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Maha Chohan      June 19, 2010

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
June 19, 2010   6:00-6:16 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                    Imbibe the Spirit in Every Breath to Feel God Where You Are

            I AM THAT I AM here with you who would be moved in the Spirit to understand the nature of God in the Now where you live and move and have your being. Open your hearts to the Divine and feel the impulse of that Spirit as it moves through the deepest recesses of your being into the very microcosmic spaces of selfhood, even as it transcends all macrocosmic worlds.
            You come each morning to the fount of the Divine One to receive, even as you give the light. And each experience may be for you an opportunity to know greater presence of God within the totality of your being. And yet at times we see how there is not the fullness of the offering of selfhood such that you may experience new presence, new light, the new frequencies that we offer in the moment for the Lord of Life to move you into a higher spiral of living.
            Therefore I, the Maha Chohan, come to infuse this space with greater light-energy and to perfuse that spiritual essence of Godhood through every molecule of your being if you will accept the possibility that God is present where you are and that the light may flow and may expand within the vessels of selfhood! It is, blessed hearts, only a sense of limitation that somehow you are disconnected from the allness of God that has brought some of you to the sorry state of not feeling the energy of the Spirit each moment as you breathe. [Maha Chohan breathes in.]
Yes, I am that Spirit that you may imbibe in every breath to feel God where you are! [Maha Chohan breathes in and out.] Therefore breathe deeply each day and know the present possibility that every divine virtue may be yours; that every song of the Spirit may be heard and felt and [may] resonate within your cells and your body temple; that your wholeness may be sure and true throughout your life; that no matter what the estate of your body, your age, your mind-set, your past that God as the Great Spirit is here present within you, charging you with Solar light, charging you with the radiance of the divine quintessences, charging you to be who you are as God-realized ones.
            Long ago, thirty-six years ago this coming July, this messenger received the impartation of my fire in his first live experience of a dictation through a sponsored and anointed messenger. And therefore he has experienced three rounds of the twelve, [giving him the opportunity] to accept the balancing of that threefold flame through the twelve portals of Selfhood and the hierarchies of the sun within. This has been an opportunity for him as a witness, and [as] a spokesperson for us, to be of greater service [through] that light that I have empowered within the voice to also benefit life where you are. The divine graces that he has experienced may also be yours, the intentional release of sacred fire may scorch away the darkness of ages past within the subtle strata of your electronic belts, and a new empowerment of that Spirit may be yours day by day, blessed hearts!
            Yes, I raise my voice! But it is only for the release of the pressure of the Spirit such that you may feel within your aura and your entire being a greater movement of light, a greater infusion of my desire for you to ascend moment by moment in awareness and conscious presence, to know God where you are.
            The turning of another page of life is manifesting within these hours before and during the summer solstice. What will you accommodate of God's presence in your life in this new cycle? I ask. Will it be one of knowing the certainty of God's energy moving you each day to a new and holy experience of presence in God's light? Yes, I pray that each and every one of you will know what this one has known of the energy of God, of the light of the Source, of a great feeling of connectedness with the very heart of the universe, [of] the love of the Divine Mother, [of] the simplicity of beingness as you offer your full selfhood to be of service to humanity.
            I release a scintillating fire that is causative of a greater shift in awareness within this movement in this hour as cycles move on. And some who have accommodated only their lesser self, to a greater extent, move on to other pastures, [even] as we call many new hearts of fire to experience the teachings of the Good Shepherd, the true and noble Christ and Buddha, who are present every moment through this one to give you a new fire, teaching unbounded and boundless.
            At times, that which we have delivered has fallen on deaf ears only because you do not see or embrace our Presence. Think not that we are not here. Enfold divine glory whenever this one is present. For as you think and believe, so it is. And if perchance you feel nothing when we come, then look within to see what is the matter with you.
            [Maha Chohan sings in an unknown tongue for 52 seconds.]
            The angels of the Holy Spirit have woven and crocheted a new garment of blessedness around this one. And as you receive the impartation of the spiritual essence of the Presence of God, you too may receive a new garment of light, a new divine empowerment of holiness. Let every virtue sing within you, and may the light shine brightly through your life, lived to the glory of God. I thank you.


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