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Portia      May 01, 2010

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
May 1, 2010   8:01–8:23 am CDT
Nashville May Day Weekend Event 2010
Nashville, Tennessee

The Opportunity to Be Mothers of Aquarius

Be Moved through Aquarian Love to Embellish the Cosmos with Your Essence

Blessed Ones,
            You are all mothers of Aquarius! Did you know this, whether in male or female form in body? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] You are commissioned this day, on the ascension day of my beloved Saint Germain, to go forth to proclaim your divinity and the merging of your soul, which is the feminine aspect of yourself, with the Father Spirit light and to be electrodes of freedom for this planet.
            Yes, we must have those who understand the nature of the Mother light, who have fully raised the kundalini within themselves, to ascertain the holiest concept of selfhood within the Father principle of Spirit. For when, blessed ones, you know yourself as Father and Mother and you have harmonized and balanced the Alpha and the Omega frequencies of Spirit and Mater within you, then there is the birth of Krishna, of Christos, within the center of your heart; and from that point of beingness does emanate the totality of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, of Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit from within.
            There has been a harmonizing action of light within your heart this day that will be completed on the morrow with the coming of Parvati, who will bring forth and manifest that Shivaic love in a new and holy essence from within you. So prepare and know the principles of light that flow as a caduceus action through the ida, the pingala and that central shushumnic portal through the center of your spine, whereby you experience the harmonizing of all within and through your sacred vessel, blessed ones.
            I AM Portia; I AM the Goddess of Opportunity and of Cosmic Justice. This opportunity that I present for you to be Mothers of Aquarius was given unto you before your incarnation in this life as you stood before the Karmic Board and said: “O great ones, yes, I will go forth to complete my life plan of all incarnations. Yes, I will fulfill my fiery destiny to anchor within the Earth my selfhood in God, to resolve all psychological aspects of selfhood within the Earth domain. Yes, I will anchor in form the formlessness of Spirit, and there will be the bursting forth through my heart of all that God has vouchsafed to me as this opportunity to live again a life of meaning, of sacred worth and of divinity where I am.”
            Yes, dearest ones, though these may not have been the exact words that you spoke unto the august body of the Great Karmic Board, yet in your soul you did deliver an impetus of fire that we reflected back to you as cosmic intention to merge with the stream of your divinity through various spiritual teachers and practices until you came to that point of self-realizing yourself as who you truly are, of knowing with a richness all that you came to deliver to this planet.
            And so I come this day to remind you of your vows and of the full intensity of your soul's yearning for freedom from all that has inhibited you on the sacred pathway of light, and that this day Saint Germain's magnanimous Presence and fiery, purple heart in your midst will amplify and increase your God-desire to know and to be freedom embodied in the Earth.
            My beloved has spoken again and again over the years through various messengers to lead you on a course to the star of your own divinity, and yet many have let go of his hand as a beloved Father image and one who can lead them directly to the truth of beingness within their God Presence. And so he asked me to come as a Mother of Aquarius to inspire you to again take his hand; to utilize in your spiritual practices the teachings of the violet light and now the crystal-fire energies of all of the twelve rays; and to glean more and more of that essence of your Godhood that you may master, that you may exemplify as God-men and God-women in this age, in order to help lead hundreds and thousands to the true path of light.
            Dearest ones, there is not only one way to God, as you know, but there is the pathway that is right and beloved for you that your own soul laid out in communion and communication with your Higher Self long, long ago. And so I say, walk that path; be true to your highest integral beingness in God; walk in that light. Be surfeited in the Spirit and enjoy the cosmos every moment as you take the hand of your beloved I AM Presence, your sponsoring masters and of my own beloved, who will direct your course, truly, unto the highest outcome that you can imagine, that you can dream of and that you can experience by the holy intention and the sacred devotion of your mind and heart working in perfect harmony.
            Dearest ones, I give you a vision of Aquarius in this moment, of what life may be like upon Earth in the Golden Crystal Age that is dawning even now in the minds and hearts of many and which, by your holy efforts, may manifest in greater authenticity and actuality through your lives lived to the glory of God. Utilize this vision to succeed in all that you aspire to with grace, with blessedness, with hearts upturned to your Solar Source. Yes, you may vibrate with clarity if you desire to simply look up and know your divinity each moment. Yes, your lives may be sublime in the highest sense as your auras are suffused with spiritual radiance by the holy intent of your minds and hearts to sing the celestial song that is your song, your melody to sing.
            When you together raise your voices in acclamation of all that is holy and beautiful, we the ascended hosts experience the cosmic essence of you as God beings soaring beyond your material framework of being. You rise into the heavens and experience with us that celestial essence of the perfectionment of light in all of its gradations, nuances and specific frequencies.
            Utilize this experience this weekend of living within the etheric plane to bring that light-energy, that new drive, that new élan and cosmic virya into your daily affairs and experience. Be reenergized in freedom's light. Be moved through Aquarian love to embellish the cosmos with your essence, to perfume the Earth with the aroma of your heart fires.
            I AM Portia. I love you as your true mother in this hour. For those who may not have experienced fully the authentic love of a true earthly mother, I give you my heart to know what God-love is. Revel in this and know the Eternal's perfect communion with your heart every moment, blessed ones.
            With joy supreme, I seal your souls in the cosmic essence of freedom, of justice and of opportunity to love again and again and again. I thank you. 

Messenger's comments:  

            I see Portia's angels bringing to many of you little soul essences that have been lost or temporarily abandoned in past lives or in this life through anger or a lack of attention upon God or your True Self. These angels carry these soul parts back for integration within you, each little soul part having wings of light.
            And now there is the integration of these, the essences of your true soul nature, into your soul through joy, as a type of cosmic surgery in reverse is manifest. You see, the angels are cosmic scientists and physicians. And just as human physicians at times remove body parts that have decayed, are cancerous or problematic, so these soul parts are reintegrated through a sacred process, a Buddhic reintegration.
            You may feel a change, hopefully not a discomfort, but there may be the requirement for a little extra sleep tonight to accommodate this reintegration, the soul retrieval of these sacred parts of yourself. So before you retire, after a wonderful supper and the final presentations of tonight, if you desire, simply kneel before your bed and ask that this integration process be fulfilled in the etheric world as you joyfully receive back unto yourself these sacred parts. And rest in the sure knowledge that God loves you; that you are beloved of God, fully; that your self-worth is sure and true; that no one, no person, can take away the integrative essence of who you are as a God being; that no experience, no diatribe, no angst, no human psychological drama can ever remove from you the trueness or truth of who you are; and therefore you are self-realized in this sure knowledge that you are validated and valued of the cosmos, of the Divine One, of the Almighty.
            For those of you on the broadcast and those who will listen to this replay, the same dispensation is available to you the day or the evening that you hear this replay if you will follow the same ritual and abide within the sacred space of the love of your Higher Self, and the love of your Higher Self for your lower self, your soul. Let us no more see these as two disparate or separate essences, but integrated as one. You are who you are, I AM THAT I AM in form as you.
            God bless you. Have a wonderful repast. Let us sing to Saint Germain, “The Violet Flame Waltz.”

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