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Clare de Lis      June 30, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2010   8:26-8:43 pm MDT
Summer 2010 World Freedom Conference
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp
Paradise Valley, Montana


We Applaud and Consecrate the Release of the New DVD

                                Sacred Journey in Photos and Music through the 21 California Missions

            In the living light of your eternality in God, I come unannounced this night to raise the frequency of this planet by an increment of sacred fire that is brought to bear because this specific gift of a few devotees of light has graced this planet with the love of the ascended hosts, the blessed Mother, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Father Juni, your beloved Kuthumi, Lanello, Saint Germain, John the Baptist, Saint Rose and others who have sponsored the original Spanish Missions, whose presence, whose light energy, whose specific frequency is anchored within this audio-visual gift from heaven.¹
            I, Clare de Lis come. For I, too, sponsor the glorification of the divine light within the mission named after my embodiment as Saint Clare, for I have ever held within my heart since that embodiment the immaculate image with the blessed Mother of every lifestream upon earth. And in the office that I held as World Mother and Mother of the Flame, I carried within my heart the fulfillment of the divine mission of all upon earth whom I came, and whom we came together, to serve and to set free, blessed hearts.
            Where this DVD is played there is a sacred enclave of light established for the securing in a thirty-three mile radius, a circumference of fire of our love and light, protection and the buoyancy of the spirit that flows and moves and caresses all elementals, all humans and even the very rocks within the earth.
            Yes, dearest ones, in addition to the publication of Mother Mary's Missions book, this offering from the heart of the ascended hosts is yours to utilize for the stabilization of that San Andreas Fault, throughout California and beyond. For where the blessed Mother walked through the messenger and spoke, and where Kuan Yin herself brought the mercy flame into manifestation within the earth, there there has been an anchoring deep within the fissures and the cracks and the recesses beneath the feet of millions who live in those environs of a cosmic essence of light-energy that even now has held a spiritual balance, has blessed numerous lifestreams, including yourselves, dearest ones.
            Therefore consider, each and every one of you taking to your heart, bringing to your heart this message conveyed, not with words, but with the living essence of the word that flows through the cadences and the Christic rhythms that numerous angelic presences inspired upon this messenger and his advocate; and that a number of ascended masters also graced the photographer with as he journeyed through these missions to capture in light and in pictorial representation through many points of reference the essence of the energy field of these missions.
            This is a heart offering, a veritable rose of light that grows and expands and moves and caresses souls, feeding their chakras with light, balancing and harmonizing their own auric frequencies, such that they as individual lifestreams and part of a collective society living within these environs, may know the essence of God in nature and within these missions, whose purpose was to resurrect the light of the Mother of Lemuria upon the western shores of America once again.
            Yes, dearest ones, though there was dogma and doctrine of a prior culture of Pisces that no longer suits your understanding of the movement of the Aquarian frequencies of love in this hour, and though there was conflict among the Spaniards and the native people, there was [yet] the anchoring [of light] through holy prayer, divine supplication, meditation and the gathering of souls for a holy purpose [and] the reinvestiture of that Lemurian [frequency] throughout California and into Mexico itself for the sustaining of a certain spiritual balance that has been carried over through a few centuries even to the present day.
            These seventy minutes are meant for the balancing of the seven rays of the spectrum of your own God-consciousness within the solar frequencies of light, the prismatic and charismatic light energies through your chakras, your seven bodies and beyond. And for those of you who desire to have this experience again and again, we suggest that you consider sharing this multimedia experience with those who may be open to its opportunity, especially those who yet worship within the Catholic tradition throughout California and beyond.
            We have moved this messenger and others among you to participate in this alchemy. And we applaud its completion, its publication and its release this night. And therefore, dearest hearts, we thank you for your attentive spirit, the silence of your contemplation of these images and of the receiving within your hearts and souls of this music divine, for the nurturing of your soul and spirit, for the reinvestment within you of the holy essences of angels, master presences and cosmic frequencies of solar light.
            Yes, the Solar Logoi came. It was a cosmic event in time and space at that particular mission dedicated to Saint Anthony. And the frequencies of the sun yet remain in crystal light vessels deep within the earth there. For the elementals play and frolic within them in great joy, in great reverence, in great cosmic anticipation of the coming again of those among you who may decide to visit and to reenact this event in your hearts and minds by replaying that message.
            Lanello comes now as Bonaventura to anoint your soul in light. He lights the way before you for your venture into
the spiritual realms that [are] good, that will be blessed, that will be bountiful because you too, as a spirit divine, have glimpsed the light of the Source and have decided to fulfill your mission in life. Let your mission be holy. Let your mission be true. Let it be fulfilled in this lifetime, in this hour, in this space, dearest ones.
            This I, Clare de Lis, declare and aver in the light glowing brightly here in your hearts. I thank you.

1.  Prior to the HeartStream a 71-minute DVD, titled Sacred Journey in Photos & Music through the 21 California Missions was shown to the audience. It is available in the on-line store of The Hearts Center website for $19.95.

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