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Surya      June 23, 2010

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
June 23, 2010   8:07-8:27 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


I Am Come to Infill the Earth with a New Solar Radiance

Study and Assimilate the Teachings of the Solar Masters
and Receive Aspects of Our Solar Consciousness

Surya and Cuzco Send Their Ray into the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

May the light of your own God Presence shine brightly upon and within you this day! 
           I am Surya! And I am come to infill the Earth with a new Solar radiance from the Sun of my Presence. Yet I use you, blessed ones, to be those receptors of light to fulfill the mandate of heaven whereby a new Solar agency is created  [so that] the evolutions of this planet understand their nature as Solar beings and how, before a golden-crystal age fully manifests, every man, woman and child must know that connection with the sun and all that can be and must be fulfilled within them [of] their Solar light.
            I have traversed in these two days the atmosphere of Earth, receiving unto myself the emanations of the evolutions evolving upon and within the Earth, feeling the impulses of their desires, their heartstreams, their thoughts and the soul feelings that emanate from the unknown regions of their inner being. Cuzco and I process all of these vibrations within our Solar radiance, even as we distribute to those who understand the nature of life certain higher life-giving essences that [they] are able to receive within their Higher [Selves].
            So there is the dynamic interplay of the giving and receiving within the Tai Chi and the figure-eight flow of our communion with Earth and the souls of mankind [in their] communion with the Lord. as a new divine reality takes hold upon this planet and an evolutionary leap in consciousness, in Solar Presence manifests tangibly in the lives of hundreds, thousands and even millions of souls.
            As you study the teachings of the great Solar beings and those who have come to Earth, such as Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and his guru, Peter Deunov, and you assimilate them by placing them into practice in your lives, you receive aspects of our own Solar consciousness, blessed hearts. For we have invested much in these two, who brought an awareness of the Universal White Brotherhood to the outer waking consciousness of tens of thousands of lifestreams in Europe and now throughout the world.
            Yes, these teachings must be studied, mastered and assimilated by greater numbers of the evolutions of this Earth. For we have set our seal, our stamp of approval, our Solar authority upon every word, every emanation, every mindful and heartfelt thought and feeling that these two lovingly expressed to the many disciples who came to them to receive a greater philosophy of life that is beyond the confines of organized religion, of doctrine and dogma of the past. Yes, these two assimilated the very light of the sun in their Solar meditation and received certain cosmic impulses from both Helios and Vesta and from us such that they could be transmitters of the higher conscious waves of light to humanity at large.
            Therefore study to show yourselves approved unto the divine ones who have invested much within these words and have imbedded within them eternal truths, [which] it is time that mankind en masse embrace. For the ways of unconscious living have manifest[ed] upon this Earth for far too long! And the end of the Kali Yuga and a transition to a new age of holy thought and blessed beingness is at hand right here and now, O mankind.
            So we come to accelerate the fire of the sun within the center of the Earth to burn away, to clear away, to send away the darkness that mankind has accepted within their own beings and through human ignorance has continued to express in all manner of abominations and degradations without respect for the Earth or life upon this sphere, this planet you call Earth.
            Yes, mankind, unless you respect the very fabric of life that is all around you, the nature divine of all that God, through the Elohim, has impressed and expressed within your world, you will not fully cognize the truth of your own being. Therefore seek God within and love all life free in all domains and environs and dimensional planes of being. For thereby you will win your eternal freedom; thereby you will secure in divine light your holy station through manifesting your purpose to be the Sun where you are.
            O holy ones, when Jesus proclaimed himself as a Son of God, he was proclaiming the divine destiny of every man, woman and child upon this Earth. For he stood to defeat the voices of darkness that had stripped away awareness of the soul and the spirit of beingness within those spiritual, or so-called spiritual, traditions of Buddhism, of Judaism that had foisted a murky cloud of density upon the auric fields of the evolutions of mankind in that hour.
            When you claim your Sunship—S-u-n—with us, then we blaze forth the Solar radiance of our cosmic auric field into your domain and there is an alchemicalization of light within you whereby you are changed [from] glory unto glory into a new formula of Godhood.1 Yes, your very DNA is transmuted as you accept the Sun Presence of your Higher Self within your very life, and you begin to shine and your aura begins to sing and the fragrance of the sunlight of your Godhood is perfumed throughout the atmosphere of the Earth.
            This course that the Master Morya El has taught on the advanced studies of the human aura should be common understanding amongst the peoples of this Earth, who do not see because they simply do not desire to see God and God's manifestation of beauty and light all around them.
            Open your eyes, mankind, to cognize the truth and the reality of life as it is, in truth, manifesting where you are!
            Now we send a ray into the Gulf to augment the work of Purity and Astrea and of all of you who have been giving of your hearts, your energies through prayer and meditation and visualization to secure a miracle for the stopping of the effects of this ignominy that has occurred of late.2 And we say:

            Burn through, O sacred fire of Solar radiance now!
through, O sacred fire of Solar radiance now!
through, O sacred fire of Solar radiance now!

Repeat it with me. [Audience repeats the fiat with Surya:]

through, O sacred fire of Solar radiance now! [13x]

            We create a ring of fire through this fiat of light—[which] through oneness you have participated in streaming forth—to recreate the Gulf, [which] has been devastated by this darkness, into a new Gulf of light.
            Yes, you see, blessed ones, that even in the midst of the greatest darkness a new opportunity for the phoenix of light to rise may occur. So use the phoenix as a thoughtform and a holy image in your meditation and in your visualization during this crisis. And see out of the ashes of the old age of darkness a firebird of the sun emerging, signifying a new Solar age of divine reality that all must claim, that all must know, that all must become a part of through conscious awareness, holy presence and supernal love of God.
            Our mission this day is accomplished. Continue to manifest your own Solar reality daily, blessed ones, by participating with the ascended masters of the Universal White Brotherhood and sharing their message far and wide by first becoming that truth through active assimilation and self-mastery of the Word within you.
I am Surya! I have come on my day! And now, in a chariot of fire, Cuzco and I soar again around the Earth to hurl Promethean fireballs to the evolutions of this planet. We thank you.

[Note: David said: “The Master said that the word should have been "to hurl Promethean fireballs.” So for the transcript, that is his desire.]

1. 2 Corinthians 3:18.
2. The master is referring to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted from a fire and explosion on April 20, 2010, on board an oil rig operated by British Petroleum. At the time of this HeartStream, the leak was still in the process of being contained. It was estimated that millions of gallons of oil leaked into the ocean, endangering wildlife and the fragile ecosystem in the area.


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