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Omraam      August 08, 2010

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Omraam)
August 8, 2010   8:45-9:00 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Initiatic Spiral of Our Solar Evolution
Living and Responding from the Point of Presence

The Teachings of the Masters Are for Everyone

            What I have seen in my life and what many of you have also noticed is that a lot of the issues that arise for us to master first arise within our minds and our hearts, our emotions. And if we can get a grip, so to speak, on the mastery of our minds and our emotions before we speak, before we utter words that can be problematic for others and karmically for ourselves, then we have won the battle. So this process of allowing a higher aspect of the mindstream of God—God's thoughts, God's consciousness, God's awareness, God's Presence—to manifest within our consciousness, our particular representation of the awareness of God through our lifestream, can allow us to master the lower energies of the not-self, or the lesser self.
            Life is an opportunity to grow and to learn. And each of us is on a rung of the ladder of the initiatic spiral of light, of our solar evolution. And based on our self-mastery of all of the steps and stages of the path, we have either lesser or greater awareness and consciousness and presence to be able to handle what comes our way in terms of challenge, which is really opportunity to meet what God presents to us through our interactions with others, through the work that we are about and the opportunities that arise through that work to grow and to learn.
            So if from a mind-set and a heart-set, a heart feel, a presence, we prepare our consciousness to abide in the presence of peace and patience, of equanimity and poise, then no matter what comes our way in terms of what may be irritating to the human awareness and problematic to our human consciousness, we will abide in that centrality of  beingness, where there is no reaction, but the causative nature of beingness in God. The Buddhic way, the Buddhic path, I believe, is one of the surest methodologies for training us to maintain this point of presence and equipoise, allowing us to move through life without the overreactive energies of the not-self, which at times attempts to play us into this dynamic through our relationships, through our communications and through all that we end up doing.
            I could give all of us many, many examples of how situations arise that test us to see if our mettle is strong enough and if we are willing to bend, to move and to shift gears, to dance with the hours and to dance with the energies and to move with the stream of God's awareness so that we are pliant and not brittle.
            I know early on in my spiritual path when I first found the ascended masters, I was so gung ho and coming from a Type A personality, I desired that everybody know these teachings. And so I was very energetically sharing them and I was too domineering and overbearing in my exuberance, and it turned people off. And I think that you have known people who are like this, that are too exuberant. They are so energetic in their desire to change you that you shy away from that and you run from it; whereas those who have a presence of inner peace and of blessedness that comes from the Holy Spirit, because they have worked on themselves to the point of being able to sustain this field of auric beauty and grace, naturally move you to higher awareness and consciousness because of the purity of the stream of their mind thoughts and their heart renderings.
            I believe that we are on this path of nonduality, of unity, and that we will naturally draw people to this movement and to this teaching by our presence of love, by the commitment that we have to God, through our hearts, through our smiles, through our voice and that people will feel blessed; they will feel nurtured; they will feel nourished in light and joy and in God's Presence as it manifests through our auric field and our beingness to present what the cosmos is offering from the divine plate.
            In our study of Sufi mystic love in our Meru University class, as we drink in the words of Rumi by reading Love's Ripening and the beautiful poetic expressions of his ardor for the Spirit, for Shams as a guru, which he has translated into seeing God in every person, every thing, every moment, we can begin to realize greater self-mastery in this love field of light of the Beloved.
            As I have been reading Love's Ripening, sometimes I have to read each sentence or each thought more than once to really understand the depth of the meaning of what Rumi is conveying from his point of presence, from his point of self-realization. And it's true with any HeartStream of the masters or higher teaching that we have read by people who have brought forth divine wisdom through their minds and hearts in a moment when they were fully connected with Source. And sometimes we have to really go deeper and feel the Word behind the words that is emanating and vibrating and crystallizing these divine concepts right within the framework of our being. For the true masters, through their sponsored messengers and teachers, can speak to many, many levels of consciousness. And the beauty that they convey through the cups of light of the words works on the soul and the spirit at innumerable levels and steps and stages of people's evolution. And therefore that is why it is so beautiful, because it's not just at one level or for one particular audience.
            You've noticed this as you've gone back and read the words of the masters or of their wisdom teachings through various messengers years after you've originally read them. And you've noticed new nuances of truth that you may not have fully understood or seen or felt before, partly because you have evolved, you have gained in your own soul experience through the lessons of life. And therefore what previously may have evaded you now comes into full view within your consciousness because you are ready for those higher impulses based on the lessons that you've learned and your inner growth.
            Early this morning I finished reading The Tent of Abraham by three authors—a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew. It's a beautiful book. And the very last story is amazing because it gives an understanding of Sarah, Abraham's wife, and Hagar, the bondswoman, or the handmaid, from a new perspective. It is an old tradition handed down from generation to generation through women that lends a new aspect to the story we know from the Bible. And I chose to read this during our class as an example of hope, of how there can be resolution between Muslims and Jews and Christians through understanding that we are all of the same father, Abraham, who is our beloved El Morya.
            The Master Omraam, whose mindstream has merged with mine as I speak, carefully crafted the words that he spoke in French for nearly fifty years. And as he traveled around the world and contacted many souls on the inner and the outer through the initiatic sciences that he had mastered over many lifetimes, and especially in this life, he brought forth the higher mystical teachings in parables and stories and in words that are expressive of these truths in very gentle and simple ways that are not so esoterically colored and that even the common person can understand.
            My wife recently gave one of the Masters's pocketbooks, which is published by Prosveta, to her daughter. And her daughter read some of the words and thanked Mona for this book because even she felt the energy, the light, the truth of these teachings. And I believe that these books, finding their way into the hands, into the homes and the libraries of those who are seeking for higher truth, are conveying the most blessed aspects of the glory of God through the mind of the Master, the heart of the Master, which many can receive without judgment, without religious intolerance or perspectives from the past that may have clouded their higher wisdom. It doesn't matter what religious persuasion you've been in. These words are true and they ring true deep within us, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist of spiritual study to really unlock the truths within these words. They speak directly to our hearts.
            The wisdom teachings of the masters are really for everyone. And people go through life, based on the stage of evolution they're at, hopefully learning something and growing. When the student is ready, the master appears. We have heard this, and we know it's true. It's happened for each and every one of us. When we were ready for the next step of our evolution, somehow someone, a teaching, a teacher, a book appeared or was conveyed and shared with us that moved us to the next level of awareness. And this will be true throughout our evolution, even beyond our ascension, because the spiral of evolution continues to the Godhead, to the Great Central Sun, and we will always be learning, growing, evolving and hopefully heartstreaming with the Divine One in new and more glorious ways.
            So thank you, blessed hearts, for listening.


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