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Clare de Lis      February 01, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis #18 of 33

David C. Lewis

November 28, 2009 5:30-6:10 am MST

Paradise Valley, Montana

Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat February 1, 2010  8:08-8:30 am MST

May the Divine Forces of the Ancient of Days Continue To Lead You Forward!

The Accelerated Path of the Keepers of the Lightning, the Bodhisattvas of Love


Intuitive Hearts Who Are Progressing in Buddhic Mindfulness,

        A tender approach toward all life is essential in developing Buddhic presence. An attitude of quietude whereby you may hear and feel the sacred impulses of life and light flowing and glowing within allows you to maintain a state of listening grace. A sense of peace wherein nothing riles you to reply to the outer world energies with a reactive spirit of rancor and angst allows many Buddha beings to protect you in their joy flame.

        I am Clare de Lis. And I am continuing to share my perspective on the path of grace whereby you can sustain a presence of beingness all around you to keep you in the flowering mode of the awakened ones. Though the lilies and roses close as they sleep at night, when the sun is shining they are expressive of all of the divine essences of their fully-illumined state. So it may be for your souls, blessed ones.

        The vicissitudes of life at times challenge even the most progressed of conscious ones to maintain a state of inner balance and harmony. Yet the adepts have managed to do just this—transcend outer limitations to keep the light flowing and emanating through their beings at all times, in every situation. All at times have been beset by the dark storms and boisterous winds of the Maras and Satans of this world. But with your continuous striving to remain tethered to a higher reality you may be secure in Buddhic heart-mindfulness always.

        Not all is revealed at once to the newly-awakened ones, for they must have ample opportunity to stretch their wings and learn to fly. Yet if each progressive step is taken by listening to the internal impulses of the Spirit and you abide within the framework of eternal grace as you live and move and have your being in the space of grace, your attainment and victory will come.

        The ascended masters are available to help, to coach, to lead and at times to exhort. Just as with any truly enlightened one it is always our desired way to gently coax you to fulfill your highest purpose by an inspired example of grace and beauty. So long as you maintain a humble demeanor and a positive attitude, the more intense methods and rigors of chastisement and challenge will be few and far between along your path.

        Often, though, we see arising from deep within the subconscious certain age-old behavior patterns stemming from a core of personal rebellion or angst toward the Godhead that must be dealt with swiftly and surely if you are to progress as you outwardly desire and profess. During these times the Buddhas may come as those who devour darkness in what has been portrayed as an almost demonic appearance, like Kali, to free you from the impositions of egoic tendencies that if left unchecked can cause you to fail your initiations and stymie your spiritual progress.

        Trust in the Buddhas' wisdom is essential, beloved ones. They may come to speak not only through the Messenger but through many who can see clearly what is acting in your world that needs your attentive response through active change. Those who continuously ignore our prodding will have to work out their own salvation apart from the direct sponsorship of the glorious ones who always provide the surest and best way for you to come home.

        Some have sought to accelerate the path of initiation for their soul's evolution so that they may be of greater service. This is typically the case with all true messengers of light, for they have seen the suffering of mankind and have taken the bodhisattva vows to save each and every soul whom they can. When you choose this pathway to benefit all sentient life, the most intense means are often used by us to assist you in carving away the last vestiges of your human creation so that the full, shining radiance of your own Buddha Nature may emerge and be brought to bear to the world at large.

        The Keepers of the Lightning are just such devotees, dear ones. They afford heaven by their own free will the opportunity to work with them at an accelerated pace, and therefore their progress may also be swift and sure. Although caution is always given at the juncture of choosing this path, once it has been entered into there truly is no turning back the divine hand in giving every form of strong assistance to the aspiring adept.

        Dearest hearts, our way is not the way of the mass consciousness of the world at large. It is a way of truth. It is a way of divine knowledge. It is a way that requires the internalization of Godly beingness at all turns, and especially during those bends in the road where the initiatic path is daunting and where you seem to be tried in the most intense way and where there is no outer answer to the dilemmas that you find yourself in.
        The pressures of living within presence simply bring everything out of you. And this testing experience is one that few can pass without a little bit of the scorching of one's human pride in the process. Yet, keep on striving, blessed ones. Allow the lightning to deliver the divine impulses into the very core of your being. For as each new foothold is won you have a better grasp and you can see more clearly the panoramic view of where you had come from and where you are going.
        My heart is yours to claim as the victorious heart of Clare de Lis. My smile is yours to see within the sky, within the sun, within the center of every flower, within the movement of the trees, the flowing formation of the clouds and the very subtle expression of holy presence upon the face of a child.
        Some of you have conjectured just what I was doing during the final years of my life when outwardly I was not in the “messenger mode” of delivering teachings, dictations and fiery initiations to the chelas. Dearest ones, know that during this time of deep introspection, of pulling back and going within, I was able, through a very fine level of inner, Buddhic awareness, to actually accomplish just as much if not more on behalf of the souls of those whom I had come to serve and sav
        Many of you had the experience here and there of knowing my presence in a dream, in a fleeting vision or in a simple feeling of my presence with you during those hours. So it is still in a sense the same in this time after my ascension that my presence in your midst may be magnified even as you enter into your own Buddhic presence of mindfulness. For that is where I now abide and reside, dearest hearts.

        My blessings flow to each and every one of you who are helping to deliver this world into a new age by first being delivered from your own past lacks and fears into the Pure Land of Buddhic love. May the divine forces of the Ancient of Days continue to lead you forward! I thank you.

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