmologists, solar scientists, geophysicists and astrologers will be amazed to see various shifts within the world that you know in coming days as this entire recalibration is fulfilled in form.
            Now, blessed hearts, I seal each and every one of you with a blue fire-white fire sun over your crown chakra. This is a blessing and a grace for you in your ongoing studies. This blue fire-white fire sun is representative of my home star of Sirius. It is a matrix, an energy field that will allow greater light to flow from your Solar Presence through your crown chakra and into your entire auric field and four lower bodies. You may visualize this blue fire-white fire sun that even your own Lanello spoke of in a sacred meditation years ago and utilize it as a spiritual science for the evolving of your spirit to a new level of divine adeptship.
            This dispensation is reserved for those in this room, sanctified and sealed by your oneness, your harmony and the love that you have shared and will continue to share. You see, blessed hearts, some dispensations are only for those physically present who make the long trek. And therefore, the trek upward to your own God-attainment has been worth the inconvenience, as Morya has said. Is it so? [Audience responds, "Yes!"] Let your light shine, let the Sun Presence of your God-reality glow and may all of this land know the new saints of the Spirit who are born because they have borne that light within their being this day.
            I thank you for your attention and for the continuing attention upon your Presence that you will focus with great God-joy every day to come for the rest of your life unto your eternal and immortal freedom.

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