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Neptune      July 01, 2010

Beloved Neptune
David Christopher Lewis
July 1, 2010   8:20-8:31 am MDT
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Undines Desire You to Be Joyful Always!

Let the Astral Seas of Illusion and Delusion Be Consumed within You
Let Your True Mother Nature, as Cosmic Flow, Emerge and Grow

            There is a wave of light that you may ride upon that is a wave of joy—divine joy. This wave may emanate through you, may resonate around you, may be fulfilled within you as you accept the divine currents of holy love and express them in divine wonderment through the essence of your heart.
            Each of you is a frequency of light, a pattern of perfection that God has endowed within your being to be expressive of that which water so beautifully manifests and represents as a type of Mother frequency that nourishes, that cleanses and that bestows God's essence as Mother to all life. There are many waves and frequencies of the specificity of your consciousness that are manifesting within your body temple even now as the water within your blood flows through your lifestream and nourishes the cells of your entire system and being of light.
            To work with water requires conscious awareness of the simplicity of Alpha and Omega within the molecule of water itself—hydrogen and oxygen in union, bonding together to create this magnificent essence that sustains life. The Earth itself is a diadem in the heavens composed principally of this holy essence, which makes this planet unique amongst this solar system.
            Consider this element in its ability to carry frequencies of the Mother Light, wave patterns of her noble nature, to every life form. Why, blessed ones, you were born within your mother's womb, tossing and turning almost as if you were within a washing machine. And your mother's tie to you maifest through that sacred umbilical cord. Her very essence nurtured the growth of your form and this process took part within a sublime and celestial state, hidden from the world but very present and visible to those of us who can see the light of the eye, the light of beingness within the soul.
            Some of you have had traumatic experiences in this and past lives, and all of these may be washed away simply by returning to the state of Mother love within the womb of the Cosmic Virgin, the Cosmic Mother. Truly, blessed ones, it is within this state of pre-beingness in the outer, but magnanimous beingness in the inner that you may experience your natal estate of divinity, of quintessence, of holy Presence.
            The undines desire for you to be joyful always! And even when at times you are serious in your spiritual work and endeavors, inside of your heart the light is leaping, aflame and afire with God-desire to be a wave of conscious presence distilled from the very center of all that is.
           From the point of nonduality within the hub, the All in all, you came forth as a wave. Consider how, this day and every day of your life, that wave who you are may be love, may be light, may be a living manifestation of joy.
            I, Neptune, take my trident and I stir the waters within the Earth to complete a cycle of fortuitous manifestation for each and every one of you and the domain in which you abide. Let the astral seas of illusion and delusion be consumed within you, and let your true Mother nature, as cosmic flow, emerge and grow.
            [Neptune sings a chant for 67 seconds.]
            A new wave is sustaining the Earth in light because you have entered the Spirit world and see clearly the Divine within all. Blessings, O hearts of water-light. I love thee. I love thee. I love thee.


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