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Aries      July 02, 2010

Beloved Aries
David Christopher Lewis
July 2, 2010   8:15-8:25 am MDT
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp
Paradise Valley, Montana

Within the Inbreath and the Outbreath God Is Present
as Self-Realization within the Now

Be Still in Presence and Know God
as the Holy Atmosphere within Your Aura

            There is a gentle breeze in the heavens that signifies the Lord's breath breathed unto humanity [for them] 
to receive the cosmic impulse, the holy Atmos of his Presence.
            Upon this zephyr of light I ride to be among those who understand a new mindfulness that is the rightful inheritance of the sons and daughters of God who would be true to their Buddha nature, to their Real Self. I extend many streamers as I surf upon this mindful stream of light to you. And riding upon your own divine surfboard, you may flow and rise and turn and spin within the sky with me as we traverse this Earth and observe the minds of mankind, the air element in all of its manifestations, and [discern] how we may together bring greater God consciousness, teaching and presence to all.
            Purusha! I say. For I work with the Holy Spirit as she moves and spreads her wings everywhere across the Earth to divulge more of the very nature of God through the holy breath of sacred prana, [which] all have access to,  [which] all may imbibe 
to receive every moment of their lives the essence of God-good within their breast, within their lungs, within their life. [Aries takes an inbreath during and after the previous sentence.]
            Blessed hearts, you take for granted the sacred process of respiration, for it happens without thought. And yet within this miracle manifestation of the inbreath and the outbreath, God is present as new possibility, as new potentiality and as self-realization within the Now, in that sacred space between the inbreath and the outbreath, the outbreath and the inbreath. This is where the mind of God may be activated, not only within your brain, blessed hearts, but within every synaptic-
flashing impulse of beingness that is extended through your electronic body as you imbibe cosmic consciousness and the essences within the atmosphere that speak of Godhood, of sacred beingness in Solar light.
           The atmosphere is charged by the sun. And the particles of every element that is within the Earth are [even] present in the atmosphere, receiving the rarified currents of Helios and Vesta's mindful and compassionate emanation of divine energy. [Aries takes an inbreath.] And when you breathe deeply in these cosmic essences, they resonate within your faculties, your chakras, your auric field to illumine you if you are mindful and observant of their ability to bring forth transformative change in your lives.
            [Aries takes an inbreath.] Therefore as you walk within nature, breathe, blessed hearts, the holy atmosphere that we extend mindfully to you, and allow the grace of these currents to energize your thought processes unto a new mindfulness. For God is always present within the center of your being, speaking as you listen, and listening as you speak.
            [Aries takes an inbreath.] Purusha! Purusha! Purusha! Let the flow of light through this cosmic zephyr, O Lord, impel these your sons and daughters higher to aspire to a Mercurian level of flashing diamond-light beingness in presence.

            Allow your thoughts to be pure as you breathe and drink in God's ideations, dearest ones.
            Now I let go of these streamers, and you may gently alight back into your body temples. You will never be the same henceforth now that you have received the cosmic impulse of the Solar breath that we have borne you.
            Purusha! Purusha! Purusha! Be still in presence 
and know God as the holy atmosphere within your aura and being forevermore.

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