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Gautama Buddha      April 28, 2010

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
April 28, 2010  6:25-6:39 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Gautama Buddha's Wesak Message
I am a Resource for You to Know the Divine
I Come This Day to Redirect Consciousness Through A Portal that I Creat of Buddhic Beingness

Gracious Ones Who Are Awakening to Your Own Buddha Nature,
            I come extending currents of heart-mindfulness on this Wesak morn.  And these waves of light are flowing across the earth to gently touch the hearts and minds of many. Did you know, blessed ones, that the earth-touching mudra that I gave was made very gently?  For the earth respects those who respect her. And all elemental life felt the frequency of my love's determination to be a point of centeredness within the cosmic All to safeguard life, to bestow a new radiance of life to all mankind, and to be a nexus for illumination's fire that would in time quicken many to their own enlightened state of being whereby fully awake they, too, could subdue Mara and rise above all karmic differences into the state of libration that is Buddhic indifference.
            I am a resource for you to know the Divine. And you may utilize the currents of heart-mindfulness that I continue to emanate, to shower upon life every moment and within every space sanctified by presence. 
Mankind has been indoctrinated through many and varied teachings that separate the mind and the heart from the pure mindstream, the effulgent heartstream of the One. So I come this day to redirect consciousness through a portal that I create of Buddhic beingness to the one eternal light that is the only resource that may safeguard you within the Allness of the One, in perfect beingness within perfect stillness within your heart. [Silence for 24 seconds]
            Many devas come now and provide for each of you a gentle shower of Buddhic power and bliss and love of God where you are. And if you accept this empowerment of the spirit and receive the flower that I offer of your own Buddhic divinity, you may know a certain surcease from struggle, from all that keeps you from your inner peace, harmony and Buddhic balance.
            Yes, blessed ones, no matter what is occurring in the outer world and within the caverns of your own consciousness at times, whereby subconscious patterns continue to arise to trick you into believing that they are real, you may be the discerning ones who gently say to all of these, “Not real, not real, not real,” and accept the continuous stream of the ideal of God within your auric field whereby light is the way, the middle way, to all that is real. 
            Each and every one of you has been endowed with a God-essence that is your true and noble Selfhood. Accept and realize the full actualization of Buddhahood where you are on Wesak and every day that you may also experience my presence, my centeredness, my love-wisdom for you.
God is intrinsic to beingness. Therefore, ergo, be Buddha everywhere, every time, and you will find me always and in all space. [Gautama exhales for 4 seconds.] I wipe clean the Maric mists of density that have clouded the earth and your auras, giving you a new start and a fresh outlook on life as beautiful. Learn diligently the path by accepting its eightfold way that I place before you within the secret chamber of your heart.
        OM, chela. OM, budding one. OM. OM. OM.

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