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Djwal Kul      February 14, 2010

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2010   9:59-10:17 am CST
Valentine's Day Weekend 2010
Saint Louis, Missouri


Each of You, as a Buddha Being-in-Becoming,
May Be Causative of the Shift That Is Required
for Peace to Be Sustained

Dearest Hearts,

            Within the strains of this music1 you feel the love of God tenderly for you even as in the silence of your soul you experience waves of peace that flow across the planet, bringing light and reverence for the Divine to all.

            I am Djwal Kul. I have meditated upon the heart of God for aeons. And in preparation for this event, I have meditated upon your heart and how I could bring unto each and every one of you something of the flame of peace through love that will, if you accept and apply it, bring about within your world a sacred transformation of your life and the life of the Earth itself.

            As you take responsibility for yourself fully as a son or daughter of God, your world is transformed all around you. It is as if you don rose-colored glasses within the flame of love. And then all that you see and experience is witnessed from this new reference point of the beautiful nature of all life. And you see in many dimensional planes of being what could be—if and as love is expressed through your heart one with God. To bring about planetary peace there must be an elevation of love within your heart to a new level of presence. And then you must sustain this new level, blessed hearts, such that the peace of the Presence may flow through your heart, through your mind, through your entire being.

            A number of years ago we communicated to this messenger that if there were even ten Buddhas abiding fully in presence in the Middle East, raying forth the light of cosmic Christ peace through their Higher Self, through heart-mindfulness, then peace within that region could be sustained and war could cease. Each of you, as a Buddha being-in-becoming where you live, by abiding within your Higher Self and sustaining the light of love where you are, may be causative of the shift that is required for peace to be sustained in your cities and your states and your nations.

            Therefore, as adepts-in-becoming, if you take responsibility in this wise to live in the integrity of your Source, and no matter what the outer work that you engage in or the activities in your daily life that you share with others, if the very centeredness of your service is for the holy purpose of sustaining this flame of planetary peace, it will be so by your consciousness, by your oneness, by your holy attunement with the Lord of Love.

            You see, blessed hearts, many of the Tibetan lamas, the mystics, and the yogis of the East have as their primary purpose the sustaining of the flow of light through their beings that collectively creates a flowfield of light such that an entire nation of people and even vaster regions of the Earth are protected in the auric shield of the light that they emanate by their conscious application of the spiritual science that they know so well. Even Gautama Buddha, as the Lord of the World, lives in a constant stream of this divine engagement of keeping the flame for every man, woman and child on this Earth, sustaining the heart tie betwixt theirs and his, and wrapping the Earth in his aura of compassion moment by moment from the ascended state of his awareness of perfect presence.

            Those of you who have learned the science of being to the extent that you live primarily within your presence 24/7 know whereof I speak, for there is a certain aspect of holiness that surrounds you, that embellishes your aura with cosmic light frequencies. And many come to you to be nurtured and nourished by the light that you carry within the greater aura of the collective of your higher and lower bodies. Though at times some react to the light that you bear, the greater numbers of mankind, at a soul level, actually appreciate that which you do. And in a certain sense they even feed off of the emanations of your Presence as a result of the service that you provide. In this regard, the impersonal nature of love can be stupendous when you see yourself not as the doer but as the one through whom the light casts its aroma, its field of intention, into wider and wider circles of cosmic activity to draw souls upward into that primal light of their own divinity for their perfectionment, for their awakening, for their Self-realization.

            So this day I have expressed through the messenger and through your hearts an aspect of myself as a Buddha being. And through the light of encouragement, I nudge you to know a deeper reality of Selfhood in God through the flame of love and to assist the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light to maintain a new level of planetary peace, because compassion is the requirement of the hour.

            When you tap into the divine resource of holy love in your prayers and songs and meditation, a certain capstone of grace is placed over the Earth directly above the space of love in which you abide. When the tipping point occurs, when there is the meeting and the interconnectedness of all of these sacred auras of holy light, then you will see the true dawning of the Aquarian Age of holy love manifest upon Earth.

            It is a process, it is a scientific equation that must be met in order for the new dawn of this age of love-wisdom to occur. So, as adepts with me, take this day the accountability to be conscious in your speech, even in the language of your soul as you abide often in silence. Honor the Blessed Mother and her teachings on both holding the Immaculate Concept and also shining and raying it forth to new arenas of life upon Earth. For as you engage with us at this level, newer graces of the Spirit will be yours, blessed hearts. And each day will be a divine experience whereby a new foundation of divine love will be upon Earth the way, the truth and the life for all to follow.

            I seal your hearts in the ruby fire of crystal light of the Buddhas of the East. And I thank you for your service this day. Peace, be still! And know the law of love within your heart always.


 1. An instrumental arrangement of “Silent Night,” played by a devotee for just over 3 minutes on solo piano, preceded Djwal Kul's HeartStream. 


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