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Lanello      February 26, 2010

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 26, 2010   8:00-8:23 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Dispensation from the Great Central Sun
The Awakening of Mankind Is Occurring

El Morya Teaches Meru University: The Course of the Millennia to Attend
Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

Precious Hearts,
            Thank you for the fire within your heart that has made possible this day a new conflagration of the eternal Spirit of the Lord within the Earth.
            I am Lanello. I am the Sun-key to the incarnation of that Sun-Spirit within you this day. For when you abide within the Sun of your Presence, all things are possible. And through trust, belief and acceptance of the highest outcome of every situation, you allow the Almighty to act in your world and to infuse you with that divine Spirit.
            Many of you have sought ways and means of sustaining the light within your aura and chakras such that you can be a vessel for the Lord in all ways. And we the ascended masters see your striving and the activity of that Spirit within your beings, and in all possible ways we add the momentum of our light-energies, our causal bodies to this equation so that every moment of your lives may be one of self-fulfillment in God.
            This day I announce to you a dispensation from the heart of the Great Central Sun, to whom I have traveled and sought, on bended knee before the altar of the Almighty, a new stream of light on your behalf. And I say, blessed hearts, that because of the activity of a certain number of you who have sustained a level of light within your beings for many months and even years, the Almighty has granted this dispensation unto this activity and unto those who have been constant in their devotions, in their attentiveness to their own Divine Presence and to the Solar reality of their higher being.
            This dispensation is all-encompassing and even goes far beyond the activity of this specific dispensation. For when a certain number upon Earth become, as it were, the tipping point by the light that they carry for a greater effect of the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood upon Earth, then we may move into other domains; we may take the energies that you have invoked and utilize them in ways and means of which outwardly you are unaware.
            Yet I say that the awakening process of mankind is occurring. And though some see the crumbling of the outer order as a manifestation of mankind's unconsciousness, when many see this as a stepping stone for their own holy ascent into the light and for a greater activity of spiritual education and of conveying to mankind the eternal truths that we have always been models for and attempted to deliver into the domain of the minds of men, then the great shift can occur whereby higher consciousness can be the norm within society.
            Many of you are concerned [about] what your leaders and others are attempting to do [in many arenas]. And yet we say, blessed hearts, that God is in control and that when you accept in your domain the highest outcome for the economy, for the government, for all social networks and for commerce, industry and communication, the angels of light stream forth their awareness to bring [into] the Earth [itself] the cosmic activity of the solar rays of the Divine One.
            Do not despair, but be emboldened and roused this day through my Electronic Presence and the light rays of the ascension currents of my fire body to maintain your station of light where you abide, blessed hearts. We see the dynamic of the invocation of light. And day by day, there is in the retreat of the Master Cuzco over the Pacific Ocean an activity of adjusting the solar cycles and the distribution of cosmic currents and divine energies to the entire planet for the stabilization and the holding of the balance for the four lower bodies of the Earth.
            Some of you have even seen this activity in your finer bodies and have offered yourselves day and night in many arenas to sustain the balance for specific areas of the globe. And at times you even feel the burden upon your shoulders, upon your hearts and within your minds of that which is the cosmic adjustment of cycles of light and darkness. Blessed ones, be at peace within your heart, your solar plexus and your mind [and] understand that the Solar Lords, the Lords of Karma and the solar hierarchies of light are always in cosmic communication regarding that which Earth experiences, as a Solar being in [the] becoming, and that which all evolutions evolving upon this Earth engage in to assist her in delivering to the very Sun Presence of Alpha and Omega the essence of what Terra, of what the Earth, represents as the flame of brotherly love.
            Yes, dearest hearts, Earth itself and all life evolving hereon represents something to the cosmos. And when [all] of you attune to the heart of the Mother Earth, walk on her terra firma with great God-intent and loving harmony, a portion of your essence is experienced even as a divine aroma within the cosmos itself. And other celestial beings receive these frequencies from your hearts and return unto you, through a divine equation of the Spirit, the blessedness, the grace and the quintessences of their holy Solar essence.
            So you see, there is an interplay of light, and there is support from many Sons and Daughters of God who have risen to accept the total divinity of their beingness. And when you are one with your Self, with your Higher Self, with your Solar Source, you can more easily accept and know all that you require to maintain the level of harmonic resonance that all of the evolutions of Earth will experience in the golden-crystal age dawning, even now.
            Dearest ones, attunement is attentiveness to the Spirit and its divine currents flowing through your chakras, your aura. When at any point in your life you sense a burden, you may simply look up to Alpha and Omega and cry, if necessary, and say:

       O Lord, here I am! Send your ray of divine light unto me to heal me, to bring relief from the pressure that I feel in this hour, [which] is almost unbearable to my soul, to my heart.
      O Lord, I know your essence within me! I feel the fire of your love, and I would have it grow and expand and multiply this day so that I may be a greater servitor of the light, where ere I walk, unto all life upon this earth.

O Lord, send your archangels and archeiai and all hosts from the heart of Alpha and Omega to the Earth to save sentient beings this day! O Lord, I see them now descending into the astral plane to clear it of all that is less than thy perfection and immortal light substance. Deliver unto all children of your heart, O Lord, that which will raise them into the eternality of the Spirit.

O Lord, I accept your Presence all around me, manifest through me and ever abiding with me this day.

Dearest ones, a heartfelt cry to the heart of God brings you, as it were, into the court of the Divine One. And you are heard, and a cosmic edict is often delivered to immediately answer your holy cry.
            So some of you have, in effect, cried day and night unto the Lord, and this day your prayers are heard and answered. Thus, you will feel a groundswell of cosmic activity at a deep, deep level of solar awareness within your soul and within the soul of the planet. This shift is being felt in this hour by many spiritual aspirants as new hope is engendered, as new faith is multiplied. And the New Blue frequencies of Morya will be felt even more during his upcoming delivery.
            I can tell you, blessed ones, that if I had to choose one Meru University course to attend during this entire millennia, it would be this one, where the master of the first ray will use this opportunity to multiply these New Blue frequencies within the atmosphere, the aura of the earth itself.¹ For you see, blessed hearts, this is not just a revelatory teaching that will be delivered unto you; it is a cosmic activity of such divine splendor whereby the master, through that teaching, delivers the highest essence of his own Godhood into your very spiritual bloodstream and deep into the Earth. This is the activity that a cosmic being such as Morya El knows with the totality of his being, fully affixed upon the mind of God and manifesting such divine splendor and beauty and grace as you can hardly imagine in your domain. But I say that I see it. And in all ways possible unto me as a God being, I also have offered the essence of my Presence unto my Guru. And therefore, there will be delivered behind the Word, within the Word the very cosmic essence of Alpha and Omega through this teaching and dispensation, blessed ones.
            Therefore, make your plans. Clean up your aura each day by meditating upon the sun, invoking the violet-laser light and seeing the refreshing of your spirit in a moment of time in complete communion with Alpha and Omega. These moments of attunement and attentiveness to the divine Word bear great fruit for your soul and your spirit, I say. It is [in] this prayerful aspect of your devotion in complete humility unto the Lord that the angels know you, that the ascended masters even bow to the light within you as a servitor of the one God. And in the solar cycles of your entire evolution, it is these cosmic microseconds that deliver, through the nexus of your Higher Self, such a cosmic activity of stellar radiance that you are literally lifted up unto the very throne of the Divine.
            I have come this day to give you a portion of my Selfhood in God. I literally shed the golden, liquid light of my lifestream as ampoules of cosmic fire unto you in this holy communion, blessed hearts. And I offer the greater causal body of my being to those who call to me and to my twin ray, Clare de Lis. Yes, we are one, abiding in the eternal cycles of light. And together we are fulfilling our mission as the Two Witnesses in many arenas and domains within your lives and the lives of hundreds and even thousands who know of us and yet call unto us for assistance. A simple fiat of light sends a ray from your heart to ours, and immediately, blessed ones, there is reflected back unto you that which we are in God as light, as love and as holy reverence for all that is a part of the One.
            I am the key to the incarnation of the Sun within all who accept God's light within them this day. May the Spirit speak unto you in every hour “Holiness unto the Lord, holiness unto the light, holiness unto the spirit of perfect love.”²
            I thank you, blessed hearts, for your Presence magnificent and for the flowing stream of holy radiance through your hearts of holy fire. Bless you; keep you in the light always. Excelsior! We are one.

Messenger's comments:

Lanello's causal body is magnificent to behold in the atmosphere of the earth today. He has multiplied himself over and over in this offering of the very heartstream of his being unto us. Throughout this day you have the opportunity to be one with him in many ways: rereading his HeartStreams, his book on cosmic consciousness if you have it—if you don't have it, I suggest securing it through Summit University Press or online—by listening to his HeartStreams throughout the day, listening to the music we have sung unto him, even “Call upon the Lord!” the beautiful music that Tom Miller [had] a major part in creating and manifesting on behalf of all chelas of God.³
            Lanello is so awesome in his radiance, in his love for Morya El, in his union with Clare de Lis in this hour and in his great God-desire to lift you up and set you free. Many may not know his ascended master name, and yet he appears in many guises throughout the world, because of his cosmic consciousness, to assist souls. He is truly everywhere in the consciousness of God and loves each soul upon earth so deeply that the profundity of this feeling that I feel in this hour brings holy tears to my eyes.

1.  El Morya released 33 HeartStreams on Advanced Studies of the Human Aura during two Meru University Courses in 2010—#1002 and #1004. You may still experience the recordings and Powerpoint slide shows of these classes by purchasing them through The Hearts Center on-line store at:
2.  Zechariah 14:20
3.  Psalms 18:3

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