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Clare de Lis      April 08, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis

April 8, 2010   8:08–8:28 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

Reclaim Your Divine Inheritance and Be Free

Blessed Hearts of the Living Word,

In the interest of heaven, it is imperative that you keep your appointment with destiny, though, more importantly, it is in your own enlightened self-interest to reclaim your divine inheritance and be free. For God does not desire to maintain his assets only in the eternal realms of light; he is most interested in his personal investments within his sons and daughters upon Earth. And it is time that the ledgers above and below be balanced by all conscious ones, utilizing those gracious gifts of the Spirit to bring the kingdom of heaven upon Earth.

What has been lost can be regained. What has been purposely secreted away from the eyes of humanity by the archdeceivers is now coming to light. The truths that have been denied by a traitorous priesthood are now being openly discussed throughout the world, and the ways of error and evil are being exposed for all to see. Once the light of truth is revealed, it is incumbent upon the one who receives that divine wisdom to further its cause and deliver its message of hope and reality to all.

Your light cannot be hidden under a bushel1 if you are to enter the revelatory realms of the Buddhas, whose minds penetrate all truth and whose hearts sing of the Pure Land of light. To reclaim and then to use your eternal rights—your life, your liberty and your freedom to pursue divine happiness—you must first understand their underpinnings, both in heaven and on Earth. Heaven's laws are inexorable, even as man's laws continue to either evolve or devolve based on civilization's progress or a lack thereof. What is sure is that when man's laws are in alignment with heaven's, then soon the Earth will return to its pristine Edenic state.

The Law of the One is the law of love and of the Creator's investment in each created being's divine substance and essence that is expressive throughout the entire creation. When, from this one law, many human laws are created because of a dualistic consciousness that desires to enter into division or diversification, then heaven's ways become clouded from the eyes of men in a myopic soup of illusion and they no longer see clearly. They lose their knowledge of the Creator's investment within themselves and then cannot use this resource to their own benefit.

When you say, “I claim the light of my Presence now,” in this or that situation, it brings your birthright into play in your world. “I AM the victory of this cause manifesting now because God lives right where I AM” delivers to your doorstep a divine packet of light in the form of a divine asset, now changed into a human asset because it is transferred to your domain. God becomes a debtor to you and will only be satisfied when you reinvest that light in good works carried out to his glory. In this way, the light rises to pay off his liability and the cosmic ledger is balanced anew.

Dear ones, the more you invoke light through prayer and meditation and service, the more your eternal inheritance grows. For God uses the accrual basis of accounting, and every act of grace and mercy immediately multiplies in heaven toward your ultimate freedom from the ledgers of human living on Earth. And yet even here, you may receive again and again the necessary interest you require to fulfill your mission and vision as outlined in your own personal portfolio of life.

Freedom comes at a cost. That cost is that you spend your inheritance wisely through continuously investing it day after day, hour after hour in godly works, virtuous deeds and righteous acts of grace, mercy and kindness. Through less self-interest you benefit all life, including your Higher Self.

In the interest of heaven, I have come. I AM Clare de Lis, and I invest my life again in those whom I love and those whom I will continue to serve until all are fee-free.

David:  Blessed hearts, this was Clare de Lis' HeartStream that was originally released to me on December 7, 2009, at 5:20 in the morning. It was number 27 out of 33. It's interesting that it spoke from a perspective of accounting, which, I'm sure, you heard within the HeartStream—of the investment of God, the ledgers, inheritance, and the last statement, which was kind of funny,  “until all are fee-free.”

We can ponder how God has invested himself/herself within us. We heard during the recent Easter conference that just as God invested his light within us, within the threefold flame, so he retained a portion of ourselves within him—a beautiful teaching from Nada.

Yesterday's teaching about balancing our karma and ways and means for us do this was brought forth because the masters see what is on the horizon and why it is so important for us to take the opportunities to accelerate the balancing of our karma to get beyond where we are and realign ourselves with our Divine Presence. Because when we have balanced our karma, as you heard the Master Omraam say in the reading yesterday, that is the point where we are truly free. We are not really free until we balance all of our karma.

I believe that heaven provides the ways and means that allow those who accommodate God in their lives to accelerate that process, through the mercies and graces of the Spirit. Part of this was elucidated yesterday. As I reflected on it more and more, I came to understand that truly it is grace and mercy that are some of the highest qualities of the Godhead, which, when employed by the archangelic and angelic kingdoms in our domain, allow us to rise faster into our essential nature than if we were to trudge through life fully bound—or seemingly bound—by the law of karma.

Just as the industries of today and the science of today are always seeking better means to make living easier, with more refined technologies and various devices, et cetera—so heaven seeks means to inculcate its energies within our world through new methodologies. This is an interesting concept. Heaven is not static; it is evolving, just as we are evolving. The universe is expanding in its consciousness because of the collective, universal awareness of all life.

We may think that heaven knows everything—and, in a sense, there is the universal Spirit and the cosmic consciousness of the Almighty permeating all ascended realms of being—and yet even with this, heaven is growing and evolving just as we are. And so spiritual methodologies, tools and resources are being continuously developed, refined and then inspired upon those of us in incarnation to utilize for the betterment and evolution of mankind. It's a great concept. If you think about it logically, if it were not so, then everything would be predestined. Everything would be static and there would be no new understanding, no divine revelation, and life would be drudgery.

Yet because heaven is engaged in Earth—and we hopefully are engaged in the heavenly concepts of light that can bring these divine resources to us—we can, through our meditation practice, through attunement and by rising in the Spirit, receive these divine frequencies and understandings and then bring them into a practical application within our lives for beauty to come forth, for the ennoblement of the race, for the further edification of children and new generations being born and evolving upon Earth.

So each new generation should be evolving to new and higher levels of conscious awareness, by the grace of God, by the mercy of the Lord, which is beyond all human understanding from the level of the Earth earthy, from the level of these very dense physical bodies. Yes, we are evolving through them, yet this is not our divine estate. Yes, we utilize these coats of skins to live, to breathe, to move and have our being within the Earth—the atmosphere of the Earth, the water of the Earth and the etheric and even other dimensional planes that are interrelated where we live. Yet as we live more and more in Spirit and gain spiritual insights, understandings and, through intuition, garner these frequencies into our consciousness, into our higher mindfulness, then more and more of that heaven light-world comes into play and into reality within our realm, and Earth is suffused into heaven, and vice versa.

This interplay of light and darkness, this interplay of dimensional frequencies is very interesting. And it is part of the dynamic of the universe itself that is sustained by love and by all of the qualities and virtues of God that are diffused throughout the cosmos in subtle ways and in beautiful streams of light. In the book that we are studying in our Meru class, we learn that 97 percent of the universe is what is called dark matter. I see this as the womb of the Mother. It's sacred space that is not yet impregnated with a specificity of the seed ideations of the Divine whereby it can manifest as conscious awareness through a created form. There is so much of this womb Mater yet waiting to be utilized by the created sons and daughters of God, who, when they rise to their divine estate, are then sanctioned and authorized to create at a cosmic level. And because of their alignment with holy purpose, they can use the resource within this dark matter, as the womb of the Mother, to co-create new worlds, new cosmic ideations and beautiful renderings.

So creation never really stops, and yet it is co-creation because God has invested the authority to create within us as his sons and daughters. If God did not allow us to create, then the universe would be static or fully dependent only on the original Source. Yet because God invested himself within his sons and daughters and gave them the authority and the opportunity to be co-creators, it brings forth a different and wonderful manifestation. And some of these creations are not necessarily always perfect, yet that is part of the drama and the dynamic of life itself. We learn as we go at times, and hopefully we learn to righteously utilize the resources given us for the noble and holy purposes of the Divine One.

So Clare de Lis spoke of our appointment with destiny and asked us to reclaim our divine inheritance and be free. When we first re-claim this divine inheritance, which we have always had, and then utilize it to fulfill our appointment with destiny, then we will be free.

So God bless you. Recently we took into our bookstore copies of the memorial service of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, which includes the cremation service and then musings on her life by many of her friends, a celebration of her life. It's a three-DVD set. We have it on our website and it's available in the bookstore. I believe it's $31.95 plus shipping.

I was viewing the second DVD. It's the cremation service and it's very lovely. They play a number of songs and give decrees that we used to give in the previous activity of The Summit Lighthouse, including a recording of a Friday-morning rosary led by Mother. I was considering possibly the opportunity of playing this tonight. We'll have to see if we can secure the appropriate permissions. I called one of Mother's children to get this permission because this three DVD set says “Copyright the Prophet family.” So if I can secure this, then we will try to play a portion of that tonight—not the entire thing. It's very long and yet I think part of it is very beautiful.

So God bless you on this celebration of Mother's birthday. If you haven't already sung, I'll simply say: [David sings:] Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Mother, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Clare de Lis, happy birthday to you.

God bless you. Have a wonderful day and we'll be speaking with you again soon. Bye-bye.

1. See Matthew 5:15; Luke 11:33; Mark 4:21.

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