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Helios      April 04, 2010

Beloved Helios and Vesta
David C. Lewis
April 4, 2010  3:11-3:21 pm MDT
Bozeman, Montana
The Spiritual Fragrance of the New Age
20101 Easter Conference

Know the Impelling Nature of Love-Wisdom within the Seed of Your Being
We Breathe Now the Solar Wind Upon the Entire Earth


            Have you tasted the fragrance of the sun, I ask? [No audience response.]  Is that all?  [Audience responds, "Yes."]  In what way? [Audience offers responses for 40 seconds.] Breathing.
            The cosmo-conception is yours to discover within our hearts and the fire of our solar awareness which is being pulsed out to you and pulsed in through you, through the sun of even pressure of your own Solar Presence. To discover God go within to the sun of your own being and feel and know and experience the fragrance of the new age as it already is manifesting through your higher consciousness. For truly, blessed ones, you may always look outside of yourself to discover more truth, teaching, guidance, support and love. But ultimately you must discover all of this within you.
            Every message that you ever hear through this messenger in this dispensation is first conveyed to your Higher Self in microcosmic milliseconds of time before they are spoken outwardly. And all of these truths were embedded within the seed ideation of you as a co-creator in the beginning. And it is through your experience of life that all of these elements of being are gradually flowering, growing, and expressing through you as you emerge into your divine beingness.
            Long ago Vesta and I discovered the process of co-creation which truly was as simple as observing a tiny seed planted and of how the divine intelligence within that seed held the key to its full manifestation. And as we, with heightened perception, began to understand [how] all the characteristics, the elements, the consequences, the ramifications of what that cosmic imprint of God-identity within that seed would be fulfilled through the natural processes of life, we then looked within ourselves to know all of these same characteristics that we, through the self discovery process, could allow to be known and  manifest and expressed within us.
            When all truths are boiled down to the simple reality of what life is, you will know the impelling nature of love-wisdom within the seed of your being, and then your solar light may shine, your solar radiance may flow, your divinity may flower in ways that now you're only beginning to comprehend.
            Each Eastertide is the perfect time to revisit this holy dynamic of the resurrective energies that are inherent within you as a God-created one. Though many traits have laid dormant, it will not always be so. For we will highlight them. We will continue to impress our radiance through your solar cells until you are fully energized into the divine ones that we always behold you as within our solar eye.
            [Helios inhales then exhales the sacred fire breath.] We breathe now the solar wind upon the entire Earth bringing new conceptual realities of beingness into its atmosphere and into the higher mindful states of being of all who seek God. [Another sacred breath is released.] Yes, our solar breath is an extension of the cosmic fire of Alpha and Omega that we transfer to the ready ones for a new victory consciousness to be theirs so that they may soar unto the sun of their own being and to maximize their efforts on behalf of all lifewaves to free the earth and to raise it always in sacred solar fire.
            We are Helios and Vesta. We long ago surmised that you are God. No longer be surprised that it may be so for you in the twinkling of the eye of Elohim.

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