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Maha Chohan      October 10, 2010

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
October 10, 2010   3:51-4:00 pm  MDT
The Blessing of the Seventh Age of Freedom:
Saint Germain Speaks on Behalf of the Holy Family

Santiago, Chile

A Personal Anointing by the Holy Spirit

            Peace, be with you. The peace of your Presence shine forth through you. The peace that transcends all understanding of men be with your heart and your mind in perfect union. That which you have created this day, I will assist you in sustaining as you continue your spiritual path by the grace of God and through the gifts that I will offer you, each one, as you call them forth solely for the blessing of  life.
            Realize, dear hearts, that the nine and the twelve gifts that the apostle and others have spoken of may be yours when you lead a disciplined life of love, for love is at the center of each of these gifts. And when there is love and when compassion flows through your heart, then that gift that I bestow will have the full fire and power of my Presence to transform lives, to invest itself within the hearts of men and women and children for their spiritual benefit, their upliftment and the victory of their souls.
            Every gift that I give must be given away through acts of charity and kindness, virtue and blessings that you bestow by conscious presence. It is through the mercy of God that you gain these gifts when you have shown the superiority of the Spirit and the inferiority of the not-self through love. The Spirit will speak through you. The Spirit will move through you. The Spirit will cherish each soul who comes to you so that you have the oil of my heart to offer unto them. And this day, I anoint you with this oil such that you will never forget that it is the oil of love that is behind every gift, every grace and the conveyance of light that is that gift.
            Some seek to be thought well of men through a pompousness and a presence of staid un-knowledge of things divine, quoting the Book, showing that they know this and that from scripture.¹ And yet, blessed ones, long before scripture existed, I existed in the world that God created that is the greatest Book of Life that is. And you may read this book through your communion with nature and the heart of nature, as you are still and as you breathe in my spirit, my holy breath and allow a new pranic field of light to reside within your lungs and your heart. [The Maha Chohan breathes the sacred fire breath, exhaling and inhaling three times.] This fire-breath may be yours anytime, anyplace when you require inspiration from me to convey a holy truth, a word of divine wisdom or simply a gesture of grace and a flash of the light of your eye to another that will send hope, faith and charity unto them through your own humility of soul.
            So, dear ones, I will anoint your crown this day with this sacred oil. This anointing is for the sealing of your mind in a heart-mind connection that will allow you to fulfill your messengership as you have averred it, as you have stated it this day. This anointing will convey the full authority of my being unto that commission, unto your mission and for the victory of every manifestation of its expression through you in this life and even in future existences in the heaven world.
            Therefore, I ask the beloved of the messenger to hold this little dish of light from which I will touch the oil and apply it to your crown. This is not an anointing of the sick, but of the whole. And everyone who you in turn bless and anoint in some way will receive the essence of this wholeness that I bear this day to each and every one of you. Come
forth and receive the very living breath of God in the sanctity of this oil, precious hearts.
            [The Maha Chohan blesses each devotee with oil.]

1.  The "Book" refers to the Holy Bible and/or any of the holy scriptures of the various religions of this world.

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