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Oromasis      July 03, 2010

Beloved Oromasis and Diana
David Christopher Lewis
July 3, 2010   8:18-8:29 am MST
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution:
   Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp
Paradise Valley, Montana

Fire Is Your True Nature
If You Desire a Greater Momentum of Cosmic Activity in Your Life, Become Fiery

A Visualization for Keepers of the Lightning
to Expand This Dynamic into Higher Worlds

Blessed Hearts,
            Would you be consumed by love within this fire of my heart? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]. Would you be subsumed in love within my heart, within this fire? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then enter the fire, and be consumed and subsumed in God now.
            We are Oromasis and Diana. We enter fire; we are fire; we extend fire. We impress fire where fire is required to bring forth the element of God that is the very nature of beingness as light-energy.
            As you feel the heat of transmutation this day and you are fully consumed and subsumed into God, we merge the fiery nature of our being with the fiery element of your Self, which is your Solar Presence. This light and fire is eternal; it is your true nature. And it is the great joy of all salamanders to remind you of your fiery nature in God, blessed hearts.
            As you experience this fiery nature of your being each day through solar gazing, through feeling the heat and the momentum of light of your threefold flame, we are there extending currents of that fire through the avenues of selfhood and to every level of your being, as Above, so below. Even on the rays of light that flow from the sun, the fiery sun of this solar system, a salamander is attenuated upon that ray and actually enters the stream of your auric field. And if you can accept this miracle manifestation of alchemy, it may be so that fiery darts of Solar beingness enter your being and form and transform and transmute you into light.
            Our definition of the ascension is that you become fully enfired in that moment of the ultimate transmutation of your lower self into your Higher Self, beloved ones. Understanding this equation, you may work with us and with the fiery salamanders to always have the aspect of yourself as fire manifesting through your consciousness! If you desire a greater momentum of cosmic activity in your life, then become fiery, for this is your true nature.
            Yes, at times we honor our holy brothers of the other elements and our sisters thereof: Aries and Thor, Virgo and Pelleur, Neptune and Luara. And you may dwell in earth, in air and water and experience these aspects of your own four lower bodies in balance. And it is right and just that you do so to understand your true nature and the foundation of the pyramid of self within you.
            Yet when you come to that ultimate decision of bringing up these elements into your highest reality, blessed ones, it is imperative that you understand your eternal nature as fire and how the earth is transmuted into water, the water into air, and ultimately the air into fire. And from this point of the nexus of the etheric plane, you take your ascent into the heaven world. You bridge the gap between earth and heaven, and this occurs by fire and light.
            Within this movement you have been called to be Keepers of the Lightning. This day, in great joy, I proclaim a new opportunity to expand this dynamic into higher worlds, even beyond your greatest expectation. And so I give you a visualization, blessed ones: Even as the rays of the sun descend to you as you fulfill your obligation to the sun to engage in solar gazing and meditation, as you follow those rays directly into your heart, at the same time feel this same ray that [has been] extended unto you [as] an aspect of your own beingness [extending] itself to the sun. And thereby you enter that sun as Keepers of the Lightning, maintaining this fiery connection with the solar orb of Helios and Vesta and their magnificent God Presence.
            For you see, blessed ones, we maintain an aspect of ourselves within the sun even as we serve upon the Earth the evolutions of this planet. If we were not invested in this level of spiritual activity, we could not truly maintain our fiery nature, you see. And so we urge you also to engage heaven in this activity, whereby a portion of you always resides within the sun, being warmed, being inspired and, within that fire enfolding itself, maintaining your status as Solar beings even as you experience life in this realm.
            So there is an Alpha and Omega pulsation from the sun. That which you receive directly as the currents of fiery light and love are yours to enjoy and accept, even as on the return current of that ray you send the devotion of your hearts to your God Parents in great joy and cosmic expectancy.
            Thank you, blessed ones, for your attentiveness this morning, for the wisdom that has flowed from your hearts, for the joy that you have experienced in this circle of light.
            Now I swirl the fire upward from this place unto the sun, sending gratitude to Helios and Vesta! And together we receive from the heart of our God Parents a new energization of light. Take your hands to your heart now and feel the sacred impulse of their offering as fire, as fire, as fire within you!
            We have come. Our purpose is accomplished. And we say, be at peace, just as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were [when] in the fiery furnace of the Christic light,¹ which now resides fully within your heart. We thank you.

1. Daniel 3:12-30.

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