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Helios      May 02, 2010

Beloved Helios
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2010   3:15-3:27 pm EDT
Nashville May Day Weekend
Nashville, Tennessee

                                       Accept Our Holy Offering of Timelessness and Spacelessness
                                                     and Live within Your Own Solar Light Always

Solar Spirits of the One God,
        I am reconceiving you in the immaculate image of the sun and of your own Solar Presence that is shining brightly above you now. Often, dearest ones, you forget your divine estate of how supernal you are as Sons and Daughters of the One. Therefore we come again to remind you of this divine estate into which you were born and unto which you will return when you have fully assimilated the solar radiance of your Higher Self through the conscious application of the Law of the One that blends and merges all into the cosmic stream of your divinity.
        There is a way that seemeth right unto a man or a woman, and yet the ends thereof are the ways of decay and death and destruction.¹ But, I show the way to life, resurrection and spiritual integrity! And when you imbibe the light from Helios and Vesta each day through solar breathing, through attention upon your Source, through meditation upon the orb of light above you, even when outwardly our physical appearance is clouded, you can engage in a new level of living that is indicative of those who have accepted their divine birthright as holy ones, made in the image and likeness of the Almighty, the Great Central Sun.
        Therefore choose you this day whom you shall serve—the Lord, the Law of the Word, the Logos or something less.² And by your choice to live within the full estate of your Solar beingness, we will come and we will teach you as your Father/Mother God of this solar system the way, the truth and the life of the Christos upon whose line we serve to set life free in truth.³
        All true teaching emerges from the stream of light of the living teacher who is God and who is represented through the sun. Therefore if you would be a true teacher of men and women, learn the ways of the sun. Accept the presence of that beingness shining through your mind, blazing through your consciousness, illumining all of your faculties and lending your aura the brilliance of Solar beingness that is that which we experience and know always at our core.
        Even within the Earth, blessed hearts, there is the sun of even pressure at its center. When you take this as your own model for your life and you are centered in cosmic equipoise with perfect equanimity and your solar plexus becomes free of all impulse less than the feelings of the Divine One rendered through your heart and your entire being, then you will have the secret of eternal youthfulness, of all resourcefulness in God. And that which you seek moment by moment will be instantaneously revealed unto you from within your heart, which is trued and in holy alignment with the eternal heart of God.
        Many look to outer teachers, books, systems and teachings to complete themselves, somehow thinking that they are less than who they are and that all of these studies are required to bring them unto their God-fulfillment and highest cause and mission. But we say look no further than your own heart for the source of all that you require to sustain you, to feed you, to nurture the great God-beingness that is ever present as the effulgence of Solar Selfhood, dearest ones.
        Yes, you give too much of your power to others to sustain you when the only one that ultimately you should look to is God within, as all true masters and teachers have shown you. Therefore resonate with the sun when you choose to live in fire. And through integrity enter your Buddhic beingness, your true nature in the full sense of cosmic authenticity. And through this, realize your Selfhood in God within the light of the Eternal One.
        We have come for a moment within time and space to effuse the eternality of timelessness and spacelessness here for you, each one. Accept our holy offering and live within your own Solar light always. That is where you will find joy. That is where you will find fulfillment. That is where you will know who you are as God-realized Sons and Daughters of the One. We thank you and send you on your way, victorious in the spirit with Mighty Victory and his legions who know always that the light of God is real and victorious in all ways.
        We now step up the solar frequency of light around Nashville and this entire state to burn away the dross of the unconsciousness that has permeated the beings of the people who live in these environs, causing them to forget who they are. And therefore we say, blaze forth the light of the sun here! Blaze forth the light of the sun here! Blaze forth the light of the sun here! Where the black sun and orb have held sway, let a new solar sphere reside because we have come.

1.  Proverbs 12: 14; 16: 25
2.  Joshua 24: 15
3.  John 14: 6

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