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Peter Deunov      September 12, 2010

Beloved Peter Deunov
David Christopher Lewis
September 12, 2010   9:01-9:28 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Phoenix Heartfriends Group

The Value of Community

Prove the Science of Light
ork Out Your Own Salvation through Practical Application

Blessed Ones, 
            This movement, its purpose, its import reaches far beyond human curiosity and the desire to know more of earth's history or of various tenets that are not essential for your spiritual adeptship. The entire purpose of this movement, through which I am now emanating light, is to assist each and every one of you in understanding your own eternal nature, your Solar Source, and the new nuances of divine truth that you are required to embody in practical living in this day and age to move forward the Brotherhood's plan in the West, in America, and in those nations where this teaching will eventually move and live and sing and dance in the Spirit.
            Spiritual light and its core radiance must be felt, cognized and realized within your heart. This spiritual light emanates from the centrosome of every solar cell within all created life that is sentient. And therefore whether you focus upon the light of the Great Central Sun, your own sun of the solar system, your own Solar Presence or the sun within every cell within your being, the essence [and Presence] of God within all of these is the same [and worthy of your devotion and adoration]. When you realize your eternal nature, then wherever you are, you will resonate with, you will be in harmony with, in divine consonance with this same light and frequency of divine love, wisdom and truth.
            Every health condition that has been challenging you, as a heartfriend, whether of body, mind, emotions or spirit, can be resolved through your resolve to be one with this light and to allow this light to fully flow and flower from within you. Many people, well meaning in their desire to attain perfect health and well-being [and] perfect happiness, accrue to themselves, through their minds, all manner of understandings of how they can manifest this state of being that you call health. The original God-design for you manifest[s] perfect [wholeness], health and well-being.
As you live and move and have your essential beingness within the light—who is your Source, who is your inspiration, who is your guiding matrix—then no matter what comes to the fore of your experience in mater, you will have a higher level of living, [of] perfect well-being within your Sun center, [which] moves beyond the temporary, the mortal, the transitory. To tap into the universal, the sublime, the beautiful means that light, as a stronghold, as a firm foundation, governs your every thought, feeling and the emanations that you project through your auric field, your thought processes, your ideations. To allow the light to glow and to flow within you is the key to attaining your immortality, your divinity and the blessedness that is your divine right, your inalienable birthright.
            All teaching can be boiled down to the understanding of light. All music, even that which I received from the Eternal through observing the cadences of the cosmos and the movings of the Spirit subtly within the heaven world and our world, boils down to an understanding of the mystic lines of force that outplay themselves through the soundless sound behind the music of the spheres.¹ You know that you have a keynote, and that keynote is indicative of your essence. It is the signature of your soul as it abides at a higher level of eternality in the Spirit, even beyond this plane. And as you meditate upon your Solar essence, as you invoke light, even as you feel and know and see that light represented through all of your actions, your musings and your feelings, that light may be yours, blessed ones, to experiment with and to know in all manner of manifestations. And this, through your freewill experience, may be joyful, transcendent, rich and full through your life lived to the glory of the One.
            The essential nature of God is also your nature. Therefore when you call to God, God within you answers in the highest [possible way to give you] what you require in the moment to move into a higher spiral of divine activity. Often, even well-meaning disciples are caught amidst a web of illusion, thinking that by knowing of the divine world [through knowledge], they have attained. And yet true attainment is only realized through your self-realization of [the] teaching by experience, by its practical application and by proving the hypothesis and the theory through experimentation and your own conclusive evidence that is scientific, that is real. Many well-meaning spiritual aspirants live in their minds and in their emotions and yet have not, through practical means, employed the use of light in the realm of Presence to prove the equation of that light.
            I sent Mikhaël Aïvanhov to France after he had completed his education. For within the modes of the day, of the limited educational system and the workaday world, many initiations were passed through and mastered that laid the foundation for him to have all manner of personal knowledge, gleaned through his experience, to present to the devotees, commixed with his inner understanding of the use of light—the light of the sun, the radiance of the Divine One and the eternal teachings that were consistently accessed by him in his meditation and in the travels of his soul far and wide to the higher realms of light.
            Blessed ones, reading about what any master has accomplished gives you a foundation of understanding to move into in your own realm. It is not self-mastery, and therefore whenever you read of any master's experience, take it to heart and yet work out your own salvation, your self-elevation, through your life of practical application. This is where the rubber meets the road of attainment, truth and beingness. It is true with the Master El Morya, with the Master Saint Germain and all others that they have often been admonished by their higher gurus to prove the science of light. And therefore they have done this and risen to their own eternal beingness.
            We have communicated to the sponsoring masters of this movement the requirement that the disciples move more into practical modes of living in a community [to give them a] reference point,  [a] structure and framework that will allow what they have proven and become to manifest rather than only engaging in study, and even meditation practice and decrees. Many of you have avoided the possibility of living within a greater community of light, being self-satisfied within your own homes and communities and being attached to your environment, even your families, or whatever. 
            Consider what it takes to live within a Solar community and to sustain [the light on your path] through all of the initiations that will occur as you interact one with another. The true you will come to the fore. All of those lesser manifestations of your own life that you have held back and kept private, that have not allowed you to move upward and onward into your highest potential will come out. And everyone will see who you truly are and what you have mastered in terms of self-reliance, sacrifice and developing the qualities of God, the virtues of heaven. It has always been the case that we have attempted to form communities for the purpose of allowing this dynamic to occur. And yet often, after the master recedes from the center, or the core, of that community, there is not the sustaining harmony, fire, spiritual light to keep the dynamic that is required for that community to live on.
             Why is this? each and every one of you must ask. [Have all] within the community done all [they] can to inculcate [and practically apply] within [their] life experience all that the master has presented? Or has there been too much compromise and a lack of deep development [of] the soul to harmonize all and to bring about the greater plan?
            You are at present a virtual community, and this is good. And yet the sponsors of this movement have called forth sacred centers of light at various places within America and the nations to assist in the greater plan. Much has been mitigated of world cataclysm by the calls of those within this movement and others, and this also is wonderful. Yet how will the Brotherhood's plan move forward through the fifty and eighty Solar communities, centers of light, that my disciple envisioned and spoke of to a few? How will you, each one, honor the Brotherhood's call to do what it takes to forfeit something of your own selfhood in order to realize a union that is greater than the sum of its parts? Think on the formation of America. Think on the divine tribal system, where, through a circle of light, there is the sustaining of a people, of a nation by what binds them together through love, respect and harmony [and] allows for the beauty, the glory, the divinity of that mandala to manifest.
            Yes, I have read the questions that have been sent in, and I could comment on all of these, but would this bring about greater spiritual development for you? Or are they simply, blessed ones, another curiosity that you have that, when answered, would not bring you to a greater union, a greater communion, a greater reunion in the Spirit?
            Wherever we send this one, consider the possibility that there will be initiation. There will be presented opportunity for greater God-growth within you, each one, and within the circumference of the environment in which you live, in which you represent a certain level of spiritual integrity and attainment.
            There are many who[m] you know not of within your communities who have greater soul development than you may have by the practical application of the spiritual science that they understand. And there are others who, through their devotion, their consistency and constancy, though having no knowledge of the Brotherhood, make greater strides than many of you. Consider what will bring about the highest coursing of your soul now. What you offer to the cosmos through self-givingness is the key, striving with Morya and the masters of eternal love-wisdom.
            Do that which is the most difficult [first] each day, in the morning, and realize that [it] is a step-up for you when you master your own energies, your own time, your own work. This is my message for today. Whether you consider this a darshan or a discourse, it is one and the same. For I have read the record of each and every one of your souls and have spoken directly to you, each one, within this conveyance.
            The love, the light and the eternal truth of the Brotherhood as it manifests consistently through all avenues of light, all nations may be yours, and is yours, today. Pax vobiscum. I raise my hand now, as we were wont to do, to bless you with the eternal light of the Spirit of the Brotherhood sublime. God bless you.

1.  Peter Deunov played the violin and composed the music that is played to the Paneurhythmy dance movements as well as many other classical, spiritual pieces that invoke the light of the Eternal One through divine emissaries.

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