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A Buddha from a Far-Off World      July 13, 2010

Beloved Buddha from a Far-Off World
David C. Lewis
July 13, 2010   7:52-8:18 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Buddha from a Far-Off World Speaks of Meru University,
The Mayans, Solar Cycles and Ancient Karma of the Americas

Noble Hearts Who Are Entering into a More Secure Relationship with Your Solar Source,
       I come this day to invest the light that you have invoked for a greater purpose and action. And that is for the blessing and the raising of all life within the domain of the earth. You see, blessed ones, when you understand the dynamic of your oneness with God, then every emanation, conscious word and fortuitous vibration that flows forth from the center of your being, secure in God, works in a perfect action of light to bless, heal, raise and secure your domain in greater God-consciousness.
       The Blessed Mother has initiated this thirty-three day vigil for Mexico. And so a greater factor of that light is flowing directly into that nation, its environs, its culture, its people to bless and heal and raise them in the light. And this is essential in this hour, blessed hearts, that we have this action of light. For we also have seen on the horizon the potential for great destruction and even loss of life. And through the outcry of hearts to God, even before that which is coming due is manifest in the physical dimension, we feel the effects as waves of energy that rest upon our hearts. And that through our understanding of this oneness of all beyond time and space, there does come a point, an opening of light for intercession, for mediation.
       In an ancient culture upon the Mexican Peninsula, blessed hearts, there were peoples who had a great understanding of the sun, of their own Sun Source and of the sciences of the spirit, that when employed and utilized in a conscious life lived to the glory of God, brought about a beautiful manifestation of natural diversity within the world of form, of blessing and boon to all lifewaves evolving here. Within this culture, the vast majority of lifestreams were fully connected to the God-ideal through the educational systems of that day, which were vast. And even an interaction with other evolved planetary homes and their solar evolutions occurred, whereby these cultures blended and a divine influx of higher mindfulness was shared.
       In some cases these understandings were embedded in glyphs and sacred symbols that were the language of that time in form, and what has been passed down to you through the deciphering of various scientists has now come to be your understanding of the Mayan culture, of their calendar and of some of the spiritual technologies and the wisdom teachings that many are now beginning to remember and utilize in this hour.
       We emanate light deep within the earth beneath Mexico City in this hour and in other geographical points that are tenuous in their ability to maintain harmony based on the karmas of those who were instrumental in the destruction of various cultures and peoples, including the unconscious ones who came from the East to destroy what they thought was a lesser culture, which in fact, blessed ones, was more connected to the sun and to the One than they could ever imagine or cognize.
       So, many of these conquerors have re-embodied within Mexico and Central America and even South America and are due to experience the ravages from nature of that which they outpictured in their destructive activities. It is an ancient solar cycle and many lunar cycles that are now interpenetrating and being affixed within the earth for resolution, that must be harmonized through a new rendition of light that comes from higher Buddhic mindfulness as you have felt it, experienced it and are willing to engage in it through your spiritual devotions, your time of silence and meditation and simply emptying yourself to be a vessel for the divine Spirit to flow and work its perfect work within the natural world.
       Those of you who have taken to heart the various teachings that we have been the proponents of through this dispensation, have risen in great spherical awarenesses and beingness to know more of your Godhood, your inner nature, your Selfhood within the one antahkarana of spiritual quintessence that is the right of every man, woman and child to know, to realize, to become.
       So, dearest hearts, we the Buddhas from far-off worlds that have had our eye and our heart upon this portion of your earth and its evolutions for eons of time, have decided this day to support the work of the Blessed Mother and come to engage the allness of our beings, our awareness of the Source in this endeavor to save sentient beings who are in peril, even though outwardly they are unawares of that which is about to transpire upon this earth.
       Therefore we set up within the etheric world and descending into the lower regions of the astral plane a network, a grid of fiery love, power and wisdom-intent that is for the stabilization of the superstructure of this earth in many realms. The conveyance of light through this grid will be empowered by your continuing prayers during this vigil, by your own mindfulness of your deep and abiding connection with your own God Presence and as you revere life and the God within all, within every creature great and small, within every domain far and wide. O dearest ones, it is time for mankind as a whole to embrace the true pathway of light, of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and beingness and what these truly mean in all of your interactions, communications, in your sacred work with your heart, hands, feet and head.
       When you abide in the spirit of grace whereby Buddhic beingness is flowing through you to all people, at all times, then your holy temple becomes a vessel of the Spirit, truly one with all ascended beings, masterful presences, divine personages who work unceasingly for the victory of the light, who strive with the Oversoul of every man, woman and child to understand the divine nature within all in perfect beingness in Spirit.
       As you study the various cultures of peoples who have maintained their connection to the Mother Earth, you will begin to discern just how deep their true inner understanding of the Source is and always has been, and of how even within the western cultures of this day, with the technologies that they have developed that often lead them away from this simple, but profound, deep and abiding reverence and understanding of all life, you too, may receive impartations of the mindfulness of the Divine One within and begin to harmonize your thought and feeling world with the Source in an ever- abiding sense of peace that will be the norm of everyone in the golden age dawning.
       Dearest ones, it is our great joy to impress deep with the earth this level of Buddhic beingness from our Solar awareness as a gift to the evolutions of Earth and specifically to those within Mexico, the Hispanic peoples throughout the region. For, the Blessed Mother, known and revered by them, is doing all that she can to invest her own Solar essence and archangelic presence to every stream of activity, every hearth and home, to bring this inner knowingness of Christic and Buddhic blessing to keep them safe and secure no matter what transpires in the earth plane around them. Your own sense of peace and presence maintains harmony in many spheres, blessed ones. And it is essential that you understand through harmony in this hour of Cancer just how important it is for the completion of your mission to maintain this level of inner beingness and cosmic peace to allow the Earth to fulfill its purpose, even as the seeming tumult of outer events and upheavals and manifestations within the world occur.
       Your own beloved Saint Germain has revealed to Godfre a portion of the events that transpired within these civilizations in the books of the I AM teachings that you may desire to reread to understand the coursing of your own soul through this region of the earth and through those civilizations past, present and future. You see, blessed hearts, as the Great Divine Director and the Master Saint Germain work assiduously to prepare the platform for the evolution of many sons and daughters of God of the seventh age within the Age of Aquarius in South America and in other climes, it is essential that all be resolved of the karmas of these civilizations tied to these regions such that a pure white page occurs upon which the stylus of the Divine One might write a new course, a new legacy of beingness—the bright energy of the crystal people now aborning upon Earth. 
       Yes, dearest hearts, every prayer that you utter, every visualization that you use where crystal light is invoked, places seeds of holy beingness throughout the earth and especially within these nations where the crystal people are peeking through the atmosphere of the earth from higher realms, preparing for their descent into matter and their ascent through this human experience unto the realms of light once again.
       Your World Teachers, Kuthumi and Jesus, lead the way through the yellow ray of wisdom and all this is being transferred to you through Meru University. I suggest that you all consider in this hour attending the current upcoming class, for the teachings of Rumi of the heart's journey and of love's ripening will be yours to truly understand through your own heart connection with the Source that this great epic poet and mystic was the instrument for revealing and sharing with humanity centuries ago. Truly he was a wandering star of light who brought the Word through poetry into this octave to reveal more of the nature of the one heart that yet beats in perfect synchronicity with Alpha and Omega's divine pressure expressed out to all life upon Earth.
       As you drink in this understanding of Sufi truth through the lens of a daughter of God who will lead you in this self-discovery process, an aspect of your own heart connection with the One will be revealed in your times of reading and meditation. And you will be amazed to feel a new flowering of the Spirit, of the Source within you, dearest ones. So we have come and impressed across the Earth a new heart-mindfulness that will continue to grow and blossom throughout this vigil and beyond.
            We are privileged to feel your heart's rendition of light, how you truly express godliness through your voice, through the song of the soul as you upraise your hearts and sing to the One and to the sun. Let the love of the Lord ever be on your lips, dearest ones, for this is where the angels abide in consciousness ready to carry the light from your chakras to those who require blessing, raising and healing. [The Buddha chants for thirty-five seconds.]
       Sacred glyphs of light, coded passages of holy truth, now flow to your higher minds where you may decipher their inner meaning in times of silent stillness, beingness and presence. We are one in the sun always.

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