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Zadkiel      January 22, 2010

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David C. Lewis
January 22, 2010  8:19-8:27 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana            

I Deliver a Ray of Light into the Earth
A Violet-Fire Clearance of the Western Coastline of America and of the Earth

            I, Zadkiel, deliver a ray into the Earth for the transmutation of all that has dishonored the Lord God through the consciousness of those who would continually debase the light within themselves.
            Burn through, O sacred fire of the violet transmuting, singing flame. Burn through, by the power of the violet-laser light, all that assails the light in every nation, in every people upon Earth. Burn through! Bind the interlopers in the earth who have sustained their pathway of anti-freedom, attempting continuously to dissuade the sons and daughters of God from engaging with their Presence and in knowing the eternality of beingness within their souls and their spirits.
            Burn through! Bind them now! Burn through! Release the light! Burn through! Consume the cause, effect, record and memory of the ill-conceived notions of the dark ones whose time is up this day and who must give accounting to that which God has vouchsafed unto them in the beginning.
            Burn through! Bind now the forces of darkness that have resulted in the destruction here and there and everywhere upon Earth as the return of mankind's self-karma through ignorance and deceit. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through! Clear this planet now! Burn through! Clear the Earth of all darkness! Burn through! Clear the California coast and the San Andreas and all faults of the pressures that have built up in recent years as the result of the misuse of the sacred fire in many ways. Burn through! Release the light now in southern, central and northern California along that mission highway of light.
            Burn through! Consume the records of the fall of Lemuria now! Burn through! Release the light along the entire coastline from the North Pole to the south and along and through the axis of the Earth. Burn through! Release now all pressures by the violet light. Burn through! Let there be an alleviation of planetary darkness in this hour by the heart of God that always prevails and the mercy flame of Kuan Yin. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through! Release that light. Burn through! Secure this temple of light and every temple of light of the heartfriends and the sons and daughters of God of all true ascended master movements in the light of God of their own Higher Self.
            Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now, O sacred fire! Consume the cause and core of anger as it has outpictured in war and in infamy, terrorism and darkness. Burn through the manipulation of the forces of light by those angry ones who have thumbed their nose [at] God and cursed the very name I AM THAT I AM.
            Burn through now! Consume the upper layer of the astral plane and free sons and daughters of the One who have remained there for decades in ignorance of the light of their own God Presence. Burn through! O angels of Zadkiel, of my heart, go forth now and escort them to octaves of light, to the etheric planes and higher regions.
            Burn through now! This action of light is for the raising of this Earth a notch in vibration on this day and in this cycle of Aquarius. Burn through! (8x)
            Now the violet light has encircled the entire planetary body and is fulfilling its purpose by the action of the angels who deliver that light into the netherworlds and into the deepest regions of the astral plane and high into the etheric octaves of light.
            Charge this Earth with sacred fire! Charge this Earth with sacred fire! Charge this Earth with sacred fire, O angels of my bands. Amen.
            Dearest hearts, we thank you for your diligence in invoking the light; for your calls to Elohim have made this clearance possible in this hour. Be sealed in the freedom flame and know the eternality of your soul in God always. I thank you.

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