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Clare de Lis      May 13, 2010

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Clare de Lis)
May 13, 2010   5:39–5:54 pm local time
2010 Sweden Spring Event
A New Fragrance of Divine Love for Scandinavia—Expanding the Unguent of Compassion to Save Sentient Life
Uppsala, Sweden

The Flowering of Divine Thought

Clare de Lis is the name that Elizabeth Clare Prophet accepted as her ascended-master name after she made her transition. She passed on last October and then made her ascension. She is the twin flame of Lanello, who was Mark Prophet. Mark started The Summit Lighthouse activity and Elizabeth carried it on. Some of you were in The Summit Lighthouse. I was for thirty-plus years.

Last year in October, Mother made her transition and ascended two days later. Saint Germain was the one who announced it at 7 am one Saturday morning. The next day, on Sunday, as I was ready to fly to Europe—to Paris and Vienna—she gave her first HeartStream through me at the airport in Bozeman. It was very quiet and gentle because I couldn't speak loudly. I was near a lot of people who wouldn't understand. So that first dictation is more gentle. And there she is.

The title of this HeartStream is “The Flowering of Divine Thought.” What she would like to share with us is that each of us is a flower and each of us is a divine thought in the mind of God. Before you were created in form, you were created in the mind of God as a beautiful ideation of beingness and perfection. You are truly a flower of God in your essence. Everything that you have become to date and that you will ever become in your perfectionment, God saw and held in his/her mind in the beginning, just as the seed holds within itself the potential, the pattern of perfection, in its totality, from which the beautiful flower, tree or plant will come forth.

So when you were created in the beginning, God saw the absolute beauty and perfectionment of all that you would become, right then and there, the moment before you were completely drawn forth into existence. And this happened in the great universal field of beingness that is known as the cosmic womb of creation. So it is in this Mother energy that this conceptualization of you occurred, in this womb of beingness that is the Mother aspect of God. Just as you are formed in this life from the merging of the seed of your father and the egg of your mother within the womb of your mother, so the same process occurred in God, in your Father-Mother God, in the very beginning. It was the first creation of you before form and body and materiality.

The flowering of your divinity, of your Buddha nature, your true nature, is a process. It is continuing even to today. The essence that flows through the stem and the stalk, that becomes the petals, that then becomes the flower is so sacred. This is what life is about. And the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is flowing through as a current of energy from the seed to the stem, to the petals, to the stalk, and to the flower continuously as an ever-growing experience. In each lifetime, you may be expressive of one little aspect, one little petal, of that flower. Yet the time is now for the full manifestation of your divinity, the full flowering of your essence to occur, because this is the end of an age and a cycle of time.

It is the end of many cycles of time: a 5,125-year cycle and a 26,150-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. We are merging with our Solar Source. This solar system is aligning itself with the galactic core, the center of the galaxy. As that process happens and we come closer to December 21, 2012, and as our solar system is aligned with that center of the galaxy, we have opportunity for the most powerful manifestation of our divinity in this 26,000-year cycle that we have been evolving through—of this precession of the equinoxes, in which we go through all of the 12 signs of the zodiac for a little over 2,000 years in each sign. That's a cycle. It's like one cycle around the galaxy that we, as created beings, are experiencing as souls.

It is absolutely time for us to graduate and to fully realize our potential. The moment for the flowering of our divinity, of who we are, has come. And there is no greater time for us to realize this than now and for the rest of this lifetime, which, for all of you in this room, each and every one of you, can be your final incarnation in form, if you chose to make it so; whereby when you leave this body temple, you will merge completely with your reality, and the full flowering of that divinity will be yours as Spirit.

The ascension process is like a lily that has fully realized its potential and bloomed to its perfectionment. And what happens? It exudes an aroma of such grace that we love to look at it, breathe it in and smell it. Well, the same thing is happening with you. The universe is experiencing you, as a divine creature, blossoming and coming to fruition right now. And it's so sacred, so beautiful, so tender that the universe is waiting in cosmic expectancy for this Self-realization of you to manifest in your divinity, because the cycles are perfect and the time and space are now.

Yes, we have had many incarnations and we've always had opportunity to be expressive of this divinity. And in each incarnation, we have hopefully learned our lessons, grown, mastered something and gotten closer and closer to that point of our graduation. Yet there comes a time in a cycle when it's time to graduate, it's time to receive the diploma, and it's time to be commissioned for a new life at a new level of beingness as an ascended being and to do more work for the universe and for life on Earth. Many of you have taken vows to stay with Earth as a bodhisattva and serve, even from the ascended level, to help the people of this planet to make it on their path, because many people are still asleep and don't know who they are. They haven't realized that they have God within them. They're still running around doing their best with their limited consciousness. Yet it's time for them to be awakened. And who better to awaken them than you because you have realized your full potential?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Guru Ma, Mother, Clare de Lis, is here to urge you gently to accept that it is time for your full flowering to occur so that the universe can receive the frequency of your love, your light, the aroma of your divinity, the beauty of your soul and what you have to offer as the gift of your spirit to every man, woman and child on this Earth. Because when you realize your potential in this way and you ascend, there is an explosion of light in your Solar Reality, and every good thing that you have ever done in all incarnations is there as a fruit to be shared with all life.

So as you meditate each day, as you pray and sing and do your spiritual work, in whatever form that takes, your light will rise to a new level in this experience of your union with the Divine to the point where it will be magnified in untold dimensions and planes of being; to the point where your highest expectations, your greatest dreams, your fullest potential will exude from you, as this beautiful flower, all the time in the eternal realms of Spirit. And to have just a taste of that for a moment in your meditation practice, in whatever you do that brings you to the point of stillness and beingness, is the goad to move you fully into that. Having a little taste is what the masters give us, a little bit of that nectar, that joyous experience of being in bliss, in total oneness.

The masters don't leave us here in this plane forever. They bring us to their hearts. And you will merge not only with your divinity—you will merge with your twin essence, your twin ray, or twin flame, the perfect complement of your being. I can't even tell you now in words what it will feel and be like when that experience happens, when you merge with your divine reality and with your twin ray, or flame, because it is the most awesome experience that you will ever have. You will be so full of joy and gratitude to the Divine that no words can fully express it. Many of you have touched that already in this life. You have felt it; you have felt the Spirit move through you; you have felt the most expressive aspect of your essence at times. Yet these times will one day blend into no time, into one point of perfectionment in which there is no time, no space and you are pure essence. And that is what you will know forever.

Clare de Lis says to keep on keeping on doing what works for you already. And add more to this potential by taking what we offer this weekend, in terms of a sense of holiness, peace, love and virtue, and accelerate it, because it is time for you to be that beautiful flower, and it will happen. So bless you.

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