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Omraam      April 11, 2010

Beloved Omraam
David C. Lewis
April 11, 2010   9:00-9:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Through Your Lives Lived as Examples of Solar Beings,
the New Way May Be Known

Gracious Adherents of the Eternal Truths,
            In the light of the morning sun, I come and surround you with an aura of solar brilliance. I have entered the sun and I invite you to do likewise, imbibing the very breath of the sun—that which the Solar Lords continue to emanate through the sacred process of divine respiration, whereby light is known, light is sown throughout the cosmos, light is growing throughout the spheres of sentient life.
            When mankind understand their eternal nature as light and identify with their own Solar essence and the Presence of God that is infused through this Solar reality, then a golden-crystal age of love-wisdom may manifest upon your sphere. It is incumbent upon you as devotees of that one light not only to be the harbingers of this New Age but to be its full proponents, whereby through your lives lived as examples of Solar beings, the new way may be known.
            As I have communed with my master, the eternal one, Peter Deunov, and all of the celestial beings whose divine purpose we have served in numerous incarnations upon earth, we have desired to bring to the greater body of those who know of the Universal White Brotherhood greater access to the teachings of the Great Solar Lords, whom we understand now in an even more sublime context through the fires of immortality, through the divine reality of the Spirit that flows through our beings. The universal Presence of light must be understood, and your science is only at its infancy in beginning to understand the very nature of man as God in potential. In the current age dawning, the flowering of your divinity through the inculcation within the deepest portions of your being of all Solar essences is the way created before you to walk in.  Your example of Solar living may move hundreds and thousands into this divine stream that we have emulated and attempted to express nobly in our lives.
            Blessed ones, the disciplines of the Spirit of the great Solar Lords is even beyond your current conception. And if you could see the accuracy, the sublimity of their externalization of the great ethereal light, you would be amazed at the cosmic quintessences that are resident within their Solar beings and how these are sent forth as great streams of consciousness, imparting the highest virtues, the most noble qualities of God in all realms of being.
            As you begin to imbibe the very fragrance of the sun, [as you are able to hear] the sounds of the celestial spheres as they are impressed upon the delicate fabric of your higher hearing faculties, as you are able to taste that which heaven has prepared as a succulent ambrosial food for higher thought, as you are able to touch the very hem of heaven by reaching up into the light and feeling its very essence as it graces your world and the higher worlds, as you are able to smell the heavenly aromas of flowers that are beyond description in their Elysian beauty, you begin to have the refinement of all of your lower senses such that they may be vehicles for the higher senses of the Oversoul.
            Truly, blessed ones, God can be known within your realm if you believe and if you begin to conceive of that which he has prepared, she has given birth to as the great light of holy love, wisdom and truth that you have available to you at all times through your identification, acceptance and through the nurturing of your deepest being. Follow that which I have received and will continue to deliver unto you with my Master and with the noble lords, the chohans, the archangels, Melchizedek and the great ones who have gone before you to prepare a place among the stars for you to abide in Spirit, even as you are firmly anchored, feet planted squarely on the ground to live a practical life of spirituality.
            Yes, dearest ones, there may be no compromise of your principles when you both see through the Magellanic clouds of the cosmic spheres unto the very heart of the Divine One and yet are tethered to that which you must accomplish upon earth as your mission in life. There can be no dichotomy when you are self-realized in the highest sense through bringing the spiritual resources that we provide into your domain through work, through action and through the flowering of these divine impulses in the greater works that each of you is destined to accomplish and master.
            Listen now as a celestial spirit sings the song of the sun that resonates through your crown chakra in this hour, harmonizing elements of higher mindfulness within your Atmic being, bringing into play those Buddhic realities of celestial spheres right within the domain of your auric field. As these frequencies resonate within you, there is an adjustment of cosmic cycles of karma as you are able to see anew the path before you, laid out by us, and walk fully in it in the great Solar light.
            [Master inhales and exhales three times.]
            Yes, Helios and Vesta are continuing to perfume this solar system with the essence of their holiness and draw all created beings into the heart of higher truth. As you engage in the solar sciences that you are beginning to know in their rudimentary stages of mastery, I will come again and again in person, if you would, directly before you to allow you to see, feel, hear, touch and taste the solar quintessences that I was privileged to know, to discern and to imbibe during my incarnation as your holy brother, friend and, as some have called me, master.
            This is the personal aspect of God that may still be yours in your meditation as your daily fare if you accept the reality of my presence in your midst. I will guard the greater sphere of your auric field from the attempted penetrations of the dark clouds of nihilistic emanations of the false prophets and those who come to thwart your holy efforts at establishing community, at furthering our cause in many realms. Truly, as you connect with those who have read of the Master Deunov and my works and begin to conceptualize together a new community of the Spirit worldwide, connected by your common acceptance and belief of these eternal truths vouchsafed unto you, there can be a swelling of [your] ranks, of your witness and of the work in which you are engaged, which, truly, blessed hearts, is beautiful to see even from our realms when you maintain the faith, the trust and that light within your midst by your conscious choice.
            The Lord Alpha has sent me on this mission this day to anchor an aspect of his being within the auric field of the EarthTherefore I stabilize various regions through his essence, his effulgence. There is a softening of the karmic patterns that [have] resulted in division, stress and human anxiety, that, pooled, [have] become a collective anomaly resulting in war, pain and suffering.
            With the Lord Buddha before me, I touch the earth this day to subdue Mara again within your realm such that you may be free to surpass that which you have attained to thus far, reaching up into the light to know your true nature as God.
            I thank you for your meditation and prayers, your songs and the spirit of love that flows through them, within them to all. I am Omraam and I seal you ever in the light.

Messenger's comments:

Thank you, blessed hearts, for your attention today, for the service to life that you are engaged in. In about ten minutes we begin our next Meru University class, number four, of the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura by beloved El Morya. I would like us to consider the words of the Master expressed most beautifully today, as we can listen to them and hear them, study them again and again when they become available. There are many keys within his words, some of which we have known for a long time, but others of which we may access as we read between the lines and truly study them and let them resonate within us.
            Of late, the last few days, some of you may have been feeling a certain burden within the earth, within your beings. Whenever this occurs, you can be assured that it is an opportunity to hold a certain balance for the earth. And we are doing this together. It's a time to breathe deeply, to go within, to note what is playing upon your consciousness and the planetary auric field and consciousness.
            Sometimes these intense feelings come because Helios and Vesta [are] sending streams of light that, as we heard last week in our class, are causative of the shift that is required for all of us to move into higher consciousness. Outwardly we may feel them as this certain pressure, but if we truly go within and let this higher pressure work its work on our beings and deep inner core, I believe that we can learn how to accept these divine quintessences and allow them to transform us and to help us to grow.
            So, even while some are suffering intensely in their physical bodies, this is a process of transmutation. It is an opportunity for spiritual growth at a very deep level. We have known how many of the saints have been able to transform the planet by their acceptance of very intense levels of suffering whereby karmic patterns of planetary dimension are consumed through their heart fires and through the process of suffering.
            Now, I am not saying that every time that you suffer you are working out planetary karma. Sometimes it's simply a matter of wrong choices in our daily lives and the patterns that we have created through habit. However, for many of you who are advancing in your spiritual work and science, the cosmic masters at times throw us these little streams of light that may appear as burden to test us, as it were, to see if we can rise higher to strive through the events, the situations, the problems, the challenges and by our striving and expanding our aura and our light, transmute these on behalf of all.
            So, this is something I have contemplated for a while. You've heard different aspects of this teaching, of how each of us is being called higher. And so it's up to you to determine how you will work to move through these planetary shifts and changes in order to come out sublimely clear and beautiful on the other side of the initiation and testing.
            So, thank you so much. We will end our service now so that we have a few minutes to transfer over to the Meru University class, which will begin in about five minutes. Thank you and God bless you.

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