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Maha Chohan      May 18, 2010

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 18, 2010   12:38-12:51 pm local time
Tallinn, Estonia

Consider the Possibilities for a New Way of Joy through This Movement

Send Forth the Ray of the Holy Spirit as the Flame of Joy Wherever You Walk

Blessed Hearts Afire with Love This Day,
            I come to bring you a new sense of holy joy. For joy is the antidote to the sense of depression that comes when a sense of oppression is manifest in your world through the forces of nihilism, defeatism and anti-love that come to press you down, away from the buoyancy of spiritual uplift, into that burdensome realm that at times you feel in the midst of struggle and pain.
            Dearest ones, I ask you to send forth the ray of the Holy Spirit as the flame of joy this day wherever you walk, wherever you are. This is what is required in the environment of the cities, the peoples and the nation itself, [which] is beholden to an ancient way that is not divine, but comes as a result of those who would denude you [of] that virtuous sense of beingness in God as light.
            At times many of you feel the weight that has come upon the nations and her peoples as that gravity that keeps the souls of mankind enslaved to a way of death and hell and the diabolic dialectic of depravity. But this day, blessed ones, I ask you to choose, on behalf of the peoples, the nations and the world that you serve, a way of hope, of spiritual support and of ennoblement through the Spirit of light that will bring all to a crescendo of the sense of victory, opportunity—an open door to victory in all ways. This is what you feel welling up within you when you can touch the hem of heaven, even for a moment, inspired by the noble acts and example of others who have gone before you to free a people, a nation by their love.
            The victorious sense of life is what is required here amongst this people in Estonia. And if they can reach upward unto the light and receive that impartation of the Spirit, then the way will be made clear and plain unto them of what is required for them to move beyond the bonds of that which has enslaved their bodies, their minds and their souls for ages.
            If you would be this example of joy, then there must be the ways and means whereby the joyful Spirit of the Holy Spirit can come forth through you—heart, head and hand. And so I ask those within this activity to consider the possibilities for the emergence of a new way of joy through this movement and many arenas of activity.
            Did you feel yesterday or the day before when you were traveling by boat here that sense of joy when you laughed for a full three to five minutes, blessed ones? This laughter created waves of Holy Spirit light-energy across the Baltic Sea, you see, and throughout this entire region. And this was the specific antidote that was required for that sense of depression and oppression that has beset the peoples of this area of the globe through a downturn in the economies and all that has manifest[ed] as a weight and a burden upon their outer bodies, their souls and their spirits.
            So where you walk, imbed deep within the earth the new sense of Aquarian joy that is being birthed within your world and the atmosphere and in the hearts of certain individuals and peoples, [which] must take root in greater measure and be anchored and then sprout and grow to provide a new wave of opportunity, blessing and boon.
            When you have felt at your peak performance, dearest ones, have you not felt that sense of immaculate and divine joy burning within your hearts? And have you also [not] felt the movement of the Spirit because the joy flame was present in your mind, in your heart and consciousness? [And thereby it has been] extended to all through a frequency of grace that comes through that joy and as a cosmic expectancy that all will be well because God is making it so in this very hour through his magnanimous Presence manifest through your awareness of the perfectionment of being.
            So you see, even as you have perceived that the spiritual path is as much about vision and the clarity of that vision as it is about the overcoming of darkness, so I would add the concept that you empower this vision through the sense of joy and the blessedness of the Spirit that comes as that grace from the heart of God when happiness, buoyancy and even fun are manifest through your awareness.
           If you could see from our realm how much light goes forth from your being when you are engaged in the heavenly ritual of expanding joy through your songs and the aliveness of the Spirit in these sessions rather than [feeling a sense of] drudgery that comes because you must do a certain decree a certain number of times, blessed ones, you could curtail the length of some of these sessions and infuse them with greater light, because embedded within the few moments of time that you have is a victorious sense of Holy Spirit joy, you see!
            And so let there always be praising of God, singing, laughter and that buoyancy that comes even as dance and the merriment of your spirits, because this is what increases, by a factor not of x but of z, the flame of that Spirit manifest across the galaxies in the universe itself.
            O holy ones who are increasing in the flame of Holy Spirit love by virtue of your virtue, you see, I am here to tutor you, each one, in this flame of joy, in this flame of the cloven tongues; [which] are together because they understand the Alpha and Omega equation of what the Holy Spirit truly is as unity in duality, as a plurality of oneness in beingness.
            So harmonize your thought and feeling world through laughter as your solar plexus truly becomes that place of the sunlight of God.
            Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha!
[Audience joins in with the Maha Chohan:]
            Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha!
            Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha!
[laughter] as the ha! of the holy action of light is where you are.
            I am that Holy Spirit this day. May my grace and the truth of my beloved Pallas Athena be with you always as you walk and play in the light. I thank you.

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