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Clare de Lis      January 02, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
January 2, 2010   5:06 ̶ 5:25 pm CST
Mother Mary Speaks on the New Age Family
2010 New Year's Conference
Austin, Texas

Building a New Culture of Love through Vibrant Families

Creating a New World through the Dream of our Higher Selves

Dearest Hearts,

 I too have had a dream¹, and it is of many families and communities of light in which each and every one within them is fully Self-realized in God and that each and every one of you is also Self-fulfilled in this sacred dream of God.

 What will it take to create vibrant communities across the Earth? Many have considered this equation and have in their mind's eye envisioned a new world of peace, of beauty, of garden cities, of children laughing and running and enjoying nature, of re-creation within parks and natural surroundings, where there is less of what you see in this day and age, of what man has created through unconsciousness. And there is a return fully to the original creation of the Lord, where all is in balance and the world exists in its pristine state of harmony, where each and every person is whole, healthy, living within his or her integrity, one with all life.

Let us create this world together through the collective dream of our Higher Selves, blending the resources of our hearts through conscious works and co-creations of light. Let us not only envision and dream of this world; let us take those practical steps and measures that will make it so day by day, within the realm of possibility of the doable in the present moment.

Many of you as youth held a high ideal, through your musings and thoughts, of what life should be like on this Earth. And yet because of the pressing in upon you of the cares of the world and the pressures of living, you in some way let go of that great God-ideal of the universal utopia— Eden, Shangri-la—that could be upon Earth.

Blessed ones, I ask you to again consider dreaming of the highest possibilities for human evolution in light and for this Earth to fulfill its purpose as a star of freedom and charity, and then to do something each day to bring an element of your own being into play to make this new world a reality, step by step. Set forth your course, and through an act of participation with devas and angelic spirits, recreate this world in the image and likeness that is already held in the etheric plane in the mind's eye of the Elohim, the Silent Watchers and those who continue to dream the dream of God for all of life upon Earth. Unless some hold the vision with clarity and with great integrity, how can that vision manifest? So even while you are aware of the shortcomings of the current state of affairs on the Earth, yet, blessed ones, deep within your being maintain that vision, that dream of light, no matter what comes your way in challenge to that vision, to that dream.

If Jesus said that you must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven²the consciousness of God—then in returning to that childlike state and nature of innocence, of imagination and of dreaming of the pure possibility of perfection for all, you actually help to bring it about through your awareness, one with the angels of purity and perfection.

Let not your sight or your minds become jaded with the degradation of thinking that things are so bad that they cannot be rectified by the miracle light of the conscious ones who still hold a vision of beauty and perfection. Be optimists, blessed hearts, whereby the highest possibilities for the victory of Earth, the victory of your souls—as a co-creators in the Earth's regeneration and a new renaissance—may come to pass because enough conscious individuals hold the field of intention by their God-attention. That new reality simply must come into being because the collective vision is so strong that the energy precipitates physically in ways that many will wonder at, yet which can occur by your faith, by your belief and by your acceptance.

Yes, I have learned the lessons of life. And the lesson that I teach in this hour is to conceive immaculately—with Mary and the Mothers of heaven—what your families, your communities can be through your conscious effort in holding true to your highest dream and vision with me. To paraphrase one who tried to bring a vision of a new world into reality: Some men see things as they are and say “Why?” Others dream of things as they could be and say “Why not?”³ This shift in consciousness, blessed ones, is required within the mass consciousness for a golden-crystal age to manifest upon Earth. If enough individuals can believe in this “what if” and allow the eternal dream to again be dreamed by many more, then we in the heaven world will do all that we can with you to blend our resources with yours to make it so.

Take now a moment to envision your personal families, maybe not as they have always been as the result of the temporary dysfunctionalities and problems that have existed in the family; and see them instead as they could be if each and every one held the highest intention, respect and love for one another. Now pour your feelings of harmony, love and the qualities of God into this vision of holy family. Feel the molecules of light energizing your vision. Fill it with the spiritual fire of your highest Self. See the glow emanating from each one as he or she is infilled with that Spirit and contemplate with me—family by family, community by community—this world being recreated in light right before your eyes.

Dearest ones, taking even a few moments of your time—three or four minutes each day—to re-energize this vision of loving families can truly move mountains and create miracles throughout the world. This is the work of the Mothers of heaven, who send their frequencies of light to the hearts of women and children everywhere. And I ask you to engage them  to work with you in this sacred science, which is the science of all beautiful dreamers upon Earth.

O Lord, these your sons and daughters have envisioned a new world this day. And I have, by the grace of God, activated and energized that vision with etheric substance drawn from my causal body. Let it crystallize and form this year during every month, every week, every day and every hour of their experience. Let these conscious ones be the catalysts and those who help bring about this new-world experience, and let the final shift occur such that the kingdom of God in heaven may truly come upon Earth. This is my prayer, this is my dream, O Lord, which I ask you to seal in light this day. I thank you.

1. The song, Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster, the musical keynote of Clare de Lis, was played as a meditation before this HeartStream.
2. Matthew 18:2–4.

3. The serpent in George Bernard Shaw's play Back to Methuselah said to Eve:  You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"  Later, both John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy quoted these words in an address to the Irish Parliament and in a campaign speech.

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