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Peter Deunov      July 18, 2010

Beloved Peter Deunov
David Christopher Lewis
July 18, 2010   9:05-9:23 am MDT
Paradise Vallery, Montana
Broadcast through the Phoenix Heartfriends Group


You Are Called
If Each One Fulfills His Holy Office, Our Mission Will Be Accomplished

Consider the Possibilities of Forming Communities of Devotees

Blessed Students of Divine Light,
            I infuse my Presence in the earth and through each and every one of you [so that you may] understand the deepest nature of God as Selfhood. For when, blessed ones, you understand your eternal nature within the center of God's being and you have, in an almost divine egotistical awareness, the sense that you are at the center of all that is, then all that is as God manifests through the centeredness of your awareness of holy presence, perfect peace, blessed beingness.
            There was a day in my early childhood when the awesomeness of God came to me in a flash of beingness and I cognized my eternal nature, even as I sought to experience and to fully know and enter the sacred space of that divine light. I had, even from early childhood, a mystical adventure of the Spirit as part of my inner life. And I sought ways and means to express that which I was seeing, feeling, experiencing and knowing with many others who also were sensitive to the emanations of the Spirit, the ways of the divine ones. And it came to pass that I was called by higher beings to be a teacher among men and bring into the outer awareness of mankind the knowledge of the Universal White Brotherhood and its sacred work as the inner government and as the outer fraternity and community that would offer a new way of hope, of that connection with the Spirit, with the sun and with the eternal nature of God within. I was privileged to be one who could bring to many students an inner knowing of themselves and their deep connection with Source and of what that means in practicality through a daily life lived to the glory of the light, for the purposes of bringing God consciousness to many.
            You may have read the story, [or] a portion thereof, of my life and of my chief disciple, Mikhaël Aïvanhov, later known as the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, who carried forth the teachings of the Brotherhood to many more in the West, throughout France, Europe and now to the shores of many lands through the blessings of the modern age [that allow] the distribution of this knowledge through the media, through publications and all manner of outlets. You are the great beneficiaries of this message, which is the next generation of the emanation that I extended [and which had been] extended to me from divine guides, blessed beings of light who have seen from the beginning the ends of the evolution of mankind as God, as perfection, as that eternal nature of blessedness, of divine glory.
            So this day you are called to understand your connection with the Sun-Source of your own being, to fully realize what that means for the Self-discovery process and for your entering into the full potentiality of your reality, [which] is right here and now manifesting in higher dimensions of your own God Presence and [which] you must draw forth into practical application in the world of form. For this is where, as you say, the rubber meets the road. And if you are to have your complete victory within the initiatic process, then it is imperative, blessed ones, that you anchor the supernal light of the Source, of the Spirit, in matter, in works of harmony and grace, in ways and means that carry the winds of the Spirit far and wide into active models of holy living.
            One message that I would convey to you today is that it is essential for you to consider the possibilities and the benefits of forming communities in the areas in which you live and in certain sacred spaces hallowed by the presence of greater numbers of devotees who have a collective vision and mission and who can work and join the forces of light of their own hearts, heads and hands toward the development of the Brotherhood's plan, East and West. We came together and formed a sacred bond of brotherhood in Bulgaria, [which] has to this day still manifest, in some way, though the tests of time and the initiatic process [have] allowed for individuals to come and go. And not all have fully carried forth the vision that I was privileged to bear, and yet some are doing all they can to move forward the projects and plans of the Brotherhood, to expand the message, the model and the motivating energies behind them to greater numbers of those who are awakening to the light of their own God-Reality.
            Consider this day that which you are called to fulfill in this process. Many of you have been moved from within to secure a greater standing within the community of light that you feel all around you at a certain energetic level. For I tell you, blessed ones, that the Brotherhood expands its conscious awareness among many more than you know. And some keep secret their inner affiliation for the purpose of safeguarding that which has been entrusted to them. Yet there will come a time when the code eternal and the message fraternal [are] known more outwardly. And those who have this sacred bonding of their hearts, their minds and their Spirits will come into a greater collective and work in great harmony to fulfill the ultimate goal of world liberation, of planetary salvation, which, as you know, means self-elevation.
            We are not here to coerce, to command or demand of the devotee any change [through] the interpolation of knowledge and holy wisdom [unto his being] beyond [his] means [of acceptance within his] freewill experience. And yet there must come into play a greater commitment toward this purpose and plan if the greater antahkarana is to be enfired with the energetic level of God-power that will win our victory and that will secure this planet fully in the light. What you have been called to, you know from deep within. And you and only you can understand what this will entail and [then] fulfill it through self-givingness and self-sacrifice and lending a compassionate hand toward the movement of the light in many realms, projects and endeavors.
            Dearest ones, if for some reason you have not fully engaged or come to terms with that which you must, as a conscious one, fulfill in this lifetime, seek from your sponsors and from the leadership of this activity what is opportune as an option for you to [offer in service]. For even if you serve in an arena that does not meet your highest expectations or utilize your talents and the full faculties of your attainment, if you can simply be present, focus and work to fulfill various projects and in the process learn and extend your knowledge into new arenas, you are, in effect, taking your place and accomplishing your role on the stage of life for the Brotherhood's eternal plan.
            You have heard the story of how I sent my disciple Mikhaël to France. Was it daunting for him to learn a new language, to live and move and interact with individuals that he had not known or in a culture that was not familiar to him? I say, yes. And yet a vast foundation was laid through the working of the Spirit through his heart and mind. And you are now the great beneficiaries of the teaching that he deeply knew because he was not attached to the outer personhood of himself and yet fully embraced the reality of his divine nature, of the light of the sun and of the teachings that we inspired and that many higher beings emanated unto and through him for all to hear in great grace as a blessing, as a boon and as an opportunity for self-transcendence.
            Yes, you are called. Will you hear that call from within you and answer? The choice is yours. Your choice is the choice of the world at large. For, blessed ones, one by one by one, if each one rises to the occasion, fulfills his or her holy office, then we will be victorious and our mission will be accomplished.
            I thank you for the listening grace of your heart, for the plasticity of your consciousness to move in new realms and thought processes, allowing divine ideals and ideas to flow through your awareness, to take hold even of your outer thought activity and to, in this process, extract from the eternal One that which you require on your pathway of light.
            I am Peter Deunov. My love, my radiation is yours to ingest always. Through heart-centeredness, through peace and the sign of the Spirit of the  raised hand, the sign of the Brotherhood eternal, blessings, salutations and peace.

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